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Archive through July 26, 2009

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Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2009 - 11:25 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Dear Billy stay a long time for Human kind and healthy

My question is , if inside of the beam ships or mother ships there are some gravity for example the same as Earth surface? there are gravity but not the same degree as the earth? or they have zero gravity?

Salome Friends

The same as on Earth’s surface. You don’t feel any difference as walking on Earth.


Most Honorable Billy ,

Thank you very much for answering our endless questions. And sorry to bother you.

I have a very serious question about the most probably your future followers from Muslim countries. I mean there was a real script of Jemmanuel teachings that by the help of Pljearns now in available for the people. But I wonder as you mentioned that most of the Quran also falsified and we now that spirit of Mohammad is the same as Jemmanuel ,s Spirit and also other prophets, that it means this lineage of all the prophets protect and had been sent by Plearians ( if I'm not wrong) , I think it would be tremendously useful if on behalf of the Muslim communities somehow /or by the help of Plearians : 1 - The real and untouched scrip of Quran would be fond. 2 – At least the true and untouched sections of the current Quran could be suggested

Most regards and respect

Actually the content of Kelch der Wahrheit/Goblet of Truth (of which, by the way, the first 4 sections are available in English on is identical with Mohammed’s teaching. A correct and true version of Mohammed’s teachings cannot be expected in the form of a „revised“ Quran. Take the content of Goblet of Truth and you have the true words of Mohammed. The Goblet of Truth represents the true teachings of the seven true prophets of the Nokodemion line.


Regarding the topic of telepathy it was mentioned by you in a previous question:

"As long as the sender is not functioning in our brain/consciousness, we don’t have the capacity or ability to send our thoughts."
Question: what does the receiver perceive/sense at the start of the telepathy learning process when a sender is functioning in ones brain?

In the first stages of learning telepathy, he perceives words through his inner ears (if he is the receiver).


Dear Billy,

Thank you for your previous answer.

Is there still an ET blue race located under France?


A blue race under France? Never heard of that.


Hi Billy is positive thinking about a subject like making wish about a subject?
is positive thinking about a subject you want to manifest or have happen. What people hope to do when they are making a wish or prayer?

No, these are different factors. While positive thinking is lined up along certain lines of thought, and is connected with feelings, a wish is built on an expectation, with feelings of expectation.


Hello Billy

Thank you for answering my last question. Your answer was helpful in my understanding.

My second question relates to Creation, respectively human spirit forms and the end of present creational 311,040,000,000,000 awake cycle. When Creation collapses, so to speak, at the end of this 311,040,000,000,000 awake cycle and goes into a sleep state what will happen to the unevolved human spirit forms (if any)?

Kind regards

No human spirit-form that ever started on the path of evolution (= at least one incarnation) will not reach the Petale level. Positively said: Each spirit-form that has incarnated at least once, will ultimately merge with Creation. While most such spirit-forms will reach the union with Creation during the time of the universe’s (Creation’s) expansion, there is plenty of time during the contraction period for all remaining spirit-forms to complete their evolution.


Hello dear Billy

while observing things in daily life i have noticed that very often "coincidences" happen, like if one is thinking about something in particular then through the day several things related to this thought occur, or sometimes one sees certain object or listens to certain song and then in that day several things related to this happen.

I would like to know how much do we really can attract certain situations, persons, things, etc, by thinking in them or if this noticing "coincidences" have more to do with some form of intuition or if it is simple imagination.


A conicidence („Zufall“ in German) as the people generally understand does not exist, except if you cut a pie into several portions, and one of those pieces falls to you; or if you win a competition and the prize falls to you. Instead we have to speak of a foreordination (Fügung), the result of certain occurrences that are happeing simultaneously. They are separate results of thoughts and actions.


Billy, can you please describe the circumstances of the murder of Moses; how old he was, where it happened, who did it for what reason?

Thank you.



