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Archive through June 19, 2013

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Post Number: 106
Registered: 06-2012
Posted on Sunday, June 16, 2013 - 04:41 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Piyali, I don't think its right to attack someone's (Dyson) integrity especially when they are not here. He don't deserve it imo. I am in much gratitude to him and his wife for their tireless efforts and time in doing translations. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading his past posts. I hope to see him back here one day.

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Post Number: 173
Registered: 03-2007
Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 03:06 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I say we move on to another exciting topic such as professional bowling, or why women like to shop.

And I don't mean why a woman needs to wear a certain makeup while shopping for a new pair of bowling shoes!
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Post Number: 244
Registered: 11-2008
Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 11:47 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Skyrim (Phil),

I already told you that it is not a photo of Asket but a photo of an Earth woman who closely resembles Asket. And the reason why Billy shows the forged photo of Asket is because it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two women except obviously the two women themselves and also Phobol Cheng who seemed to be not sure if it was a photo of Asket because of the different bone structure.

Ptaah and Billy discuss the forged photo of Asket in contact report 264. It can also be found on page 284 of the second edition of the book "And Still They Fly".
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Post Number: 36
Registered: 08-2012
Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 02:48 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Exactly where have I "attacked" him? Did you read my posts?

I do not think Phil it is right of you or anyone else to impose such a distorted view on what I have expressed.

I will not take responsibility for any "attacks" where there are none nor intended.

Please, kindly check your thoughts before you comment.

Thank you Phil.
Salome with Love ~
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Post Number: 533
Registered: 08-2010
Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 02:56 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Hello Phil,

Just for the record. Piyali stated that she was not attacking Dyson's integrity. She was merely expressing that something in her did not resonate with a particular part of his translation in which the texts allegedly say that the wearing of makeup makes a woman a whore ...or something to that effect.

I must agree and, I think there must be an error somewhere since it is very logical, that the wearing of makeup does not make a woman a whore.

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Post Number: 169
Registered: 05-2011
Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 06:57 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Labeling a woman a "whore" just because she wears make up or clothing that makes heads turn is not justifiable even if she is indeed a “whore” by profession, it her internal attributes and conscious level that really matters and no one has the right to judge her by appearances or demeanor.

Who knows, maybe she engages in these type of activities because she has not choice and is the only way to support her kids.

Now if another female wants to wear makeup or dress more formal that gives her more confidence in herself, then that is okay so long as she is not pressured by others to do so. After all is it not Billy himself who says it’s good to keep one’s home arranged and not cluttered and to take a bath before going to bed? Both activities have a positive bearing on a person’s psyche and if makeup elicits the same result, then why not. Until she develops the evolutionary status to do otherwise without it, then she should be the judge to do so or not.

Now about married females being attractive, there is nothing wrong with having human males other than her husband looking at her because she is pretty so long as they don’t decide to do the nasty in some hotel room, I see no problem especially so if the husband is not paying attention. I think the Earth human female as well as others in the universe do favor a certain amount of attention from male humans, it is the law of attraction that promotes the survival of the human species. For a human male to not acknowledge her “attentiveness” for any reason will often provoke some un-harmonic response and he better come up with a valid explanation real quick.

Melissa, nice job in your presentation, I was going to do the research one day about what Semjase says about some Earthly humans being of 30 million years of similar evolutionary status as them. So that means there are some enormous potential for those who are at this level who can contribute a great deal in BEAM’s mission.
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Post Number: 107
Registered: 06-2012
Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 - 07:12 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Joe, I got the book "And Still They Fly" and on checking only now noticed that what you say is correct. It would have saved a lot of time if you mentioned that earlier, but thanks for pointing that out to me anyway.

Piyali, It seemed to me like it was an attack on his integrity. That was my opinion.

Judging by your long winded posts trying to justify yourself, do you think you may have over reacted to others interpreting it as an attack on his integrity?

