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Archive through August 29, 2010

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Posted on Friday, July 23, 2010 - 03:33 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Billy,
Are we currently being visited by extraterrestrial that are not part of the plajaren world? The reason i ask is becuase I am starting to see more people seing god apparitions and such. Someone must be creating these. In the california dessert there is a lady who saids she is visited by the virgin mary. I went there while she gets these visions and you see strange clouds form out of nowhere and lights are visible hovering in the sky.
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 07:39 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Greetings Billy,

If the Plajerans can be negatively affected by the vibrations of earth humans, how did the so called "sons and daughters of heaven" got beyond this concern during their mating/coupling with the earth humans then?


In those times the evolutionary level of those extraterrestrials was considerably lower.


thank you for anwsering my last question. so when i die i well not exist any longer if i got this right i only live once and thats it, so then i am the mind and the sprit is life and when the mind die i die and i well not exist any longer but the sprit is creation. my question is i am the mortal mind and i die well not exsit any longer.and the sprit lives forever that used my mind then when i die it just use's another mind so i'm only liveing once

The "I" doesn't exist anylonger, but the essence of your life (all that you have learned: knowledge, wisdom, etc.) continues to exist and can be used by the new personality, the new "I" of the next incarnation.
Yes, you as the person "Stevieo" only live once.


Hello Billy,

I know in the past on this forum and up to the present various people have asked you about different past lives of people famous and not so famous. I know it has been mentioned many times the past is not as important as living today in this life.

If your free to say, when past life information has become available ie; Quetzal being the incarnation of Gabriel, is this something you are capable of doing through the storage banks or some other means, or do the Plejarens and or Arahat Athersata only possess this ability to access this type of information?

Thank you for the information regarding the true volume of oil which has been released from the Gulf Oil Spill. It seems hard to get any type of accurate information from the US Government or other sources.


A human being can access information about his own former existences/personalities only. Therefore Billy can/could not detect/access Quetzal's former personalities. To get such an information needs the "assistance" of Arahat Athersata.


Dear Billy and Christian:

I read “Being oneself” and “Being a human being” and I wanted to reach a more neutral mind set by understanding more about dealing with aggressions from other fellow humans. For a long time I didn’t know how to react to aggressions and hurting comments that come from people without one provoking them.

I often find myself being angry at these aggressions and I learned that this emotion should be avoided. Then I was wondering, how a person should react in front of an aggressor. For example, if a person treats you rudely or makes am insulting comment towards you. What is the correct reaction one should take; completely ignore it or should one try to answer as to protect one’s dignity?

Thank you, Marcela

You must learn to have patience, with yourself and with other persons. You have to learn to control yourself and dissolve aggressions as soon as they arise.
You may answer with a loud or harsh answer if the situation requires it, but within yourself you must not be upset and keep control over your feelings.
You have to keep up a distance to your fellow human beings and always be aware of the fact that each person has a different level of showing aggressive behaviour (and thinking), all of which is founded in false thinking, education etc., but is a part of each person's evolution. When a person is showing aggression there is a reason behind it that may be understood, but which must not be accepted, though.


Hi Billy and Christian,

I hope you and your families are doing well. I have been practicing a form of Yoga that is performed in a room heated to around 105 degrees Fahrenheit and humidified to 40% using steam. I really enjoy this exercise and it has help me with back pain and flexibility but I am concerned about the method they use to humidify the room. I read in one of the contact notes that using vaporizers to raise humidity is detrimental to one's health. The man that developed this yoga class (Bikram) insists that the room must be hot and humidified for it to be safe because it warms the muscles and the steamed air helps with deeper breathing. Should I avoid doing yoga this kind of environment?
Thank you,

Karrol Steeves

Of course warming up is helpful for the muscles, but humidifiers can be very harmful because they can spill out fungus, bacteria etc. which then are inhaled.

If you have to humidify the air, you should use a cold evaporation system.

(Note by CF: 40% humidity is at the lower level of what is recommended in a heated room.)

Based on that it is up to your decision whether or not you want to continue with this kind of yoga.