Salome Billy,
To understand life and living I prefer to begin by asking Why, How and When and most times I also begin from the end which makes the outcome/answer clearer thus the path to the answer more logical. But I would like to understand How do we as humans create the 'thought' in our material consciousness either for the good or for the bad?

The Why question, is a guide towards the negative and the positive from which we must find the answer towards a Neutral/Positive action or outcome, etc. I think it's the most important of the 3 questions. Am I wrong?
The When question, acts also as a guide but only after I understand the Why and the How. So, I am still no closer to understanding the How, did I create this thought for example or any other thoughts? where do they come from and where do they begin? How is a thought formed to be understood by the material consciousness? Is there a connection albeit a 'rusty' one to the now tiny Pineal gland?
Thank you and Salome Bianca

Yes, the Why is the first question, and all three question forms are necessary for the learning process. This, however, has nothing to do with the Pineal gland.


Hello Mr Meier. In some of the FIGU writings it is mentioned that fluidal forces have frequencies too high to be measured by current Earth techniques. In other places, it is mentioned that these energies can somehow be detected in the ultraviolet range. Also it was mentioned somewhere else (maybe in one of the Kitchen Table Discussions?)that I don't recall that real Kirlian photography can show the very lowest of these energies in some way.

My question to you is, how is it possible for ultraviolet frequencies to be related to fluidal forces when the fluidal forces are supposedly way too high a frequency range for us on Earth to detect? After all we can detect frequencies significantly higher than ultraviolet even if we don't fully understand them. Any help in clarification of this is appreciated. Thank you...


On Earth there exist no techniques or devices to meaure those very high frequencies which are beyond the ultraviolet range. Fluidal forces are not entirely belonging into the pure-spiritual realms.

(Note by CF: The ultraviolet range is open to above.)


Dear Billy,

Thanks for answering my question about using hypnosis to help others. My next question is also on the subject of health.

There is a program that is being promoted to help the body heal its self from any ailment, mental or physical. According to the man that developed it this is done by broadcasting "balancing energies" at different frequencies to a photograph of a person or animal. These balancing energies are then chosen as needed using a type of energetic "Rosetta Stone" by your "higher self" to clear any energetic imbalances that lead to disease. He calls this a spiritual technology. According to Stephen Lewis the founder of this program. He is able to measure our "life force" energy. Recently, he stated that our life force is weakening because of the biological weapons being used against us. He also claims that it improves Autism and Downs Syndrome and even offers scholarship programs for people with these diseases.

My question is: Is it possible from a program like this to make any genuine impact on our health?
Thank You for considering this question.

Karrol Steeves

No. This is esoteric nonsense.


Hallo Billy,

Dankeschön für ihrer antwort.. But it was a bit sad you did not know how the continents looked like on Erra. It had indeed been interesting.

Well, I have another question about all those extraterrestrials who passed away while blowing themselves up over Tunguska 1908. Did their spirit forms came back to be Earth human personalities?

Vielen Dank und Haben Sie ein Schönes Sommer


Yes, they have to incarnate on Earth.


Dear Billy,

with great interest I read in FIGU Sonder Bulletin Nr. 48 import things to notice regarding correct translating of Plejaren names and words. But these explanations are either basic or do not take into consideration that there are also other languages on Earth that, besides German, decline the words (nouns, etc.) according to given grammatical Kasus, and as a result the same word with the same lettersvalue is never the case. Well ..., then the translated names or words (with their endings) have inevitably certain values, and these values are, according to my understanding, hardly to be known and recognised in a foreign language. I may be wrong, but according to pure logic from this bulletin and in terms of hard language is then any translation into that language a falsification ...

Question: What would be your advise in these cases as one cannot change language patterns, not to mention humans habits in that particular language, so easily and still follow in bulletin mentioned advise?

thank you

PS: By the way, it would be interesting to hear in any future FIGU Audio the correct pronaunciation of major terms, words and names of Plejaren origin. Just an idea.

