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Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 - 01:06 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Herr Meier,

My newphew is fluent in the German language and is helping me learn German. Would it be inappropriate or proselytizing to have him help me read the spiritual teaching materials?
Matthew Reed
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Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014 - 08:50 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Billy and Christian,
When is it acceptable for the following to happen:
1. revolutions
2. civil wars
3. uprisings that are good for the people because of an oppressive government which results in a formulation of a new and better government that tries to work for the people but can spur further conflict and civil wars of opposing parties as portions of the people want the negative "old ways" and "old leaders" back because they are unknowledgeable about what is good for them?
(I realize that all of the above should be dealt with the recommendations of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit and the multi-national peacekeeping troop, but since this is unfortunately not manifestable at this current time, I was looking for when it is acceptable for the above examples as we see unfolding everyday in the news.)

Neither of the three occurrences is acceptable because in each „scenario“ people are killed etc. The only acceptable way is when peaceful persons are elected, i.e. persons who will not misuse their might as soon as they are in office.

The only acceptable way of using weapons is through/by a multi-national peacekeeping troop which takes actions against the war-mongering parties/countries/persons.

Are all the 6 different photos in the above illustration come from Apollo-Soyuz docking on July 17, 1975 ?
Or do some photos in those six, not belong to Apollo-Soyuz docking ?

We don’t know because Billy is not in possession of the original slides/photos anymore.

(Note by CF: And after so many years Billy does not remember the exact details.)

Hi Billy & Christian,
Since language is always changing, will your books still be readable in a few centuries or even millenia, or will they have to be adapted to contemporary German all the time? If so, will that be possible by earth humans, without degeneration of the text and without loss of the evolution code etc.?
Best regards,

As long as the German language exists the texts will be readable and understandable. Of course German will be further improved in and during the future, and new words will be created, but the original texts will remain unaltered. The code only exists in the actual book versions.

Hello Beam
How can I strengthen my efforts to persevere in a society based on delusional rules,regulations and beliefs?
Visualize my question this way....
I walk in one direction(towards the spiritual teaching) while others are walking towards me in another direction(towards their beliefs in god/lord/jesus). We continue to bump into each other and sometimes the process is painful especially since I must work and live in this society.
I hope that makes sense.

(Message edited by scott on July 25, 2014)

You have to build your own „Gedankenwelt“ (realm or world of thoughts), based on reality. You have to live in it (reality), take in what comes from the outside and what is useful to you.

Hi Billy,
In terms of numerology, in previous answers, you mentioned 11 is the same as 1. Also, triple occurrence of the same digits is also treated specially. My interest is the "repeating" digit pattern significance in numerology, some call them "master numbers." Can you elaborate this further, or point to a source for further reading, so I can clarify numbers such as: * 1,11,111,1111 ... etc. * 11011 as a number - 4 or 2 11's - the significance of zero's in whole numbers. Thank you for your help in understanding this universal phenomena.

(Message edited by scott on July 25, 2014)

Can = „yes“, doing = „no“.

Hi Billy,
In CR 222, 1988 Quetzal says the fact that Andromeda was not a galactic Nebula as scientists thought but a galaxy and that this fact was unknown to scientists even in 1988.
But this fact was already known in 1924.

PP Block 5, Seite 415

Thank you for the information.

Dear Billy
I refer to the contents of the new TJ regarding the “Feeding of Five Thousand”, where it involved totally only 51 persons and 15 loaves of bread and 30 fishes.

However, in contact 207, it was mentioned that the total people was 250, where there were only 40 men, others were woman and children, and Jmmanuel fed them with five loaves and two fishes after exercising his power of consciousness.
My question being: Did Jmmanuel exercise his consciousness power and for what purpose?

The numbers in contact 207 are false, the ones in the TJ are correct. No, Jmmanuel did not exercise conciousness powers in that event because there was enough food around for the few people, and who knows, perhaps some among those people were not hungry. 

Hello dear Billy
Some years ago i had the opportunity to see some strange black things flying in the sky. I would like to know if you know what they are. They look very similar to these objects that were recorded flying over Tel Aviv, Israel in 1997:
I saw them on three different occasions here in Mexico (in different years).
They are black and appear to have protuberances, they traveled horizontally (approximately at the height of the clouds, sometimes they "hid" in them) until they disappeared. What really caught my attention is that they travelled lets say from point A to point B were i could no longer see them but then a few seconds later they where again in point A or in another very far place which they could not been if they were balloons. Also once i saw how a commercial airplane passed close to the object and it emitted a something like a light.
Thank you for your time and sorry for the long post, salome.