Hello Eduard

Thank you for answering my last question on "How does Creation know or calculate when a new spirit-form is needed within the Material Belt".

Your answer leads me to more logical and clear thinking on this subject. Thank you.

I do have one last question which has now arisen in my thinking from your answer.

Out of all the spirit forms (say for the sake of this question, human spirit-forms) which was created by Creation before any life form existed in the universe, is there a procedure or a Creational Law that determines which of these spirit-forms will enter into an evolutional incarnation cycle?

Or another way of asking, what happens to determine which spirit-forms will enter an evolutional incarnation cycle?

Thank you
Kind Regards

The law of "Fügung" applies here. Something results depending on another fact.
The motto is: Who "stands" next, comes next.

(Note by CF: It doesn't matter at all for all the spirit forms whether they will be used for the human evolution or not. There is no personality involved, and in the end those spirit forms that have not been "used" just "return" into Creation where they originated. No spirit form is "wasted".)


Dear Billy,
Peace and health to you.
Thanks again for your previous answer. Reading through the contact notes it seems that knowledge of your real spiritual origin was unknown to most of the plejaran for some time. It's unclear to me at what point you your self became aware of your spiritual history.My question now is, could you tell me when and how you became fully aware of your past incarnations?
Many thanks.
Tony Quinn

On the 4th of May, 1941, at the age of four, and later also in Sfath's ship.


Hi Christian and Edward,

No worries, but still would like to hear Edward's answer if possible.

Still having problems understanding why is creation archetypal? i don't see the purpose of humans or any humanoid being existing to pursue "perfection". Because it is the creation in us that lives over and over again to become perfect [or the pursued of perfection (or pure concepts)]. So why can't creation just create the spirit form and allow the spirit form to pursue perfection?

Anyways my question for this round is the following:

Edward mentioned that Creation is continuously pursuing to become perfect, which means that there must be infinite amount of "pure concepts". so the question is; are the very new concepts being conceived on the material plane or the new concepts are being conceived on the very highest spiritual plane?

Likewise if new concepts are being conceived in every new universe, this conception of new concepts is what is causing the extension of the universe's life. which means that the very very very first universe could have been only seconds old. is my assumption correct in this?


It's relative perfection that Creation and the human being are aiming at.
There is nothing like an infinite amount of pure concepts. Everything has a cause, a structure (Aufbau).
Your assumption is not correct.


Dear Eduard Albert Meier,

I understand you were involved in apprehending serial killers many years ago. Well, I'd like
to ask you a question involving a serial killer.

Now, before I ask you this question, I ask it knowing that you most likely DO NOT know the answer. However, I know the Plejarens could very well find out the answer. I would very much appreciate it if you could ask the Plejarens in regards to the question I am about to ask you.

Before asking you a question about this serial killer, I'd like to give you a brief background on this murderer.

Between 1976 - 1986....there was a serial
rapist/killer who went by the name of "The East Area Rapist".

Later on, law enforcement began referring to this killer as "The Original Night Stalker".

This serial rapist/killer raped over 50 women and killed 10 people.

He was never apprehended.

Sadly, law enforcement will probably never catch this serial rapist/killer.

I know you won't tell me the name of this killer - and I'm not asking that.

I know you won't tell me where this killer, if he is even still alive, resides - but that's okay....because I'm not asking you to tell me that, either.

All I want to know, and I can't see how the answer could in any way be detrimental to anybody.....all I want to know is if this evil, sick killer/rapist is still alive?

That's all I want to know.

I just want to know if he's still alive.

Mr. Meier, is this man still alive?

Yes or No.

I look forward to your answer.

I hope you do answer this question.

It would really mean a lot to me.

Thank you.

Quite a zigzag way for expressing a simple question.
The answer is: Billy never heard about this killer.

… and – depending on your age – inevitably the question arises: Could "he" be you?


Hi Mr Meier.

