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Archive through September 19, 2019

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Posted on Wednesday, January 09, 2019 - 08:32 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Lets get back to the topic which is concerning translations. Thank you
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Posted on Wednesday, January 09, 2019 - 09:30 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Eddie,

Although I'm sure you already know this – just to be clear for the record here, the SPHERE that is mentioned in the translation of Contact Report 711 was a literal, physical flying object that orbited around the planet Erra, and exerted an influence on the Plejaren peoples' brains from the outside.

In my opinion, using the same term "sphere" as a figure of speech could be dangerous. Alluding to us Earthlings also having a "sphere" – in the form of blood sugar, social media or the spiritual teaching – to me is an incorrect way of handling the information, because it can possibly sow seeds that lead to wrong understandings of the facts in others.

Yes, we do have social media, we are physically affected by our blood sugar levels (i.e. being "hangry"), and of course we have the rare opportunity, in the larger picture of the universe, to have access to the spiritual teaching, to understand the creational laws and recommendations.

However, I feel like using the same term "sphere" in multiple ways as a figurative concept can possibly lead others to think that maybe the information in the contact reports is to also be interpreted figuratively.

Am I the only one with this concern, or is it an unnecessary worry of mine?
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Posted on Wednesday, January 09, 2019 - 12:28 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Remr

I was confident that everyone would realize what I was referring to.

Also, it is not the blood sugar that Ptaah was referring to, but a "substance".

This "substance", in a certain way and according to Ptaah's explanation, can and does "act" similar to the 52,000 year old "sphere". That was his point.

I thought I made that clear.

Either way, good you pointed that out and no one should think that I was referring to an actual satellite sphere, that circled Plejaren planets 52,000 years ago, is actually in our blood (or blood sugar). Nor that information in the CR's are a "figure of speech". [Strange that I need to explain this].

MY POINT WAS THIS: According to Ptaah, this "substance" he spoke about, can work in similar ways to the 52,000 year old Pljaren sphere.

The teaching of the life (of the spiritual teaching) was instrumental during that time amongst the Plejaren.

In summary, (these are my insights from the conversation between Billy and Ptaah), a coordinated effort by the global FIGU groups, study groups, etc. members, utilizing texts from the teaching of the life, would in effect accomplish what Ptaah explained.

Social media would be one effective media to do this.

I have found, even amongst the most religious persons, that when I share from the teaching of the spirit or from the teaching of the life, even the most religious whole heartedly agree and are in harmony.

In the *Goblet of the Truth* there it says:
Live always in love and in peace, foster freedom and harmony on Earth and never forget the real truth. Foster your life always in goodness of heart and live in the true BEING of the Creation. The *Goblet of the Truth* will wake you, not to the bane - but to the boon. (pg.3)
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Posted on Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 12:22 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

CR 505 (Exodus of Mt Shasta Race of Lyran Origin) - Part 1 -
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 12, page 233
(my translation may contain mistakes)

So then: First, a question about Mount Shasta resp. to the distant descendants of extraterrestrials who lived there, about which I have talked several times with your daughter Semjase, but also with you. Here is an excerpt [call statement] from Semjase, which I copied from the 34th Contact Report of December 3, 1975:
Semjase 270. However, Mount Shasta is not the only place where this race lives, having divided [split updazu] into three smaller peoples at an early age, with the other two living undetected deep underground in the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. 271. The entire population is now only about 700 people.
To that Quetzal told me once outside of official talks that you have taken away all the inhabitants of Mount Shasta and the Aleutians and Alaska.
53. That's right. 54. We have endeavored to make [motivste] all the inhabitants of the three places to return to their peoples, with whom they have always been in contact. 55. We gave them the reasons for our own departure from the earth, which caused them to withdraw. 56. Their dwellings with all the trimmings have been restored to the original state on earth, thus nothing would indicate their former presence. 57. The process was the same as in the Pyramid of Giza and on Mars.