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Post Number: 544
Registered: 10-2009
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 07:59 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Piyali, I am a woman and I understand why makeup is used as a mask to hide imperfections and feelings instead of just accepting or dealing with those. Come on now, when you are 80, do you really expect to continue to turn heads? So are you going to deal with your issues then when you have to or now when you can. Women are so much more than just a pretty face, but we continue to let society dictate what is beautiful? I agree with the OM and the use of the word whore because there is probably not another word in the English language which describes it. BTW I put no one on a pedestal but do defend those that speak the truth. Exchanges of ideas are for growth and sorry that it comes across as harsh.
Good, better, best. May you never rest, until your good is better, and your better best.
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Post Number: 93
Registered: 01-2012
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 08:49 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Thank you Joe, for reminding us all about the origin of this discussion.

The core question was, What I don't understand is if advanced people like the Plejaren women feel this way about make-up and is why they don't wear it, then why does Asket wear make-up? -phil

In the contact reports, we read why they do not, also with understanding that in the past, pictures have been falsified and so false pictures are currently in circulation. Even so, if someone took a picture of Asket while she was presuming to be someone on Earth, wearing make-up in (example: show business) would require her to wear make-up possibly, temporarily for whatever purpose. This leads us to the question, if the more advanced understand make-up to be unhealthy, then why do we still (require it/use it/think of it as the norm?)

Why? Billy tells us why...., and with some inner searching, your inner self tells you why.

These are my notes made from:
Die Stellung der Frauen in der FIGU - Artikel 1; (The Position of Women in FIGU – Article 1); Link to article:

• For a very long time, males have regarded (through bad habit) the female gender as property, and lesser than the male sex. FIGU is very against this and reminds us the correct way to view the female human being. Pregnancy and birthing alone expresses how the woman makes reincarnation of the new spirit form possible, which is a majestic and creational act of the highest evolution. A sense of life rests in this willing act.

• Other bad habits of men, included the degradation of women based upon their sexual appeal, which once again is fought against by members of FIGU as well as by Billy.

• Unfortunately, it’s not just our world, but many worlds which have been influenced by the majority of men, of a millennium old oppression of women. This attitude, unfortunately, had stamped itself deeply in the consciousness of the man’s world. It is our job now, especially women, to be conscious of and to transform back to equivalence, the old-established false thoughts. This new time, is the time of great importance, to be aware, to relearn and to respect. Women should be reaching out to all women of the world, and each member within the FIGU community is expected and responsible to also do the same as well as each member is also responsible to personal search, learn, and then to have a healthy realization of the equivalence and equal rights.

What is meant by, “millennium old oppression of women and old-established false thoughts“? This can be found throughout our own history.

Below are only highlights of an article discussing the history of this root issue, and is well worth the full read.
Article can be found at:

History of inequality of Women:

Roman Law and the Female Condition:
Around 450 BCE, during Rome’s republican era, Roman law, like Greek philosophy, underlay medieval thought and shaped medieval society. The ancient belief that adult, property-owning men should rule the house and make the decisions.

Christian Doctrine and Women’s Place:
The Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament authorized later writers to limit women to the realm of the family and to burden them with the guilt of original sin.

The Image of Women in Medieval Literature:
The philosophical, legal, and religious traditions born in antiquity formed the basis of the medieval intellectual synthesis. The literary tradition that developed alongside the learned tradition also spoke about female nature and women’s roles. Medieval stories, poems, and epics also portrayed women negatively—as lustful and deceitful—while praising good housekeepers and loyal wives as replicas of the Virgin Mary or the female saints and martyrs.

Women’s roles: The family:
The negative perceptions of women expressed in the intellectual tradition are also implicit in the actual roles that women played in European society. Assigned to subordinate positions in the household and the church, they were barred from significant participation in public life.

Women’s roles: The church:
Membership in a household, whether a father’s or a husband’s, meant for women a lifelong subordination to others. In western Europe, the Roman Catholic Church offered an alternative to the career of wife and mother. A woman could enter a convent parallel in function to the monasteries for men that evolved in the early Christian centuries.

The humanist foundation:
Originating in Italy in the fourteenth century, humanism quickly became the dominant intellectual movement in Europe. Spreading in the sixteenth century from Italy to the rest of Europe, it fueled the literary, scientific and philosophical movements of the era, and laid the basis for the eighteenth-century Enlightenment.

The Debate:
At the same time, many questions remained: Could a woman be virtuous?  Could she perform noteworthy deeds? Was she even, strictly speaking, of the same human species as men?