English speaking people usually use the term "power" where Germans use Macht. For example "höhere Macht" is "higher power" and the dictionary also lists a whole range of items like:

Macht anstreben
to aim at power

Macht vermehren
to increase power

jds. Macht beschneiden
to curtail sb.'s power

Macht ergreifen
pol. to seize power

Macht dezentralisieren
pol. to devolve power

jdm. Macht verleihen
idiom to vest sb. with power

FIGU chose to translate Macht with might, and Kraft with power, which I think is correct in its essence. But since Macht and power are used in the same contexts, and correspond to the same sence, I think that it might be better to translate Macht as power. Could you please explain the difference between the terms Macht and Kraft, if there is any.

Kraft ist das was Energie freigibt; Energie gibt Kraft frei.
Macht ist ein Faktor, der beherrschend ist, etwas das über dem Normalen steht. Macht steht über der Kraft, nutzt die Kraft.
Der Mensch hat Macht über sich selbst, oder auch nicht. Das Mächtigste, das existiert, ist die Schöpfung.

Power is that which triggers/releases energy; energy releases power.
Might is a factor that is ruling/dominating/controlling, something that is above that which is normal. Might uses power and is (stands) above power.
The human being has might over himself, or not. And the mightiest that exists is Creation.


Hello Billy and FIGU,

Thanks for answering my last question. Now, my question is about the Plejaren Federation. The biggest thing that I disagree with the Plejaren Federation is that they let The Bafath manipulate the humans of Earth for thousands of years. The minute they knew The Bafath was doing terrible things to the Earth humans, they should of remove and arrest The Bafath.

Yet, they were allowed to commit their crimes for thousands of years while the Plejarens and their federation knew they had the power to remove them. If they knew The Bafath was under the pyramids in Giza for thousands of years, they should of removed them whether they interfrere with your mission or not.

I wish it is possible for me to approach Ptaah or any leaders within the Plejaren Federation and complain about it in their faces. I'm not trying to bully, hurt, or insult anyone. By the way, this not the end of this complaint.

My question is, why was The Bafath allowed to manipulate humans of Earth for thousands of years?


Because the Plejaren had nothing to do with them.

(Note by CF: Billy's current mission really took off in January 1975. The Plejaren started taking action when one of their ships was attacked during the protection process of the Center building.)


Dear Billy

Like the Roswell Case, it is assumed that there is a cover-up on reporting the “1942 The Battle of Los Angeles”

It is quite obvious that a spaceship like UFO was fired upon for an hour with 1500 round of anti-aircraft shells on 24/25 February 1942.

My question is: Can you comment on the origin of the UFO and the purpose of her appearance in the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942?


Billy doesn't know.


Hi Billy and Christian!

Thank you for answering my previous question. This month I have a different question in my mind which I wish to ask. I currently feel completely stagnated on my way in life. I currently live with my parents. I have no job. I can't speak German and learning German feels so overwhelming that I cannot begin to muster the energy to learn it. The meditations are also feeling like they are overwhelming to me. I want to get back on track but I don't know where to start or where I'll get the energy to start. What do you suggest I do? This is all feeling very complicated for me.

Thank You.

Stop your whiney pubertal behaviour and try to reach adulthood. Make yourself independent.


Hello Billy. Thank you so much for all of your amazing dedication and work. I highly respect your neutral approach to life. I've been wondering lately, if Jmmanuel was not crucified for religious reasons (since he clearly did have the opportunity to prevent himself from being crucified and was not himself religious), then what was the real reason for letting himself be crucified?

Warmest regards,

Yours truly

He was crucified for religiouis-political and political reasons.

Comment by CF on August 29, 2010: I've just been made aware that I mis-presented this question. I will pose it anew during the next round.


Dear Eduard, et al,

I am not sure if you can add any more to what you have already illuminated regarding this topic, but I am asking just to receive a more direct response.

Following the path of Jnana yoga is a process of leadership, of trail-making, of forging one's own way through uncharted territory, in the same way that reason both is sought and then seeps into the psyche. Of course, y'all have been sincerely facilitating this, for which I feel much gratitude. I have thus far learned to better understand love from the perspective of jnana, or neti/neti, but my 'I' is still not so progressed as i woulds likes it to be: my ambitions are not expressed so finely, my relations are still not so easy, my reasoning still muddied by what events have come before (and by the limitations of my own mind). Still, I need to better cast off my previous ways of thinking and relating, to relinquish habits and propensities that no longer serve me, to find a self-perpetuating reasoned reset.