German Orignal
Billy Also denn: Erstens eine Frage zum Mount Shasta resp. zu den fernen Nachfahren Ausserirdischer, die dort gelebt haben, worüber ich mit deiner Tochter Semjase mehrfach gesprochen habe, so aber auch mit dir. Hier habe ich einen Gesprächsauszug von Semjase, den ich aus dem 34. Kontaktbericht vom 3. Dezember 1975 herauskopiert habe:
Semjase 270. Der Mount Shasta aber ist nicht der einzige Ort, wo diese Rasse lebt, denn sie haben sich schon zu sehr frühen Zeiten aufgeteilt in drei kleinere Völker, wobei die beiden andern unerkannt tief unterirdisch auf den Aleuten und in Alaska leben. 271. Die ganze Population beträgt nur noch etwa 700 Menschen.
Dazu hat mir Quetzal einmal ausserhalb eines offiziellen Gespräches gesagt, dass ihr alle Bewohner aus dem Mount Shasta und auf den Aleuten und in Alaska weggeholt habt.
Ptaah 53. Das ist richtig. 54. Wir haben uns bemüht, alle Bewohner der drei Orte dazu zu bewegen, zu ihren Völkern zurückzukehren, mit denen sie ja immer in Kontakt standen. 55. Wir nannten ihnen die Begründungen für unseren eigenen Abzug von der Erde, was dazu führte, dass sie sich zurückzogen. 56. Ihre Wohnstätten und alles Drum und Dran haben sie in den irdischen Urzustand zurückversetzt, folglich nichts mehr auf ihre einstige Anwesenheit hinweist. 57. Der diesbezügliche Vorgang war der gleiche wie bei der Pyramide von Gizeh und auf dem Mars.
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Posted on Saturday, August 17, 2019 - 12:24 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

CR 505 (Exodus of Mt Shasta Race of Lyran Origin) - Part 2 -
Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 12, page 233
(my translation may contain mistakes)

Billy I understand. So then you did not take them away yourself, but they left by themselves with those that came from their original homeland, however, [simply] on your advice. Then I did misunderstand something. Can you tell me where those people actually belonged to, resp. to which people?
Ptaah 58. That's no secret. 59. They were distant descendants of a line [group] of people of [belonging to the] ancient Lyrans, to whom they also returned.
Billy Then they are, so to speak, related to you Plejaren, for the Plejar peoples have emerged from the ancient Lyrans.
Ptaah 60. That's right.
Billy Thanks. So in Mount Shasta and in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, there is nothing left that would indicate their former presence?.
Ptaah 61. This, to,o is right.
Billy And may one learn what you have told them that they have gone away?
Ptaah 62. That's no secret. 63. The reason was that we, too, had broken up our stations on earth and returned them to their original natural state, but it was [also] important that we [had] included the inhabitants of all three places in our protection, who after our departure no longer was given. 64. Another stay [Staying on] on earth would have been too dangerous for them.

German Oiginal
Billy Verstehe. Dann habt ihr sie also nicht selbst weggebracht, sondern sie sind von selbst mit jenen weggegangen, die aus ihrer eigentlichen Urheimat kamen, jedoch einfach auf euer Anraten hin. Da habe ich etwas falsch verstanden. Kannst du mir aber sagen, wohin diese Menschen eigentlich gehörten resp. zu welchem Volk?
Ptaah 58. Das ist kein Geheimnis. 59. Sie waren ferne Nachfahren einer Volkslinie der alten Lyraner, zu der sie auch zurückkehrten.
Billy Dann sind sie sozusagen mit euch Plejaren verwandt, denn die plejarischen Völker sind ja aus den alten Lyranern hervorgegangen.
Ptaah 60. Das ist richtig.
Billy Danke. Dann weist also im Mount Shasta sowie in Alaska und auf den Aleuten jetzt nichts mehr auf deren einstige Anwesenheit hin?
Ptaah 61. Auch das ist richtig.
Billy Und darf man erfahren, was ihr ihnen erzählt habt, dass sie weggegangen sind?
Ptaah 62. Das ist kein Geheimnis. 63. Der Grund war der, dass auch wir unsere Stationen auf der Erde aufgehoben und in den natürlichen Urzustand zurückversetzt haben, wobei dabei jedoch von Bedeutung war, dass wir die Bewohner aller drei Orte in unseren Schutz einbezogen hatten, der nach unserem Wegzug nicht mehr gegeben war. 64. Ein weiterer Aufenthalt auf der Erde wäre für sie also zu gefährlich gewesen.
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Posted on Sunday, August 18, 2019 - 02:09 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Tat_tvam_asi, thanks for posting the Shasta info.
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Posted on Friday, August 23, 2019 - 08:52 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Plejarische Kontaktberichte / Block 7 / Page 9 CR 241
(My translation may contain mistakes)

397. If one considers that during the last 10 000 years only just about 250 years of peace have prevailed on Earth, spread evenly over these 10 000 years, it [may] make[s] you feel sick.
398. As far as we are aware of things in our and in the DAL Universe, there exists nowhere else another world and another humanity, which in this respect would even come close to the mad and insane human machinations [intrigues].
399. We know [are aware of] belligerent humans on many planets in the vastness of the two universes, but none of them can match the data of terrestrial humanity.
400. That known human race of a planet that has had the longest period of war[s] in the last 10,000 years comes to [had] a total war time of about 4062 years, which means that for the last 10,000 years it had 5938 years of peace.
401. This contrasts with Earth's humanity, which has only about 250 years of peace.
402. An unequalled [unprecedented] inhumane crime.