That’s a good idea that will be realized.

Regarding the Plejaren names: People of other languages have to learn to pronounce the names correctly, even if they would pronounce them differently by only reading the succession of letters, etc.

In German you usually pronounce a word exactly as it is written.


Can you tell us whether Billy is permitted to tell or knows whether our scientists
are on the right track regarding the Sirtuin gene, regarding it
being the long ago manipulated one, which is activated by the compound Resveratrol?

Apparently this substance causes Sirtuin 1 gene to activate and enables the benefits of calorie
restriction (lengthened life in mice) without restricting calories.


That’s unknown to Billy.


Hi BIlly and CH,

i used the word "mind" as in brain within the context of thats what we use to meditate, connect, or as you explained, expand our consciousness towards Creation.

Another question i have, is about the recommended 1 acre of garden, and 20 acres of living space; i know why a person would need the one acre of land in order to grow what is needed to survive. But im not clear about the reason for the 20 acres of living space, if its based on "space" alone (why that much?), or does it have some other spiritual purpose?

Thank you for EVERYTHING.

No, there is no spiritual purpose behind this. It means that it is necessary that considerably more land is not used directly by human beings for the production of food (like forests, alps, wetland, arid land, etc.) where animals are free to roam, and for positively influencing the climate etc. etc.


Dear Mr. Billy

I have direct question and pleas i need direct answer if it is yes or no.. if it yes i need to know some details and if it no i need to know from where he got this Knowledge about things know one know it in his time.

my question is

Is prophet Mohammed real prophet?

Yes he was.

Thank you


Hello Radd, The rules allow one question per session. I accepted your 3rd post. Scott-Moderator

(Message edited by scott on June 30, 2009)


Dear Billy:

I read about overpopulation and I agree with the results we could obtain if we get to a reasonable and healthy number of humans on earth. However, I was recently confronted by a friend about the effects of overpopulation. My friend thinks that even if we lower the number of humans on this planet, we still have to deal with greed, violence, envy, corruption, and all other wrong behaviors present in humans regardless of the number of people. I thought about her point of view, and I wanted to ask:

Is overpopulation the only solution for all the problems here on earth, or is reducing the population the main solution to our problems.

In other words, if we reduce the population, then we can deal with our wrong way of behaving in a faster and better way; or in addition to solving the overpopulation problem we need to implement the spiritual lessons at the same time?

Thank you and many greetings for everybody at the SSSC.

It is the main solution, but of course not the only one. However, e.g., with only 500 million people the percentage of criminals may be the same, but the numbers are much less.
Your friend ist right: Vices like greed, envy etc. are still to be overcome by the people. The personal evolution remains the task of each individual.


Hi Billy,

It seems people are constantly sending out vibrations without their being conscious of this fact. In these vibrations there have been negative ones directed at you that your enemies were able to collect and eventually use against you in an attempt on your life.

My question arises from witnessing friends speak in an unfavorable way towards a certain common friend of ours. This type of talking gathered more steam through other later discussions. Then I watched as these thoughts and words, even though unheard by the person being talked about, put this person into a depressed-like uncertain state of being once he entered the room the discussion took place in. This person was not normally someone who had problems with clarity or self identity, but with this group focus that was created, he was completely off balance and unable to be himself.
All this was in a non-confrontational setting.

In short, when we gather together and form ideas in groups it appears that we have an ability to affect others from a distance with these group ideas. Is there anything correct here?
a friend in america

Yes, that’s possible. It’s the power of thought.


hello billy,

i was wondering or hoping if you were able to provide some of the spirit language or even perhaps the ps alphabet as i am interested into making a font just for kicks.

syn-speed (instead of godspeed )

-Gerald Massey

While the spiritual symbols cannot be explained with words, the alphabet can be shown.

(Note by CF: Here’s a picture of the actual Plejaren [Play-ar-en] alphabet. It uses the same combinations as German: ch, sch, st, tsch, ck.)