However reluctantly, i can allow anything to have happened, and I but endeavor for the best to happen, creatively, relatively malleably and reasonably, altruistically. My question is this: How much deference should I give to my history? How much credence should I give to the storyline through which I has lived? When my past can be viewed through so many perspectives, how shall I move forward? Whither is my magic reset button to be founded in stone?

Thanks for your time and consideration,


You should occupy yourself with the teaching of life, of reality, and stop acting and thinking from the irreality of yoga teachings.

(Note by CF: And perhaps switching to a more clear way of saying things could also be helpful.)


I have taken all the english text (Chapters 1-20 with introduction))from the Goblet of Truth and recorded a automated text reader reading each chapter as an audio file. These audio files (Chapters) were added to my I-Pod (portable audio playback device) which I have been listening to and learning from ever since. This has provided invaluable ease in closing my eyes and taking the wisdom straight to my inner world for processing. WOW! I am looking forward to the English translation of the final 8 chapters and afterword currently only available in German. Is there a timeframe for this to occur? Patiently waiting and always learning.

Thank You

We are still waiting for the two last chapters from the translator.



About multi/parallel dimensions and time travel.

Are there parallel dimensions existing where i e.i. am a doctor and another dimension where i am a musician, or one where i dont exist at all, and do dimensions exist where e.i. a time traveler goes back in time and caused changes which in effect riped a different line of history or dimension of existence?

Thank you.

No, that's impossible. You only exist one time. One spirit form for one person.


This second message is the correction of the previous one.

Dear Billy,

Thank you very much for your very logical answer. I finally get an answer I expected for months!!
Why didn’t you answer me this when I first asked you?
Had you told me: Even if you went to the past with the idea of pointing a gun at him, for some reasons you didn’t do it, since he’s still alive today. I wouldn’t have been compelled to change the question again and again.
You kept answering beside the point. Here are examples to name a few:

Q : 1)Since I exist, a Creation's physical law intervened to deviate the bullet even if I was close to him.
2) A Creation's moral law broke into my psychy and stopped me from trying this.
3) Other possibility?

Which is which?
Theme of the question: nature of the law

A: No, there are not two meanings. It is a creational law that the past cannot be changed.

Theme of the answer: not 2 meanings. The past cannot be changed
Beside the point!!

Does it mean that someone being able to timetravel knows that a force would deviate the bullet?
Theme of the question: force deviating the bullet

A:Someone who is able to travel back in time wouldn't even think of using a gun, so any further thought of an imaginary bullet is futile

Theme of the answer: no gun used…
Biside the point!!

A: Concretely, what occured to the bullet?
Theme of the question: path of the bullet

Q: You cannot change something that has already happened
Theme of the answer: the past cannot change
Biside the point!!....

Now, I’m advised by CF to read carefully all your answers from the beginning?
The English speaking world will judge… and the future as well…

May I advise the ones who translate the questions from English to German to take a few more English lessons.
This would avoid the mistranslations to cause inappropriate answers and would spear the efforts and time of the questioners.

You say my example is irrelevant because it is just an unreal assumption.
I disagree. Pedagogy is full of unreal assumptions, it strikes the mind and helps remembering, it’s its basics! The prove speaks from itself: I finally got the answer.

Before giving advice one should clean up one’s own back yard.

This being said, this is my new question:

Were you ever visited by terrestrials from our future?


Take care


Your book, Symbole der Geisteslehre, contains 601 illustrations of ideas/concepts that one transmits and receives telepathiclly. I understand with much meditation discipline, the symbols possibly enter ones awareness. Millions of these symbols exist. How do humans of Earth most efficiently compile more spiritual teaching symbols for visual study after their correct meaning is verified, translated, and recorded?

Thank you, kindly


Since the Symbole der Geisteslehre (symbols of the spiritual teaching) have been created by Nokodemion, terrestrial human beings cannot compile them through any means. This is possible only for the personalities of the Nokodemion line.
These symbols may not be getting mixed with the symbols that are used in spiritual telepathy. Those symbols cannot be drawn.