German Original
397. Wenn man bedenkt, dass auf der Erde während den letzten 10 000 Jahren nur gerade runde 250 Jahre Frieden geherrscht hat, eben auf diese 10 000 Jahre verteilt, dann könnte einem übel werden.
398. Soweit uns in unserem und im DALUniversum die Dinge bekannt sind, existiert nirgendwo eine andere Welt und eine andere Menschheit, die in dieser Beziehung auch nur annähernd an die irr- und wahnsinnsgleichen er- denmenschlichen Machenschaften heranreichen würden. 399. Wir kennen wohl kriegerische Menschheiten auf vielen Planeten in den Weiten der zwei uns bekannten Universen, doch keine reicht diesbezüglich an die Daten der Erdenmenschheit heran. 400. Jene uns bekannte Menschheit eines Planeten, die während der letzten 10 000 Jahre die längste Zeit mit Kriegen aufweist, kommt auf eine Gesamtkriegszeit von gegen 4062 Jahren, was also bedeutet, dass sie während den letzten 10 000 Jahren 5938 Jahre Frieden hatte. 401. Dies im Gegensatz zur Menschheit der Erde, die nur gerade rund 250 Jahre Frieden aufzuweisen hat. 402. Ein menschenunwürdiges Verbrechen ohnegleichen.
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Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 10:01 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

CR 241 “Cosmic Battles”
Destroyer Planet - Planet Kathein (9th planet) - Our Sun - The outer Spiral Arm of a Wandering Galaxy

In the past we had some discussions about the ninth planet, planet Kathein.
(in 2001)
(in 2016)
We mentioned it 2019 (post 950) because world’s scientists seemed to have mixed up our sun’s dark twin with the (dark) ninth planet:
To allow our Forum members and our astronomers to get the "full picture" I have translated what Ptaah told Billy on Dec. 30, 1991.

Billy .... Let's leave that alone, and so I can immediately ask my first question: Regarding your information about the planet, which is racing at great speed behind the sun. I ...
Ptaah 21. Your question, does it refer to the planet that escapes the view from the Earth, because it orbits the sun on its course with such great speed that it always remains hidden behind it? 22. What do you want to know about it?
Billy There is a lack of clarity regarding the enormous speed. Normally it is so that, the farther the planet’s distance [from the sun] , the slower it will orbit the sun. Why is this not so [does this not apply] for this planet? Why is it much faster than usual and what is his name?
Ptaah 23. This planet is indeed a phenomenon in terms of its enormous speed, the secret of which we were able to fathom only a little over 76 years ago *). 24. Once again we had to realize that the wander-planet <destroyer> had brought his dangerous forces into play on this planet as well. 25. The planet hidden behind the sun, KATHEIN as it is mentioned in our records, was touched***) by the <destroyer> during its tenth-last pass through the SOL system and pulling it [ninth planet] into its [Destroyer’s] gravitational force field, only [but] to then break out of the force field again and continue to maintain with its almost normal orbit around the sun, but at a tremendously increased velocity while the Destroyer continued on its pre-mapped [pre-destined] course, breaking into the solar system, causing destruction or changes in many places. 26. The planet Kathein itself has, since then, been moving along on its course in the aforementioned form and at abnormally high speed around the sun, yet [it is] slowly moving away from the solar system and [drawn] into the attraction [pull] of a wandering spiral arm of a dark hole, which will tear [forcefully pull] the planet away later in the year. 27. It is the same spiral arm, which also tore up the sand and dust accumulations of the planet Venus.
Billy: When will the tearing off [pulling away] happen?
Ptaah: 28. According to our calculations, this happens on the 16th of June **)
Billy: Is Kathein one of those two planets we have not yet discovered that we call UNI and Trans-Pluto?
Ptaah 29. No, the planet Kathein has nothing to do with it. 30. It is also without any life of any form.
Billy And the dark hole's spiral arm, will it furthermore [continue to] be effective in our solar system?
Ptaah 31. No, because if there are not unpredictable changes, then the spiral arm collapses with the snatching away [tearing off] of the planet Kathein and becomes again one with the hollow funnel of the dark hole or rather the black hole, as the Earth humans call these structures. 32. Each dark hole is usually a funnel-shaped structure of rotating form, which has wandering spiral arms, which often extend very far into free space and have calculated distances even in light years. 33. In rare cases, we have even measured such “matter-tear-off-ers”, as we call these spiral arms of the dark holes, in lengths of up to 8.7 light-years.
Billy: And the black hole to which the spiral arm belongs, can that [it] be dangerous to the Earth, or even the SOL system?
Ptaah: 34. No, not the dark hole itself, because this is too far away from this [=SOL] system. 35. Spiral arms could, however, be dangerous if they spread again and approached the SOL system, which, however, is not very likely.
Billy Very reassuring to know. I would not have any fun to find myself one day as a part [component] of a black hole.