Syn, I was unable to post Christians picture of the Plejaren Alphabet. You may find it on a different website related to Billy and the Plejarens.-Scott


Dear Billy,
I learned in past espiritual studies that we tend to repeat the same situations life over life, meeting with the same people (reincarnated in other bodies), visit similar places, and so on, with slight changes from life to life, depending on how much we have learned from past mistakes. That explains why we feel certain familiarity with people, places and also the studies that come to our lives.

In fact, when I started to read the writings related to your experiences and teachings, about how the Plejaren live, about the Creational laws, I initially felt like I was finding my true home (later I realized I first needed to get rid of all my past "baggage" that I'm carrying in my mind from some wrong teachings I was involved... but that's another story).

So, is this familiarity with people, places, knowledge, in fact related to experiences in past lives and therefore, everything we learn in this life will drive in some way our acts in future lives, without us remembering it?

Thank you Billy.

ps. I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and all the FIGU members, and the moderators of this blog as well for the added comments to our questions which are very clear and useful.

The familiarity with knowledge has to do with one’s own past, not with other persons’ incarnations.
Familiarity with other people has to do with their behaviour, their level of evolution and sympathy etc.

Human beings who are thinking along the same lines or who are oriented towards similar interests etc. are feeling some kind of attraction. All of this, however, has no link to family members etc. of past existences. No such links do exist.


Hi Billy, i wonder what would happen if in this current incarnation I meet a person who in a previous incarnation, killed or tortured me. I mean, would it be somehow "normal" that I would perceive negative vibrations from this person, would i feel unease, worried, nervous, agitated in the proximity of this person? I guess the most important factor in order to "evaluate" and "feel" this person's vibrations would be what he has achieved in his current incarnation, independently from what he did in the past. If now he is making great effort in order to learn from past mistakes, his vibrations will be neutral positive, but in the case he repeats the same mistakes of the past, i would feel his negative vibrations.... Can you clarify?

You would feel nothing bad at all because „bad deeds“ in a former life have no effect in the next material existence.

(Note by CF: Karma, as it is understood by most people, is totally wrong and nonexistent.)


Hello Billy and Christian,

My question is about something I have been experiencing during some meditations I've done. During meditation I have experienced this feeling as if some sort of energy or vibrations were surrounding or pulsating at me (sometimes while I see the color blue). Also, a few times,as I feel these vibrations my left side of my body especially my left arm feel a sort of goosebumps, the so called chicken skin.

What could these sensations be? Is it a natural result of the meditation?

Thank you for your time. Hope you all at the center are well.
See ya

Those are self-triggered effects or factors.


Dear Mr. Meier

In bulletin 38 you spoke of the importance of the Pineal Gland in sensing fluidal forces and how it has atrophied in humans beings. You said the caused by humans overly materialistic thinking. I see what you mean in the rigid thinking of some individuals. Like scientists dogmatic refusal to consider the possibility that faster than light travel is possible. You have also said, meditation allows fluidal energy to flow to the pineal gland. Since Meditation is a process of pure observation, it occurred to me as when thoughts are silenced this allows the fluidal energy to reach the Pineal gland. I am I right in my conclusion and could you add a little more information on we can restore the Pineal glands full functions.


No, the Pineal gland is only „dealing“ with fine-structured vibrations. Thoughts and meditation have to do with the consciousness.


Hi Billy,

Is anything wrong with a married couple {one man, one woman} inviting an unmarried woman of her own free consent, to have sex with them? I am asking this one because I read it's okay for women to be bisexual but if the man marries a bisexual woman and she is his only wife, then I am thinking they probably need to invite an unmarried woman to have sex which would fulfill the wife. I don't know because then it would be a threesome but it would have to be protected sex from which no child would result. Again I haven't tried this and I am asking to get all the details I am unsure about.