Dear BEAM and Christian

What is your knowledge about the creature called Chupacabra?
Is it real creature, does it evolved by natural means (if not then how it originated), what is it's life-span, do Plejaren ever investigated how many those creatures currently live on Earth and in which region of our planet, does the visual description of this creature presented by alleged witnesses corresponds to it's actual look.

Thank you for your answer.
Beniamin Skowronski

Billy does know about those ape-like creatures from TV, but cannot answer your questions.


Billy, when you time travel either to the past or the future can you stay there for as long as you want or do you have to get back to your present time?

You can stay there as long as you wish.


Hi Billy,
Are we currently being visited by extraterrestrial that are not part of the plajaren world? The reason i ask is becuase I am starting to see more people seing god apparitions and such. Someone must be creating these. In the california dessert there is a lady who saids she is visited by the virgin mary. I went there while she gets these visions and you see strange clouds form out of nowhere and lights are visible hovering in the sky.

There are three races visiting Earth who don't belong to the Plejaren Federation, but they don't contact human beings. But their flying devices may be seen.

The "Virgin Mary claim" is nonsense because Jmmanuel's mother was no virgin, i.e. she was made pregnant by the extraterrestrial Gabriel through the normal, physical way.

(Note by CF: The "lady in the desert" is either a religous schizophrenic, or a swindler.)

Unfortunately, Isa Rashid made a false translation, due to his religious background. Mary was a "young woman" (junge Frau), not a "virgin" (Jungfrau).

(Message edited by Christian on August 29, 2010)
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 07:41 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Billy,

Do you or the Plejarens know if it is necessary for Creations to be “twin” Creations in order to travel from one Creation to another? Can travel to another Creation (with a material belt) be accomplished, without that other Creation being a twin? My understanding of this is based on my knowledge that we live in a twin Universe/Creation, which is the reason the Plejarens are able to visit Asket and her people and vice versa.

Thanks so very much


Chrisitian will not be seeing Billy next month (September) which means this current round of answers will not be available until sometime in October. Thanks-Scott

(Message edited by scott on August 29, 2010)
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 07:47 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

If most of the space-traveling races are in a different time plane. What time plane are we in?
My Website
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 08:07 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Several paintings

A fresco entitled "The Crucifixion" was said to be painted in 1350. The fresco is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. There are two objects in the painting, which interstingly could be considered as UFO's or comets and are shown in the painting both on the top left and right sides in the sky of the painting.

Now, also depicted in a different painting which is named "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" by said painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) , and again also contains what looks like an image of an advanced craft in the sky when terrestrial flight was not established hear on earth at that time of when it was painted.

Giving the nature of the mission and of which both you Mr. Meier and Jmmanuel both received guidance and instructions of great knowledge from terrestrial and non-terrestrial people. I hope that you may have knowledge about the images in to the two paintings that appear to be crafts and how the images came to be as well as if they do hold some close relation with the mission.

Thank you for your time and patience
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 10:25 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Billy

I thought that “destiny” is what lies in a person’s future, however in the contact notes Semjase and Quetzal have spoken of failed, unfulfilled or delayed destinies.

What is the meaning of destiny in that context, and how can it fail?

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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 09:09 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


There are stories about aquatic humanoids that live in the water and was first seen and recorded by Japaneses Whalers. They call it Ningen.

The CNs talks about an intelligent sea dwelling race that will make contact with us at some point in the future. Can you please clear up some info between the beings discussed in the CNs and these Ningens and maybe mermaids?

Much appreciation for the continuing commitment to answering questions.
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 10:08 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Eduard,

Thanks for your answer

some more clarification if possible

"It's relative perfection that Creation and the human being are aiming at. "

-Isn't one (1) an eternal concept , isn't it perfect so how are we aiming at relative perfection? if we can conceive the concept of "1" a perfect concept shouldn't we be aiming at perfection.


-On the other hand if we reached pure perfection we can't exist.( is this what you are getting at?)