*) That is in 1915: As the contact took place in 1991: 1991 – 76 = 1915
**) That is Jun 16, 1992 (the contact took place in Dec. 1991)
***) There is no “fitting” translation for the German “tangiert” (touching like a tangent)
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Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 10:03 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

(My English translation (previous post) may contain errors)

German Original
Billy…. Lassen wir das aber, und so kann ich auch gleich meine erste Frage anbringen: Bezüglich deiner Angaben wegen des Planeten, der mit grosser Geschwindigkeit hinter der Sonne dahinrast. Ich ...
Ptaah 21. Deine Frage bezieht sich auf jenen Planeten, der sich der Sicht von der Erde aus entzieht, weil er mit derart grosser Geschwindigkeit seine Bahn um die Sonne zieht, dass er stets hinter dieser verborgen bleibt? 22. Was willst du deswegen wissen?
Billy Es herrscht eine Unklarheit vor bezüglich der enormen Geschwindigkeit. Normalerweise ist es doch so, dass ein Planet um so langsamer um die Sonne kreist, je weiter er von dieser entfernt ist. Warum ist das bei diesem Planeten nicht so? Warum ist er viel schneller, als dies üblich ist, und welchen Namen trägt er?
Ptaah 23. Dieser Planet ist in bezug auf die enorme Geschwindigkeit tatsächlich ein Phänomen, dessen Geheimnis auch wir erst vor wenig mehr als 76 Jahren zu ergründen vermögen vermochten. 24. Ein weiteres Mal mussten wir damals erkennen, dass der Wanderplanet <zerstörer> auch bei diesem Planeten seine gefährlichen Kräfte ins Spiel gebracht hatte. 25. Der hinter der Sonne versteckte Planet KATHEIN, wie er in unseren Aufzeichnungen genannt wird, wurde beim zehntletzten Durchgang des Zerstörers durch das SOL-System von diesem tangiert und in sein Gravitationskraftfeld gerissen, um dann jedoch wieder aus dem Kraftfeld auszubrechen und seine beinahe normale Bahn um die Sonne weiter beizubehalten, jedoch mit ungemein erhöhter Geschwindigkeit, während der Zerstörer seine vorgezeichnete Bahn weiterzog und in das Sonnensystem einbrach und vielerorts Zerstörungen oder Veränderungen hervorrief. 26. Der Planet Kathein selbst zieht seither seine Bahn in der genannten Form und mit anormal hoher Geschwindigkeit um die Sonne, jedoch sich langsam vom Sonnensystem entfernend und in den Anziehungsbereich eines wandernden Spiralarmes eines Dunkelloches geratend, der den Planeten noch im Verlaufe dieses Jahres mit sich reissen wird. 27. Es handelt sich dabei um denselben Spiralarm, der auch die Sand- und Staubanhäufungen des Planeten Venus in sich riss.
Billy Wann wird der Wegriss geschehen?
Ptaah 28. Unseren Berechnungen nach erfolgt dieses Geschehen am 16. Juni.
Billy Ist Kathein einer jener zwei Planeten, die wir noch nicht entdeckt haben und die wir UNI und Transpluto nennen?
Ptaah 29. Nein, der Planet Kathein hat nichts damit zu tun. 30. Er ist auch ohne jegliches Leben irgendwelcher Form.
Billy Und der Spiralarm des dunklen Loches, wird der noch weiter wirksam sein in unserem Sonnensystem?

Ptaah 31. Nein, denn wenn sich nicht unberechenbare Veränderungen ergeben, dann stürzt der Spiralarm mit dem Wegriss des Planeten Kathein in sich zusammen und wird wieder eins mit dem Hohltrichter des Dunkelloches oder eben des Schwarzen Loches, wie die Erdenmenschen diese Gebilde nennen. 32. Jedes Dunkelloch ist in der Regel ein trichterförmiges Gebilde rotierender Form, das wandernde Spiralarme aufweist, die oft sehr weit in den freien Raum hinausreichen und gar Distanzen in Lichtjahren gerechnet aufweisen. 33. In seltenen Fällen haben wir selbst solche Materiereisser, wie wir diese Spiralarme der Dunkellöcher nennen, in Längen von bis zu 8,7 Lichtjahre gemessen.