The Treatises:
A series of humanist treatises on marriage and family, and on the nature of women helped construct these new perspectives.
The works by Francesco Barbaro and Leon Battista Alberti— On Marriage (1415) and On the Family (1434–37)—far from defending female equality, reasserted women’s responsibility for rearing children and managing the housekeeping while being obedient, chaste, and silent.

The Witch Books:
While humanists grappled with the issues pertaining to women and family, other learned men turned their attention to what they perceived as a very great problem: witches.: most accused witches were women. The hostility aroused by supposed witch activity is comparable to the hostility aroused by women. The evil deeds the victims of the hunt were charged with were exaggerations of the vices to which, many believed, all women were prone.

Women’s Works:
To the many categories of works produced on the question of women’s worth must be added nearly all works written by women. A woman writing was in herself a statement of women’s claim to dignity.
Only a few women wrote anything before the dawn of the modern era, for three reasons. First, they rarely received the education that would enable them to write. Second, they were not admitted to the public roles to gain knowledge of the kinds of things the literate public thought worth writing about. Third, the culture imposed silence on women, considering speaking out a form of unchastity. Given these conditions, it is remarkable that any women wrote. Those who did before the fourteenth century were almost always nuns or religious women whose isolation made their pronouncements more acceptable.

The Problem of Chastity:
Traditionally, chastity was perceived as woman’s quintessential virtue—in contrast to courage, or generosity, or leadership, or rationality, seen as virtues characteristic of men.  Opponents of women charged them with insatiable lust. Women themselves and their defenders—without disputing the validity of the standard—responded that women were capable of chastity.
The requirement of chastity kept women at home, silenced them, isolated them, left them in ignorance. It was the source of all other impediments. Why was it so important to the society of men, of whom chastity was not required, and who more often than not considered it their right to violate the chastity of any woman they encountered?
Female chastity ensured the continuity of the male-headed household.
In Catholic Europe, the requirement of chastity was further buttressed by moral and religious imperatives. Original sin was inextricably linked with the sexual act. Virginity was seen as heroic virtue, far more impressive than, say, the avoidance of idleness or greed.

The Problem of Power:
Women were excluded from power: the whole cultural tradition insisted on it. Only men were citizens, only men bore arms, only men could be chiefs or lords or kings. There were exceptions that did not disprove the rule, when wives or widows or mothers took the place of men, awaiting their return or the maturation of a male heir. A woman who attempted to rule in her own right was perceived as an anomaly, a monster, at once a deformed woman and an insufficient male, sexually confused and consequently unsafe.

The Problem of Speech:
Just as power had a sexual dimension when it was claimed by women, so did speech. A good woman spoke little. Excessive speech was an indication of unchastity. By speech, women seduced men. Eve had lured Adam into sin by her speech. Accused witches were commonly accused of having spoken abusively, or irrationally, or simply too much. As enlightened a figure as Francesco Barbaro insisted on silence in a woman, which he linked to her perfect unanimity with her husband’s will and her unblemished virtue (her chastity). Related to the problem of speech was that of costume—another, if silent, form of self-expression. Assigned the task of pleasing men as their primary occupation, elite women often tended toward elaborate costume, hairdressing, and the use of cosmetics.

The Problem of Knowledge:
When the Italian noblewoman Isotta Nogarola had begun to attain a reputation as a humanist, she was accused of incest—a telling instance of the association of learning in women with unchastity. That chilling association inclined any woman who was educated to deny that she was, or to make exaggerated claims of heroic chastity.
If educated women were pursued with suspicions of sexual misconduct, women seeking an education faced an even more daunting obstacle: the assumption that women were by nature incapable of learning, that reason was a particularly masculine ability. Just as they proclaimed their chastity, women and their defenders insisted upon their capacity for learning.

The Other Voice
The other voice, a voice of protest, was mostly female, but it was also male. It battered at the wall of prejudice that encircled women.

During the period 1300–1700, the other voice remained only a voice, and one only dimly heard. It did not result—yet—in an alteration of social patterns. Indeed, to this day, they have not entirely been altered.
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Post Number: 108
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Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 03:43 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Eddie,

The reason I interpreted it as an attack on Dyson's integrity is because Piyali said "his poor thoughts". That's plural, and this is over one word Dyson said "whore". If it wasn't plural I wouldn't have interpreted that way. And I think I'm correct in thinking that.