Billy did not occupy himself with this issue.

Hello Billy and Christian.
Since the Law of Love is not translated yet and my Deutsch is not good enough I have to ask here.
If one loves his/her couple but has desires towards another person. Is that wrong? Is it a betrayal (infidelity)? What should one make out of it? Could you explain what exactly should be understood as fidelity within a couple? Is it sexual fidelity or is it only about the feelings towards each other? I'm asking because of the constant struggle between desire and love.
Thank you!

This depends on the individual situation. Basically, Treue (faithfulness) means being open and honest, being connected with the partner, being supportive, not cheating, etc.

Hello Billy. You said on an interview, or at least the dubbing seemed to, that the buildings on Erra were either domed or helical. Is this correct?
If yes, could you give some additional details, like...
Could it be said then that generally, the lower buildings were domed and the higher ones helical?
Was the diameter constant or were the helices thinner at the top like cones?
Can you give an estimate of width and height of these helices, or the proportion between the two?
Where on the helical structure were the windows, if there were any to be seen?

\blueThe Plejaren houses and buildings are not quadratic or rectangular, but round, and could be roughly compared with the Roman houses with an atrium in the centre. The houses/buildings are round and covered by a cupola/dome which collects the rainwater.}

Hello Billy,
I am wondering about the following: In Holland it happens a lot that when people are buried, that after 10 or 20 years, their grave is being lifted to make place for ‚new’ people.
Usually the bones end up in a mass grave.
Now its my assumption that the skeleton as a whole has a stronger fluidal ‚footprint’ then just the bones scattered all over the place. I am personally thinking that as long the bones exist the fluidal forces still exist and the new personality can make a connection with those forces.
My question is basically this: Does it affect the fluidal forces of a skeleton when its buried in a mass grave as I described, can you give a detailed answer about my assumption/question?

The fluidal forces are weakened if the bones are buried in a mass grave, but they can still be connected.

Dear Eduard Meier
Regarding the mental fluidalforces and their storage within the bones, is this occurring such that an individual's mental fluidalforces are also being stored in the bones of others, particularly in the case of a lifelong couple who are spending a lot of time together, or is this storage process an absolutely personal one?

Fluidal forces in human beings are limited to the person, i.e. they are individual only.

Hello Billy and Christian
My question is once the spirit enters the embryo on the 21st day how long into the pregnancy does the foetus have to be before it can interact with the parents even just at a subconscious and unconscious level with the stimulus that the parents provide for him/her whether in thoughts, voice/sound, feelings or touch?
Thank you
Matt lee

During pregnancy it is a one-way process from the mother and father etc. to the fetus, i.e. the fetus only receives. This happens unconsciously and non-consciously. These „outside impulses“ are building the Grundcharakter (basic character), followed by the Erziehungs- and Selbsterziehungscharakter (educational and self-educational character).

Dear Billy,
President Barack Obama, is not enforcing current United States IMMIGRATION LAWS. The USA borders are now wide open. Does he not understand the worlds poor will be coming? Adding up to millions of new people and crash the US welfare system!
(Message edited by scott on July 26, 2014)

Unfortunately, through the influencing of his counsellors etc., Barak Obama has changed during his time in office and has exchanged his original notions etc.

Greetings Billy,
What exact method(s) should one undertake to continue improving their telepathic capability / understanding?

Meditating, learning, exercising (which differs from person to person).

Dear Billy,
My question is this. During a Pentra meditation at a passive meeting both myself and Anton Hahnekamp experienced something unusual. We were both sitting very close to the meditation pyramid and during the meditation I experienced a series of visual patterns that occurred in a particular order. At first I thought I was imagining it at the beginning of the meditation but as I tried to clear my mind and focus only on the word Pentra the visualizations increased in intensity so I just observed them. It appeared to be a glowing x type shape which was radiating energy, this then gradually transformed into what I can only describe as a series of waves as if watching the ocean coming in. It lasted for the duration of the meditation and was very pleasant.
When I spoke to Anton about it afterwards he was very surprised as he said he saw the same thing.None of the core group members we spoke to could explain this to us. Is there anything you could tell me about this experience that occurred. How is it possible that we both saw the same thing during the meditation?
Many thanks. Tony Quinn

This could be a sign of a deeper meditative state. The symbols and patterns etc. being experienced in meditation have to be explained – and investigated – by each person himself or herself.