Billy Und das Schwarze Loch, zu dem der Spiralarm gehört, kann das der Erde nicht gefährlich werden, oder gar dem SOL-System?
Ptaah 34. Das Dunkelloch selbst nicht, nein, denn dieses ist zu weit von diesem System entfernt. 35. Spiralarme könnten allerdings Gefahr bedeuten, wenn sich solche wieder ausbreiten und sich dem SOL-System nähern würden, was aber nicht sehr wahrscheinlich ist.
Billy Sehr beruhigend zu wissen. Mir selbst würde es jedenfalls keinen Spass bereiten, mich einmal als Bestandteil eines Schwarzen Loches wiederzufinden.
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Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 10:31 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

A ”Close Shave” (“Tangiert”)

There is no “fitting” translation for the German “tangiert”.
I think what Ptaah wanted to express is that the <destroyer> whose “straight line” path through our SOL system hit the elliptical orbit of the ninth planet like a tangent, was able to temporarily drag the ninth planet into its [Destroyer’s] gravitational force field but in the end our Suns’ gravitation pulled it back again:
I explain Kathein’s unusual high speed with the loosening from the Destroyer’s grip. The picture that came to mind: Kathein’s orbit around the sun is like a rubber band: The more it is stretched the faster it will “spring back” in its original position, i.e. planet Kathein’s gravitational Sun orbit, having been stretched more and more via the gravitational forces of the Destroyer, reverted back into its original position in the moment Sun’s gravitational force won the battle for control of the planet. But this reversion happened (rubber band like) at a very fast speed. Maybe the planet then had a more elongated/elliptical Sun orbit.
Kathein’s new “high” speed may have stretched its orbit “further out” which brought it into contact with the gravitational force field of a spiral arm of a (close by) "wandering black hole" (not the black hole in the centre of our galaxy). And it is – acc. to Ptaah - this wandering black hole’s pulling power (gravitational force of one of its far out spiral arms) will win the 2nd battle for the planet.
Luckily, acc. to Ptaah, the “pulling Kathein away from our solar system” is the last action of the moving black hole’s spiral arm”
It may have exerted all its energy to pull Kathein away from our Sun. But our astronomers may still want to keep a close watch any “close by wandering black holes” *)

May the reader see as well the spiritual dimension.
Because the ripples of the aggressive thoughts (e.g. computer games / wars) in many terrestrial human minds throughout the ages (acc. to Ptaah we are the by far most aggressive planet in the universe), – they affect our planet (Red Meteor) they affect our the SOL system (loss of planet Kathein) they affect our galaxy, they even penetrate to the far reaches of our universe.
Our thoughts should be in complete harmony with this universe.
And this is valid for children, students, parents, teachers, scientists, world leaders – any human being should live and think with this cosmic awareness and oneness.

It has been, is and always will be, the human being, through his thinking, that creates his environments.
Not vice versa.


Apropos “wandering bIack hole”: I could not find one 8.7 light years away. But Japanese scientist found one ^) just 20 light years away (in comparison: Alpha Centauri is ca. 4.37 light years away)
Those interested may google for “astronomers spot evidence of wandering black hole in our galaxy”
(Non-Figu hyperlinks are not allowed on the forum)
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Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 01:50 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Deepl Translation comes up with "been tangent to", also "affected", so "close shave" may be close as well. There is nothing in the FIGU Dict.

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Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 10:09 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I look at the gravitational attraction as more of taffy like than rubber band like. Pulling and stretching until it pulls away.
Peace, Scott.
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Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 10:11 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

A "Close Shave" has a double meaning, i.e. it should (mild pun intended) as well indicate that Earth humans were very lucky that the gravitational force field of the black hole via its spiral arms did not have a go at Earth.

I am still somewhat surprised that our SOL sytem reacted so "calmly". I had expected that the loss of a large planet would cause a re-adjustment of the other planets' orbits to re-establish a new balance in the system. Not quite sure where Earth was some 5,500 + years when it was in second position. But did not Mars change its orbit after Malona's explosion? Maybe the pulling away on June 16, 1992 was only the point of no return - may be the Sun still exerts a certain but somewhat lower force than the black hole's spiral arm? May be it is this, Kathein's "drifting off", that contributes*) to the predicted irregularities in Earth's orbit (or even Earth's Pole??) changes ?