Thanks Moderators, Billy,

As a rule, such a situation brings problems and even threatens or breaks a marriage. Being bisexual doesn’t mean that you must have sex with both genders in order to be satisfied of fulfilled. Besides, many women to not have bisexual interests.

(Note by CF: Btw, inviting a person to have sex just for the sake of lust is not the correct way, because sex between persons should occur in a loving relationship.)


Hello Billy;

I sometimes have a perception of certain words, phrases or feelings, which don't have any connection with the situation I'm in or my thoughts at the moment.
There were times when I assumed that these had been created by someone who was near me at the moment because it made sense in that context.
At other times, its difficult to tell if they came from my imagination, my subconscious, or if they were created by someone else while having his/her attention on me in a more intense or focalized manner.
How can I determine what, or which person, is the source of these seemingly foreign words, phrases or feelings?

Many thanks.

You are creating your thoughts yourself, even if you may not recognize their origin. You may have „hidden“ thoughts of which you are unconscious and which have their effects on your conscious thinking. It’s an effect of uncontrolled thinking.


Billy, with you and your mission in mind, are there similar missions by other proclaimers of the truth ,such as yourself, that are teaching and presenting creation's laws and truths for similar or different reasons throughout our universe?

There are human beings on many worlds who have worked their way up to be able to teach their fellow human-beings the creative-natural knowledge. However there exists just one prophet line of Nokodemions origin.
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Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2009 - 11:48 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Eduard and thank you once again for your answers and assistance. In Guido Moosbrugger's book "Flugreisen durch Zeit und Raum" he states that electrons are uncommonly transformable and that one of their forms after transforming is the chronon. However you say that electrons are not chronons. Of course if an electron transforms into a chronon it is no longer an electron anymore. I understand that you do not give out more information than you should so I would like to ask you more directly: Please explain either what the relationship between electrons and chronons is as far as your are permitted or please explain the information that Guido stated in his book. I only hope for a clarification in the apparent contradiction between your information and Guido's. I assume that your information is more accurate due to your sources.

Any clarification you can give us on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks once again and thanks also for all that you do for us all.

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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 01:54 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


what are the other manifestations beyond the capacity of the five senses should humans be aware of for his spirit's further evolution?

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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 01:57 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Several months ago I dreamed that I was seeing everything circular my vision(way of seeing as I dreamed) was in some way circular.
Somehow I began changing it to be square sort of like the shutter on some cameras and it was very difficult to open this square but I did manage to open it.
As I was opening I could begin to see into it and once it was open found myself outside in a clearing near a lake with trees around and it was night time, calm and very peaceful and I could see the crystalin night sky with stars that were like diamonds being so clear.
The dream gave me great peace but it feels somehow like it represented a choice perhaps.

The question is then could Billy and or the P's tell what it was all about?
I can guess and feel all day but it remains mysterious to me.
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 03:24 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Billy

Is it apathy or is it love, is it in the destruction of certain sentiments such as affection within oneself for others or is it in building up of certain passive aggressiveness factor to enable oneself to keep a certain distance even to one's close family members to prevent unnecessary suffering from losing them?

Matt Lee
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 03:53 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

"In the first stages of learning telepathy, he perceives words through his inner ears (if he is the receiver)."

Do these words right at the start of this learning process obviously originate from the sender and thus is it immediately clear that the the sender is the source of these words?
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 04:12 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Billy,

Will the spirit forms of one incarnations true love or life partners, be true loves or life partners in subsequent incarnations, and as follows; have they been true loves/life partners in past incarnations?

Thank you.
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 04:50 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Billy,

In the "Goblet of Truth", the passage that explains the paying of taxes is very interesting.

My question is, if we are of the knowledge that what our government is demanding of its taxes from its people is not correct and/or being used in non-rightful ways, are we still obligated to pay the excessive amount. I realize we need to get the right leaders in the governing offices and change the laws, but until that happens how do we keep ourselves from being over-taxed. I guess this isn't "The Law Offices of BM", so I won't mention your advice to my tax man.