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Post Number: 122
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Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 06:15 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Beauty is only skin deep. To judge a person by their looks is wrong.
Our society has gone too materialistic even by judging women's looks.

All this talk about make up is the same, we are too judgemental.
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Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 06:17 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

What about all the married women who dress up and wear make-up with the deliberate intention of showing off to men who pass by and getting their attention? Can this be considered a form of sluttish/whoreish behaviour?
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Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 07:30 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

My dear Phil, you could not answer my question, where I had asked you to specifically point out where I have "attacked" Dyson's "integrity".

Instead, you chose to throw an illogical question back at me. You know, I do not take it personally, for I cannot from a stranger I do not know and have no feelings for.

Now since, you are so opinionated, esp. about those you personally do not know, but have decided to take a dislike to, which is fine by me, and since you insist upon imposing your "opinions" on my posts, which you call names like "long winded" and "attacking", kindly answer your own illogical question to me. Here goes:

"Judging by your long winded posts trying to justify yourself, do you think you may have over reacted to others interpreting it as an attack on his integrity?"

What might YOU think Phil? Why do YOU feel that I am "attacking" Dyson's "Integrity"? If you are happy with your own response to your own question to me, stay happy with it, for I have nothing to defend regarding my own post. I stand by it.

Bullies like you are not my cup of tea Phil. For if what you and Sheila write, was addressed toward other women that you decided to target, like you are targeting me, they probably would hesitate to write here again, voicing their thoughts and opinions and protests. How sad is that, huh?

I am very surprised that "Justsayno" has turned out to be a woman with a lovely name, Sheila, who just happens to blindly and callously support this part of the translation, because it comes from Dyson, calling it "truth", without any benefit of the doubt, that there could be errors in this part of the translation with regard to women who apply makeup.

Sheila, you are not agreeing with the OM, but with Dyson's translation of it. If you can read and understand German fluently, I highly recommend that you read it yourself, instead of the translation and calling it the "truth". Please do not insult the OM book. I will only accept this translation, whether I agree with it or not, IF it is exactly what the original OM book says. Only then, I will give it deep deep thought.

If you, Sheila, have not read the OM in it's original German, you cannot possibly know what is the Truth! You only have Dyson's translated word for it.

My dear Sheila, how can you, a woman, call another of your kind, a "Whore", all because she enjoys her makeup, and whose reasons for it maybe no where near what you assume to be? Don't you think that this is a personal choice for each woman as she evolves?

I have noticed for the second time now, how you Sheila, and you Phil, are the only two people who try to run my posts down, there is this sense of deep dislike in the two of you with regard to my posts and person, as if you have been brainwashed by someone who thinks he/she knows me, against me. Why do I get this uncanny feeling about the two of you? I am uncomfortable with it, because we do not know each other, never had personal correspondence with each other, and yet, here you two are, trying to bull doze my posts...yet again. Hmmm...Do we know each other? Have we ever met? Or is this how you guys are, picking quarrels in a forum, where we are all coming together to learn and understand the Spiritual Teaching?

Disagree with me or any other by all means, but please do not insult yourselves by demeaning the posts of another, insulting it's author. What do your posts say about you, even while you question those of others?

It is sad. Sorry Phil, this has become another "long winded" post for you. Next time, I'll make it short just for you.

Someday I hope we'll meet in person so we can look into each others eyes and see what is really there. And I'd love for Sheila to call me a "Whore" to my face, for I'll be there with my makeup on.

I rebel and protest against such idiosy, but dear friends of this forum, I have an innate understanding that too much of anything is detrimental to our health and psyche even without reading the OM Book myself yet. I have every intention to do so in it's original German.

While it is true that many women sadly give into a false understanding of beauty and suffer themselves, it is also true that some know how to apply makeup without too much just for the joy of it. Again it is a personal choice and as she evolves she will naturally not need it anymore. But do not judge her while she is in the process of this evolution.

No truly spiritual being will demean themselves by addressing another by such derogatory terms. Hence I questioned the translation, I protested and shared my strong feelings about this, but never "attacking" Dyson or anyone else.