"There is nothing like an infinite amount of pure concepts. Everything has a cause, a structure (Aufbau). "

-if there isn't an infinite amount of pure concepts, is it possible to find out how many pure concepts are there?

-so you are saying that creation CAN NOT play dice :-)
There is only one way to build a universe.

so are we building the next universe? ( by conceiving the limit or structure of this universe)

hopefully i can add on the question that i was going to ask this round:

which is this:

How many personalities are there? would the spirit form live through all of the personalities? are the personalities universal? like other humanoid could have them.
Can we change the personality after the human is born, is there an ideal personality to have also is related to the spiritual level for example. spiritual level 1.1 > max 4 personalities to live through? and what effect does the personality has on the spiritual growth?

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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 10:23 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Greetings Billy,

How is the "communication process" between our spirit consciousness with our material consciousness be learned and understood?

My will be done
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Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2010 - 11:56 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Best Greetings Billy, and to all CG = Salome

Have now heard of third Universe with also an account that certain ones of the old Nokodemion lineage are there.

My question relates to the Arahat Athersata. Does the Arahat Athersata, the same WE-form from which came Nokodemion, extend into the DAL and also into this new-found Universe?

Thank you. Keep yourself warm and healthy.

With Love. Salome
~~ TRUTH finds WISDOM finds LOVE finds PEACE -- Find What You Seek ~ Rod
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Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010 - 12:51 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Billy,

Thanks for your last answer.

If we don't know German well and are read " Kelch der Wahrheit" through a German synthetical voice system, must we listen to the text or can we simply hear it for the woven code to be efficient in us?



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New member

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Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010 - 01:33 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Billy and Christian,

I have a question regarding bilocation or multilocation. This term describes occurrence, in which an individual is seen or appears to be seen, in two, or even more different places (that are distant from each other) at the same time. It sounds rather unbelievable but I have found some information that Edgar Cayce had this "ability".

Logically thinking, human has only one body and one spirit, therefore can exist only in one place at the time, from what I understand, the only exception is when a time travel is involved. I thought about two possibilities:

1. An individual who has been seen in two locations at the same time, used the powers of his/her mental block/consciousness and teleported him/her self to a different location, therefore it is only false impression that the time of his/her presence was the same.
2. An individual used his/her consciousness-related abilities and sent a very strong thoughts towards people, that are in specific location (maybe some form of telepathy). They pick up the thoughts and they have a false impression that they saw him/her.

It puzzles me and I cannot find satisfactory explanation. It is also possible that bilocation has nothing to do with reality and originated from over-exaggerated stories, but either way I would like to know what is your opinion.

Billy my question is could you explain bilocation and the processes that are behind this occurrence, how does it works?


Beniamin Skowronski
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New member

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Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010 - 01:59 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Mr. Eduard Albert Meier,

I earlier asked you about a serial killer named "The East Area Rapist". This serial killer also went by the name of "The Original Night Stalker".

You intimated, sir, that my question was "simple" and "zig zagging".

First off, any serial killer who rapes over 50 women and kills over 10 people is not a simple matter nor was my question, sir. If my question seemed desperate, it's because a lot of people's lives have been devastated by this monster. I thought by talking to you about this serial killer I might get some form of insight from you due to your past experiences with apprehending serial killers. I already KNEW you probably hadn't heard of this killer.... that's why if you go back and read my question, I was asking you to ask the Plejarens if THEY KNEW whether or not this killer was still alive.

That is STILL my question.

Incidentally, What did you mean by asking me if I am the serial rapist/ killer I was writing to you about? Was that a joke on your part?

If it was... wasn't very funny.

Thank you.
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Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010 - 02:05 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Eduard and Christian
I'm interested if you are familiar with exercises called „Five Tibetan Rites“, explained in the book "Fountain of youth" by Peter Kelder. The Five Tibetan Rites is a system of exercises reported to be more than 2,500 years old form of Tibetan yoga wich if practice on a daily basis said to prolongs life span.
Can you tell me does this exercises in any way prolongs life span more than other forms of sport activities?