Thank you dearly for the 4 chapters so far of "The Goblet of Truth".
a friend in america
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 05:02 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

The questions of a sensitive nature is the last three questions} in order for you to more easily spot these sentences and ignore them - if necessary - alltogheter when presenting them to the center.

I respect if you chose to disregard those questions.

I'm extremely curious about how similar we are in a more intimate way:

Do they sweat like us? If they don't clean and shower themselves would they smell similairly unpleasant after a time as a human (of our kind) would do?

Is nudity just as secret and personal to them as it is to us?

Would it be possible for the center to publish some sort of a "scientifically" illustrated (not actual pictures) book about their anatomy with the organs, bodily functions and most of the things covered about their anatomy?

Has Billy seen a naked plejaren and could he tell us about the anatomical differences between them and us?
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 07:25 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Billy, In the latest answers you stated the the Kelch der Wahrheit/Goblet of Truth represents the true teachings of the seven true prophets of the Nokodemion line.

My question is in regard to our future, did you in your travels to the future, with your consciousness abilities or any other means witness the people of this planet becoming more unified as the religions and cults are exposed as untruth through the acceptance of the teachings of the Kelch der Wahrheit/Goblet of Truth?
Matthew Beattie
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 09:56 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Billy and everyone at FIGU,

I am not a parent my self, but I have seen a lot of parents kiss they baby(ies) in the lips/mouth and also when they are full grown-ups (teen/adults). For me is normal/natural (showing love) to kiss in their cheek but kissing a baby in the lips/mouth is not good because of hygiene, maybe give a disease to an infant. I want to know what you think about this. Thank you.
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 10:04 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hallo Billy,

Dankeschön für ihrer antwort über die Tunguska-menschen. Hier kommt mine nächste frage:

How far away is a sustainable planet with higher life forms in our own space-time configuration do we live from, except for our own Earth and our own solar system?

Vielen dank und haben sie ein schönes sommer
Med Bästa Hälsningar / Mit Besten Grüssen / With Best Regards

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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 10:24 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

hello billy
i have been researching your information and am a believer i have taken your information seriously. i would like to know what srut is i found it in

thank you
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 11:21 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Not a question but a hint. If we really want to get important information from Billy, when he is allowed to answer and/or knows the answer, I suggest NOT using questions that can be answered simply yes or no.
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 12:20 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

hello billy,
my question is in regards to love, or true love (?)
if over the course of many incarnations, two spirits incarnate into bodies and these 2 people meet one another and say for example, one life they are brother and sister, another life they are lovers, another they are friends, in another they are mother and daughter etc.
is there some kind of bond or love that grows stronger where perhaps the two spirits are more or less determined to always come together. and that, perhaps at a certain point when these two are able to recall the past incarnations or view future ones, that these individuals would make the concious effort to reunite again and again?
or perhaps i should put it this way. if one has the ability to find out wether or not a person was there wife or husband etc in previous lives, and there was existng love between them, would it be a (from a spiritual viewpoint)advisable course of action to take, to seek to continue and strengthen that bond between two spirits?
is there some thing you can perhaps state that may give me some valuble insight in regards to this idea?
( i do realize it's one question per turn so please answer however you think is suitable)
thank you.
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 01:14 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Billy I was wondering if there is any truth about peoples statements that there are ancient relics of extra terrestrial presence (buildings) on the moon. Or is it possible that if such things exist they have been made by our human civilization.

Congratulations on the work of your new book.

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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 01:17 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Billy,

Thank once again for answering my previous question. I knew the answer in my heart and appreciate the validation that my thinking is once again on the right track! Thankfully I did not suffer too much damage during my two year exploration of esoteric nonsense ;).

On the subject of Reincarnation: If a person who is born into this lifetime comes into a very hard life such as being born into a family where they suffered neglect, physical abuse, humiliation, poverty, and having to deal with uncaring or drug addicted parents chooses to rise above this and lead a decent life. How did past the past life determine personality and circumstances in this lifetime, and how does the lifetime being experienced now, and how it was lived determine the next incarnation? I am looking for an example using the above scenario so that I can understand the reincarnation process and how all this is all determined.