Dear Melissa, thank you for your posts, sometimes I have to read it a few times, sometimes it goes over my head, most times I quietly enjoy. I thank you for the research you do on all subject matter, bringing different perspectives for us to consider on the table, not just on the current topic, for I always learn something from it.

Dear Eddie, thank you for understanding my post.

And with this, I rest. I did not mean to upset anyone here, so if I have, please accept my sincere apologies. "Makeup" is a touchy subject.
Salome with Love ~
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Post Number: 336
Registered: 04-2006
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 09:06 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I should add that these women are easy to pick. They are all the ones that walk in an abnormal way when out in public. One foot directly in front of the other which makes their hips wiggle. Attention seekers? I think so. I bet the Plejaren women don't walk that way.
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Post Number: 337
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Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 09:56 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Face it, we have a huge bunch of whore minded females on Earth! LOL
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Post Number: 545
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Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 06:49 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Eddie says "My sister in laws, nieces, god-daughter and girlfriends love it when I advise them on their use of makeup. They like and need to hear that there is a difference between caking on makeup and complimenting their features. Perhaps it's my compliments they seek when asking for my thoughts and advice..I don't know. I love their smile, up lifted spirits, more upright posture and overall raised vibrancy. Perhaps it's the compliments? Perhaps it's the way they feel about themselves and how they now look in the mirror? Does it really matter since they are now in modest good spirits?"

For a guy who claims to have read all the material, makes me wonder if you are recruiting for the freemasons?
All other men who claim that make-up is so wonderful, maybe they should start thinking with their larger head.
Good, better, best. May you never rest, until your good is better, and your better best.
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Post Number: 109
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Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 02:05 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

My dear Phil, you could not answer my question, where I had asked you to specifically point out where I have "attacked" Dyson's "integrity".

Piyali, I thought you (and others, Eddie) could work out why I seen it as an attack an Dyson's integrity. That's why I wasn't specific first up. Anyway I answered that question in my prior post to Eddie but unfortunately because posts are released in block form you were not able to see it until after you just posted your prior 37 post. You may now respond back to my answer if you wish. I'd appreciate a sensible, logical and truthful answer.

I see we both didn't fully address/answer each others questions first up for you also didn't answer my question to you - "Judging by your long winded posts trying to justify yourself, do you think you may have over reacted to others interpreting it as an attack on his integrity?" I'd appreciate an answer to that one too.

"Bullies like you are not my cup of tea Phil."

That's not true and if you check all my prior posts you will see that it's not true. I'm not that type of person. This is simply you now trying to attack my integrity. First it was Dyson, now it's me your attacking. If anything, your the bully in all of this. Look within my friend for I have no ill will against you.

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Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 02:30 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi everyone,

Lets just stop all this unrequired judgement on people. Everyone is entitled to their views. So there is no need to directly or indirectly insult anyone.

Views can be put forward in a decent way, which doesn't end up hurting people, and just remain as personal views. Just put your view forward and see what others think, why do we need to go arounding defending our views so much? If we're right we're right, if we're not there's a whole lifetime there to teach us. Cause and effect.

The goblet of truth, chapter 4 I think, says that we must not judge people according to what they are as a person, rather judge them on their thoughts and feelings.

Some woman are comfortable with make up, some are not.
Some apply a lot, others apply less, but saying without any particular truth or analysis of the person in question of how they actually think, that they are whores, sounds at least to me, very wrong.
Who knows, they may be very nice people, but feel that they need to look (more) beautiful, and what's wrong with that?

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Post Number: 38
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Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 02:53 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Matt, please leave the "whores" is all in the mind, and if you view them as such, then it is who they are to you, it is not who they are because of your own thoughts and how you choose to view another human being. Your own thoughts do not make them "whores". This is very disappointing coming from you.

Also, I have read Dyson's entire comment at the link you have sent on this subject, hence my words, "poor thoughts" ( Phil, this is for you to let you know, for you have singled those two words out from my post to defend your point regarding my posts), on that particular post of his, which I felt Dyson threw out pretty irresponsibly without also providing the German original for us to corroborate and compare with his statement for ourselves.