Dear Billy,
while many esoteric, new-age and alternative directions are booming nowadays, quite a lot people from these circles generally realize that the reincarnation is real thing. Many of them, however, as a result, very oft claim their beliefs about alleged facts from their past lives etc.
My question is: How many years roughly do you reckon it may take until people here on Earth in general progress so far so that they themselves conscious realize and ever realistically evaluate flashbacks from their past lives?
Thank you for your answer.

Generally this will need several millennia, but can be sped up through meditation, which could bring results in 10, 20, 30 or 50 years, depending on the efforts. But in order to be successful really deep meditation is necessary. It could be possible in 8 years if the person is constantly meditating (with breaks only for eating and sleeping).

Hello Mr. Meier,
This is my first time writing to you. It is a great pleasure to have come to know about you and your mission. I feel like I found treasure on earth! Thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing selflessly for the sake of humankind.

My question is about a monk and priest who lived in Kerala, India, known as Geevarghese Mar Gregorios (1848-1902). He is called the patron saint of Orthodox Syrian christian church. He lived a life of discipline, simplicity, humility, and love and respect for his fellow beings. During his lifetime, he has performed many amazing feats, such as, healing of sick (others and himself), parting of clouds during a photo session of himself (the only picture taken of him during a cloudy day), feeding many hungry pilgrims at a time when food was scarce, and many other things. During his younger days, he contracted the deadliest version of smallpox for which there was no treatment available in those days. He said he had a vision of Mary (Jmmanuel's mother) who told him that he would get well soon. Soon thereafter he got better and was cured of his illness.
My question is how was he able to perform all these amazing things? Is it the power of his positive thoughts? Thanks and best regards.

Billy has not heard about that monk.
A vision of Mary? That‘s a deceptive religious imagination.

Greetings Dear Billy,
In the past you mentioned a reprocessing operation of the life force energy which takes place on planets ..... is this carried out by some sort of naturally occurring procedure within or above the surface of the planet or is it connected to interdimensional entities variously called orbs and or other classes of light structures which are constantly present near the ground, in the upper atmosphere and further out in space ?

Reprocessing operation of the life force energy? What do you mean by this?

Does it effect a human being's next incarnation in any way if in the previous incarnation the body of the human being was cremated instead of buried?

Only the fluidal forces of the former personality are not accessible anymore since they have been eliminated through fire.

Why does it seem that the creation favors the positive even though it is completely equalized with both positive and the negative?
Meaning, through our countless lives we are encouraged to follow the laws and recommendations which are inherently good and facilitates a righteously lived life. And every person who lives,will have to progress through many lives to merge with the Creation,which is inevitable no matter what. So it seems as if the Creation favors one side over the other, in a sense that if we are here to provide Creation with information through living and experiencing,why wouldn't people just live lives whether they are positive lives or negative,and after a certain time you merge back and all the information is taken just the same. So since we live far more positive lives to progress through evolution,does that mean that the Creation is inherently good or favors the one side?
Blake P
(Message edited by scott on July 26, 2014)

Creation has no personality, cannot feel joy or be disappointed or prefer someone or somebody, nor does Creation think. Creation is pure-spiritual energy.
Everything which exists within Creation has been created according to the creational laws which, in turn, have been created by Creation through an impulse.

Dear Billy and Christian:
Regarding the clocks at the SSSC, possibly there was a huge magnetic field at that point at the center Now my question is: They say that when we die, the body losses immediately 24 grams of weight. Is this an myth or a real fact, that explains that something leaves the body when we die? Thank you!

Billy doesn’t know about that „story“. The spritual energy is weightless, the detached spirit-form will have no measurable effect on the body.

I have been interested in the Ouija board for years. I found the following information from Wikipedia.
The Ouija board also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words "yes", "no", "hello" (occasionally), and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics. It uses a planchette (small heart-shaped piece of wood) or movable indicator to indicate the spirit's message by spelling it out on the board during a séance. Participants place their f