Thank you to you Billy, and to everyone at FIGU for having the courage to participate in this important mission . I look forward to visiting the center in September!


Karrol Steeves
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 10:31 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


i forgot to mention that i wish to speak to you in private so here's my email please write back

thank you
salome gam nan ben urda gan nijber asala hesporona
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 12:42 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Synergy, BEAM has seen at least Asket of the Timmars nude as far as her upper body when they were in the desert when they travelled before going back in time as I recall. They washed with water and she was bare from the waist up.

As far as nudity I am under the understanding from something I read a while back that they do cover themselves for modesty but do not consider nudity a bad or immoral thing. More than it is just appropriate to wear clothes for other reasons, but I may have that wrong.

As far as Plejaren anatomical differences, BEAM said they look and function physically just like us on Earth except with very slightly longer earlobes. They use the bathroom like we do except with more up to date facilities for them and they do wash with water and have also an ultrasonic method cleaning as well.

By the way they do not use toilet paper but instead have a vibration related method of cleaning which also disinfects the appropriate area of the body.

As far as stinking, it is just deduction on my part but, of course they sweat since they are like us but they don't consume poisoned/polluted food air and water so they don't ooze impurities from their pores in the way we do. If you stopped using deodorant but didn't live in a poisonous environment, once you got the bad stuff out of your system, you likely wouldn't stink when you sweat (though there would still be a natural odor noticeable to some degree). Also sweat tends to stink because of bacterial byproducts if the sweat isn't cleaned away immediately so that too is a factor...
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Oh and I forgot Synergy, they have no pubic hair according to what Dyson wrote some time back...
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Hello Mr. Edward, hope you are fine.
Yet, I am sorry again that my another question is also long one.

Just recently I was listening to radio show were they would talk about many different things, including your story. But not at that time.

I was listening while someone called the radio and explained that he is a good person and he helps others and he was wondering why is that, that even he is good person and he is good to others good things don't really happen to him.
Also he was saying why is that good things happen to bad people, like criminals of any kind rich and poor with positions or not.

In my head there was forming a big word: Hello?
But this word "Hello" is thanks to you and your important mission, which I thank you for it, because you risked your life for those who wants to listen.

But still, in my head I can't really widely explain why is that or give many examples, just because someone is good, it is not necessary a reason why good things should happen to him.
I think to explain this may take lot to say.

I do think, that people who think in these terms is because of religious reasons and they expect good things happen to them as well some of them expect bad things to happen to bad people. For example winning a lottery because I am good, or living in a big house with a pool, etc.

I my mind I have idea why this is not true but I can't really explain this situation.
The only thing I can say is because there is nobody there above us that is judging our deeds and acts according to what people do.
But in the end I understand that if we are good we should expect good things but the foundations of our thinking and deeds have to be logical.

Yet, if someone would ask me to explain what do I mean about logical deeds, I don't necessary have a great answer for them. I do understand that if we help people who can't really help back than we can't expect good things, and if we help people who wants to use us than we can't expect anything also.

Mr. Edward can you give better explanation about good and bad deeds if you were asked this question why good things don't necessarily should happen to people who are good? As well why bad people many times live in better situation then the good ones? Or what is the fundamental understanding needed to understand this topic.

With kind regards.

Btw: Mr. Christian, thank you for your comments on my previous questions.
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Dear Billy,

Thank you for your answer.

So there's only one blue skinned race living underground in the region of the Himalaya, so your filmed interview with Mr Winters shows...

Other topic:

What would be your recommendations to a person suffering of severe schizophreania, (since tablets never cure this disease)?



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Hi Billy, I've always wondered why Bigfoot has been so elusive. Is there anything you can tell us about this creature?
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