When Robyna asked him where on the OM book this was written, he only gave her another link to some other part of the Figu English forum, instead of making the effort to write the passage from the OM Book, which he took upon himself to translate and then throw the "pearls of wisdom" out at the crowd creating an unnecessary furor among the members of this forum, both past and present, and the link itself, took us nowhere to the German original Kannon, excerpt or passage regarding this subject matter.

So you did not do us a good service here Matt, by pointing us to Dyson's "translation" and asking us to think about it deeply, specifically me, because I raised a protest, on this part of translation from the OM book.

I am sure Dyson is a great guy, he too is learning and is not above anyone else, and has contributed to some good translations too himself, including this fantastic book, the "Might of Thoughts".

I personally do not know him and so will never speak about HIM, but about his Translations, which is sometimes in error due to "poor thoughts", my choice of words not intended on how poorly he thinks as a person, but how he sometimes poorly translates...I guess I could have used a better phrase, to avoid Phil's wrath, had i known. From now on I'll be more careful and mindful.

The OM Book, right from the very beginning was one, I have been, and still am, deeply drawn to, but refrain from buying till I have mastered the German Language to read it at depth and with proper understanding for myself. It will be the second book after the Talmud, that I already purchased at the Passive Member Meeting this May. It was a book that I could carry in my small suitcase.

This is a book, I am told, who have read it in it's original form, that speaks the TRUTH without compromise, the real truth as it is, without sugar coating, facts that often times sounds harsh.

The OM Book is a guideline to follow if understood properly to make life changes more beautiful and harmonious, replete with wisdom and health. It is not, I am told, an easy book to read, understand and apply. But one of the most important books of the most important ones, to give it the full attention, focus and contemplation it rightly deserves, which I personally intend to do.

It is a Book of Truth, that is to be read by every individual. As we experience the book, it is for each of us to face what comes up for ourselves during this process, and face ourselves honestly and squarely in the face, through deep contemplation and application, contributing to the evolutionary process of our own selves. It is why, this book will never be translated.

It is not a Book, whose Truth can be used against any human being, with or without makeup, not a book by which a human being thinks he/she has the right to call another a "whore", a book whose truth cannot be used to hurl irresponsible statements through coarse translations at others, before it is understood by the individual completely first, and this understanding should remain within himself/herself, till the individual knows how to present his/her perspective of what he/she has understood of this truth, without hurting others.

It is wise and prudent to remember to NOT call names to others, in the name of this beautiful OM book, who do not know first hand what this book is about, have not read it nor may have heard about it. Such indulgence is what makes a religious maniac, who in the name of their choice of a "holy book" condemns, judges and throws insults at others who do not abide by what these maniacs think they know and understand according to their choice of a "holy book", against those who dare to voice their logical arguments.

The OM book will never be translated, so respect the Truth it contains.

Sure, respect the translations too and think about it, but I do not think it is wise to hold those translations as absolute truths as opposed to Truth written by Billy in High German. I have since learned many things during my visit at the Center.

It is esp. not sensible to use such derogatory terms as "whores" against women for whatever reasons, even if anyone here thinks it is the "only" and "correct" translation in the given subject matter.

Learn the German Language, read the originals, then read the translations to get a complete picture so you can make intelligent useful comparisons, first and foremost for yourselves alone.

Healthy discussions can only take place and evolve after that, instead of defending translations only, thoughtlessly.

I, myself, am more than grateful for all the good translations, and those who know me, knows this about me, more so, for all good translators provide the German original side by side, to minimize misunderstanding, assumptions and presumptions.

But I will never be blind to error that even I can see myself in a translation, which my consciousness refuses to accept. Like I said, I refrain from judging, defending translations, no matter how good, as grateful as I am for them and without which I would not have found Billy and the Spiritual Teaching, Spirit Lessons, etc., for I am still in the process of mastering the German language. Once I have read all the books in German, then I have a better chance of understanding the translations and hence give myself an opportunity to fully understand and apply. This is my process, and no one an call me, or another woman a "whore" for enjoying my art of makeup, and get away with it.

Matt, you have not met a Plejare woman yet and do not know how they walk, so refrain from comparing them, to our women here on earth who walk with their own sense of grace and style.

However, if it gives you a sense of false satisfaction to disrespect the women of your earth this way, to criticize them this way, go ahead. Who can stop you or men and women who think like you? It is your right Matt.