Thank you for your time.
Ervin Mulalic
I'm a truth addict... ahhh Sh!t I got a head rush!
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Billy, why does the spirit of the human being has to stay in the fine matter world for 152 years and is this based only when a planet has a human population of approximately five hundred million?
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What is the difference or similary between the concept of different space time configuration and dimension?
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Hello Billy

No Billy I haven't therefore given your response it's as if I have made a mistake and must apologise to Henry Kissinger for thinking so just because I have read that he was. My suspicion got the better of me but also being falsely judged myself this lesson brought that much more closer to home. Thank you

Here in Vietnam from my experience of the place it feels as if this country is 20 to 30 years behind the west in many ways but yet in terms of people's virtues and spiritual level it reminds me of the good old days when people were people, genuine in the way they go about things and deep down just good modest people.
I am afraid though that with the influx of foreign money and many foreigners dolling out easy money because everything is so cheap here the local people have become very dependent on it and have become somewhat parasitic.
It's unfortunate to see how arrogant westerners take advantage of the situation and show disrespect to the local people as if they are like dogs but on the other side of the coin, the Vietnamese lack of self respect, dignity and esteem allow themselves to be treated this way.
If a Vietnamese came to Australia or any other Western nations and treated the locals the same way that they are being treated in Vietnam I wonder how the local Westerners would feel.
Poverty and economic superiority tend to bring out the worse in people if some level of spirituality is absent.
It debases people and people debase themselves irrespective of where they fit in the spectrum.
Not all of course and it happens in every country of this world it just a matter of what degree.
My question is given that East coast of Vietnam is seeing an increase in deep sea oil exploration which will only increase as world demand increases due to rise in population, what does the future outlook look like for the Vietnamese people socially, economically and environmentally, would massive flooding, typhoons, hurricanes and huge natural disasters be inevitably expected in this country in the near future especially the east coast?

Thank you
Matt Lee
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Hello Billy,

I'm just going to put that complaint about the Plejarens to the side for now. Here is a good suggestion for a contact report, you and the Plejarens should conduct a special reunion contact report. In this contact report, you, Ptaah, Semjase, Pleija, Quetzal, and Asket give tribute to Sfath and discuss other matters.

I had this type of dream more than one time. The dream is when I'm laying down on my bed taking a nap during the daylight hours. The setting of these dreams is in my bedroom and I'm in first-person view. In the dream, when I look at the wall, it begins as something coming out of my forehead. It looks like some kind of laser beam coming out of my forehead and when it hits the wall, it turns into a blob or energy plasma of white light surrounded by an indigo or a violet aura and it stretches out. This thing makes a sound that I really can't describe with words. With this white light with the indigo or violet aura surrounding it stretches out, it shows me a scenario. This process repeats once or twice.

Can you please explain this type of dream and provide an example of one if you had a dream like this?
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Dear Billy

I refer to Talmud Jmmanuel – chapter 21.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, if you are knowledgeable and comprehending and embrace wisdom, and if you practice love truthfully and do not doubt ….. Or when you say to a mountain: 'Lift yourself up and throw yourself into the sea,' it will come to pass."

My question is: Do you know of any person (present or past within our universe) who is capable of doing such a powerful task? (Perhaps Jmmanuel or Nokodemion?)


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Herr Meier,
Do you know anything about Dr. Jonathan Reed case and it´s casual encounter with an alien,the artifact that belongs to that race that he show it publicly and used it...?
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In contact report 182 (sentences 108-113) Quetzal mentioned about infliction some constraints on future personalities if current (and past personalities) were lived against certain creational laws.

There he said that not only they (Plejarens/High Council) can influence formation of new personalities but Creation itself act in similar way.

So, can You explain in more detail this law of Creation when harder conditions are laid on new personality. I want to know, in what particular situations new personality is influenced in such way. And what constraints can be applied. I'm interested merely in natural law and not in Plejaren doings.
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Dear Billy

Do you know the cause of crash of the polish plane in Smolensk? Who was responsible for this accident?

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Hi Billy,

What's the difference between being Pro-neutral and being neutral-positive? or are they basically the same?


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