Salome, Bill

*) Quetzal mentioned to Billy that, due to the many nuclear explosions, our planet is ever so slightly entering a different and irregular path around sun (this should cause as well a change in Sun’s gravity pull on Earth).
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Posted on Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 06:01 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your clarification:
I see now what you mean: I did not but should have explained my "rubber band mechanism" in more detail.
I meant a rubber band that you hook over the tip of your index finger, pull tightly back and then - after firing your shot - snaps back into its original position.
The fast speed gained by our Sun releasing Kathein out of the gravitational pull of the Destroyer - this is how I tried to explain the fast speed of Kathein after its release from the grip of the Destroyer.
It is, of course only a mental image of my pondering mind. Scientists might, by adding the corresponding figures to Newton's Law of Gravitation - find out how strong the pull of the black hole is (how dangerous it is/was) etc.

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Posted on Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 06:24 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Important further information to the "close by, wandering black hole mentioned in CR241"
There is some additional info in a later section of CR 241:
(My translation may contain errors)

Billy: Nice, it would be interesting and maybe even important to know where the black hole is, resp. how far this is from our SOL system. I was once given an approximate indication, but I do not know if this really applies. From a precise information, the length of the spiral arm could be calculated, which has haunted Venus and will tear the planet Kathein with it.
Ptaah: 185. This dark hole is in the direction of the structure you refer to as M 87, which is about 5.4 light-years from the planet Kathein.
Billy: And the spiral arm, that should be somewhat [a bit] longer, because it corresponds to an arc, right?
Ptaah: 186. Your assumption is correct, but the length of it is barely one light-year longer than the distance to the dark hole.

German Original (CR 241)

Billy Schön, dann wäre es interessant und vielleicht gar wichtig zu wissen, wo sich das Schwarze Loch befindet resp. wie weit dieses von unserem SOL-System entfernt ist. Man hat mir einmal darüber eine ungefähre Angabe gemacht, doch weiss ich nicht, ob diese wirklich zutrifft. Aus einer genauen Angabe heraus liesse sich dann auch die Länge des Spiralarmes errechnen, der die Venus heimgesucht hat und der den Planeten Kathein mit sich reissen wird.
Ptaah 185. Dieses Dunkelloch befindet sich in Richtung jenes Gebildes, das ihr als M 87 bezeichnet und das rund 5,4 Lichtjahre vom Planeten Kathein entfernt ist.
Billy Und der Spiralarm, der dürfte doch in etwas länger sein, weil er ja einem Bogen entspricht oder?
Ptaah 186. Deine Annahme ist richtig, doch entspricht die Länge desselben nur knapp einem Lichtjahr mehr, als die Distanz zum Dunkelloch.
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Posted on Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 06:51 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Just for clarification …

Some of the readers may have recently seen a photo *) of a black hole in the M87 galaxy. THIS IS NOT THE BLACK HOLE PTAAH MEANT!

The now photographed black hole in the M87 galaxy was as well mentioned in a Swiss newspaper clip **) (without photo) that was attached to the 241 CR excerpt in "Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 7":

“Already in 1978, astronomers at the California Institute of Technology suspected, based on observations, that the core of M87 could be a black hole. And already [even] then, they hinted that the Hubble telescope should one day confirm their guess. That's exactly what this instrument, which was transported in April 1990 by NASA in an earth orbit via a space shuttle, has done now. This, although it does not provide optimal images because of a design flaw. The images of M 87 have despite the error a greater resolution than images. made with telescopes from Earth. However, the images of the space telescope are not yet definitive proof of the actual existence of the black hole. Further investigations are necessary.”

Again it has to be pointed out that this article may refer to the same black hole that was now photographed but it does not refer to the "wandering" black hole in our vicinity "in the direction of" the Messier 87 galaxy.
The Feb 21, 1992 newspaper report and the recently photographed blackhole is much further (ca. 55 light years) away than Ptaah's close by (distance to Sun: 5.4 light years) “wandering" black hole.

So, sorry folks, the photo of the black hole at the "centre of the M87 galaxy" that was recently in the media *) is not the one that snatched Kathein. Our scientists were only able to photograph it, not because it was very close to our SOL system, but because it is rather large (6,500,000,000 times the size of our sun).