Sheila, whether a woman knows the the fine art of makeup to compliment and enhance their features, or whether they cake their faces with it, is their right to choose. Yes ofcourse advice women who apply too much without knowing, or for reasons not conducive to their health and psyche, or performs plastic surgery, or gives into eating disorders, etc., to keep the looks for whatever reasons, etc., if you are asked to advice, but still you have no right to call or think of a woman or any human being this way calling her a "whore" even in your mind, no matter where your reasoning comes from, or just because you found the Spiritual Teaching, which by the way is for yourself, not to lecture and judge others with it. Do you honestly think that such attitude, contributes toward your own evolution?

The OM book spelling out the Truth in no uncertain terms for our own good and spiritual evolution, and for you to use that to insult and judge others, is not the same thing.

If I have not addressed the personal observations of Matt's post to Matt Lee here, but a different Matt, please disregard these personal observations toward you Matt Lee. This is addressed to "Matt" and to all our friends here in general.

Thank you.

(Message edited by scott on June 23, 2013)
Salome with Love ~
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Piyali, you are welcome.

Skyrim (Phil),

I (personally) would fail to associate someone's "poor thoughts' with their "integrity".


I fail to see what my posts have to do with "recruiting for Masons" (something that is seriously discouraged by Masonry by the way).

I have a very special love for fellow human beings due to the cognitions gained from the Teaching; this is a volition of my own free will.

I especially have a verrrrry special love for the women and girls in my life, this they know themselves and sense it.

The use of makeup in healthy modest ways, if a human being chooses to, is completely within the laws and recommendations of the creation. Nature (creation) demonstrates a use of vanity throughout all its creations.

A very knowledgeable and wise man once asked Jmmanuel if he would restore his eye sight; so that he would be able to see the "splendor of the world". Most think this knowledgeable man simply wanted to see like normal people; clearly, one being so knowledgeable would be more interested in the splendor of the Creation for further, and more profound, insights and evolution of the consciousness.


"I think so" ...fails to make it true. "I think so" an assumption. We should never assume.

We should simply present our thoughts in productive, contributing and evolutive ways. By us referring to other human beings in vial, degenerate or insulting name-calling, or in similar wise, makes us unworthy of the life. It is unworthy of this forum.

We would do ourselves a great self-service to consider, decide and study the Goblet of Truth.

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Hello all
I have not been able to participate in this discussion for a couple of days, however, very soon will make a comment about this current discussion.

Since that original post from Dyson, and my reaction, I have learned a lot and read a lot. I thus would like to explain my understanding of the use of the term 'whore' and its connection with the use of makeup in the OM and other FIGU publications, that Dyson failed to explain at that time, but about which I have more understanding.
Denken Sie für sich selbst!
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Additionally, for those who have access to the OM there is mention of this topic (makeup-face painting) in Canon 32, lines 210-213
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I have been following this discussion, and what also Billy states about make-up in the contact notes is that he does not object to some coloring of the eyes, etc. but he opposes to the activity of some women who paint their faces…if I remember correctly from the contact notes he expressed it like "Fürchterliche kriegsbemalung"

In my personal opinion about make-up, I think that both men and women of this world have to undergo an emancipation in such a way that men can see the natural beauty of women, and leave it totally up to the women to use make-up or not and that some women can liberate themselves from the partially culturally and partially personally imposed need to put on make up.
Basically a man should like a woman for who and what she is, with or without make-up, and a woman should feel free to put on make-up when she wants to out of her own true free will, and be able to go outside without a worry.

its with make-up as with everything: TOO much is never good.

The verses Scott mentions are these:

Kanon 32:
211. Schönheit erlangt das Weib nicht durch die Bemalung ihres Anlitzes, denn gleichsam ein Frevler das Leben schändet, macht sich das Weib durch die Angesichtsbemalung zur Hure, denn sie spottet dadurch dem Natürlichen.

212. Natürlichkeit ist die Schönheit des Weibes, Bemalung des Angesichts aber zerstört die Natürlichkeit, gleichsam einer Taube, die im Pfuhle wühlt und sich wie eine Sau beschmiert.

We must understand that the OM was written in a different time then now and these words should be really taken with some grains of salt.

As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.
~ Socrates

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