*)E.g. google for a report in the Guardian (newspaper) titled “The first black hole image: what we can really see”

**) Tagesanzeiger / Zürich
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The wandering black hole that snatched Kathein is 5.4 light years away - but not from our Sun but from where Kathein itself was on Dec 30, 1991.
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re: tangiert
the present tense of the verb tangieren can be translated as 'to affect'.

ich tangiere
du tangierst
er/sie/es tangiert - he/she/it affects
wir tangieren
ihr tangiert
Sie tangieren

Hope this helps.
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CR 99 Jan 4, 1978
>>> Billy defending his people <<<
(NB A prophet does not mince his words/beat around the bush)

(My translation may contain errors)
29. Slowly our understanding gives way to a lack of understanding, and already heard voices among us have been raised to withdraw from earthly contact, as our advice and necessary orders is constantly acted against. 30. And if this unreasonable activity is not stopped and continues unabated, I will have to give way to the majority of the voices, because a question for advice concerning this matter has already been directed to the High Council, whose advice I now have to wait for before I may release more information for you ,
Billy You scare me, Quetzal. You are not serious, are you?
Quetzal 31. My words are true, even if they are not my own decision.

Billy: ... Don’t you think it would only be good and fair for everyone if you turn a blind eye and try to help us? I am convinced, son, that you would also be thanked [for it] and that at least all of those will be much more concerned with everything that are serious in our concerns regarding our task and that have made great efforts to date. Surely it would only do justice to all their efforts and their will, if you would iron everything out for us. You know, it's simply impossible that everything that has happened so far should simply be broken or left to be broken, just because obviously some have to revolt and do not know what they actually have to do.
Should, oh damn it all, should all your effort be in vain, and just think of all those who will cry their eyes out and howl, if you really cause that shit just because some do not know what they just have to do. You really cannot just rush into s panic action just because things are not going the way you've imagined. [You should] Remember that we cursed earthlings are as ignorant and barbaric as the last [meaning the ones which simply do not want to change their current state] apes from the jungle. Remember, we really did not eat the truth by the spoonful, and that your fair ancestors were not uninvolved in this damned mess. Remember that you cannot make a terrestrial man a pig, and give him only a single short chance to become human again.
Why, damn it, don’t you think of it, that your ancestors stole and messed up all our knowledge, that they made themselves gods and god creations *) , and that they were the ones who rejoiced in us being messed up and exploited, knowing absolutely that by doing so we ended up in the most wretched shit in the entire universe. So, once you look at everything from our perspective, it's utterly damn unfair, if you just want to leave us in the dirt. We are barbarians, ignorant ones, poor and damn pigs, yes, but that's what we've become through your ancestors, bear that in mind, son. And if you [all] already know that, and you know that damn well, for otherwise you would not have come to us, so as to help us and bring back to us what has been screwed up by your heroic, damned ancestors, why don’t you feel - up to the very last bit - obliged to help us, even if we, due to our cursed ignorance, due to all our knowledge being stolen or messed up, are still quite stupid and primitive.
Man, are you no more than your lousy ancestors, those long-haired monkeys and damned good-for-nothings? Are really not you any better, hey? If that is not the case, then just bugger off, be damned cowards and useless people, but leave us then alone and at peace. So that we may degenerate in dignity [and] completely and one day blow the entire universe to shreds. Just don’t think that we cannot achieve this without you and don’t believe only that we could not live without you. Surely, thus all knowledge will perish yet again, but then you will hear from us in a very different form one day than you imagine in your damned incomprehension and arrogance towards us. Bugger off and leave us alone, because barbarians like us can live without you and walk their path and in ...
Quetzal 65. Stop, the ...

Quetzal 68. Please, I beg of you, my friend. 69. You are very excited and have told me things that make me think again. 70. Perhaps is ... I ... your words are of correctness in many parts, that is undeniable. 71. It is probably appropriate for me to consult with the others again and try to stop the transmission to the High Council. 72. Your emotional outburst has opened and made visible to me some perspectives that we have never considered. 73. I give you my word that I will stand up for you in front of those who have sought a dissolution of [our] contact. 74. I cannot give you a promising word, my friend, but I will do my [very] best. 75. Should it not be possible for me to clarify the situation in your favour, then I would have to have the matter discussed by the High Council, in which case I would only come back if I were [once I am] in possession of its advice.
Then bugger off, man, and do something before the damn shit is irreversible.

*) God Creations => this may allusion to calling themselves the "sons of gods"
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German Original
29. Langsam weicht unser Verstehen einem Nichtverstehen, und bereits sind bei uns Stimmen laut geworden, dass wir uns aus dem erdenmenschlichen Kontaktbereich zurückziehen sollen, da stetig nur gegen unsere Ratgebungen und erforderlichen Anordnungen gehandelt wird. 30. Und so dieses unvernünftige Tun nicht eingestellt wird und ungebrochen weitergeht, werde ich der Mehrheit der Stimmen weichen müssen, denn bereits wurde eine diesbezügliche Ratgebungsfrage an den Hohen Rat geleitet, dessen Ratgebung ich nun abzuwarten habe, ehe ich weitere Informationen für euch freigeben darf.
Billy Du erschreckst mich, Quetzal. Das kann doch nicht dein Ernst sein!
Quetzal 31. Meine Worte entsprechen der Wahrheit, auch wenn sie nicht meinem eigenen Entschluss entsprechen.
Billy: …Meinst du nicht, dass es wenigstens für alle nur gut und fair wäre, wenn du nochmals ein Auge zudrückst und uns zu helfen versuchst? Ich bin überzeugt davon, Sohn, dass es dir auch gedankt würde und dass sich zumindest alle jene noch sehr viel mehr um alles bemühen werden, welche es in unseren Belangen bezüglich unserer Aufgabe ernst meinen und sich bis dato auch äusserst bemüht haben. Es wäre doch wahrhaftig nur schon um all deren Mühe und deren Willen nur gerecht, wenn du alles wieder für uns hinbügeln würdest. Weisst du, es ist doch einfach unmöglich, dass alles bisher Zuwegegebrachte einfach kaputt sein soll oder kaputt gehen soll, nur weil offenbar einige revoluzzern müssen und nicht wissen, was sie eigentlich zu tun haben.
Soll denn, oh verdammt nochmal, soll denn auch all eure Mühe umsonst gewesen sein, und denke doch auch einmal an alle jene, welche sich die Augen ausweinen und ausheulen werden, wenn ihr wirklich diese Scheisse baut, nur weil einige nicht wissen, was sie eben zu tun haben. Ihr könnt doch wahrhaftig nicht einfach eine Kurzschlusshandlung begehen, nur weil nicht alles so läuft, wie ihr das euch vorgestellt habt. Denkt doch auch einmal daran, dass wir verfluchten Erdenmolche so unwissend und barbarisch sind wie die letzten Affen aus dem Urwald. Bedenkt einmal, dass wir die Wahrheit tatsächlich nicht mit den Löffeln gefressen haben und dass eure holden Vorfahren nicht unbeteiligt gewesen sind an dieser verdammten Sauerei. Denkt einmal daran, dass man einen Erdenmenschen nicht erst zur Sau machen kann und ihm nachträglich nur eine einzige kurze Chance gibt, um sich wieder zum Menschen zu entwickeln.
Denkt doch verdammt nochmal daran, dass eure Vorfahren uns alles Wissen geklaut und versaut haben, sich bei uns zu Göttern und Gottschöpfungen aufgeschwungen haben und dass sie es waren, die sich an unserer Versauung gefreut und uns dadurch ausgebeutet haben, absolut wissend, dass wir dadurch in die elendste Scheisse im gesamten Universum geraten mussten. Es ist daher, wenn ihr einmal von unserer Seite aus alles genau betrachtet, ganz verdammt unfair, wenn ihr uns einfach im Schmutze liegen lassen wollt. Wir sind Barbaren, Unwissende, arme und verdammte Schweine, ja, aber das sind wir durch eure Vorfahren geworden, mein Sohn, bedenke das. Und wenn ihr das schon wisst, und das wisst ihr verdammt genau, denn sonst wäret ihr nicht zu uns gekommen, um uns zu helfen und um uns das zurückzubringen, was von euren heldenhaften, verdammten Vorfahren versaut wurde bei uns, warum fühlt ihr euch denn nicht bis zum Allerletzten verpflichtet, uns eben zu helfen, auch wenn wir in unserem verfluchten Unwissen, weil uns alles an Wissen geklaut oder versaut wurde, noch recht blöd und primitiv sind.
Mensch, seid ihr nicht mehr als eure lausigen Vorfahren, diese Langhaaraffen und verdammten Taugenichtse? Seid ihr denn tatsächlich nicht besser, he? Wenn dem nicht so ist, dann haut doch einfach ab, seid verdammte Feiglinge und Nichtsnutze, doch lasst uns dann in Frieden und in Ruhe. So verkommen wir nämlich in aller Ehre noch ganz und blasen eines Tages das gesamte Universum in Fetzen. Glaubt nur nicht, dass wir das ohne euch nicht schaffen, und glaubt nur nicht, dass wir ohne euch nicht leben könnten. Bestimmt, alles Wissen wird so wieder untergehen, doch werdet ihr dann in einer ganz anderen Form eines Tages von uns hören, als ihr euch das in eurer verdammten Unverständigkeit und Hochmütigkeit gegenüber uns vorstellt. Haut doch ab und lasst uns in Ruhe, denn Barbaren wie wir können auch ohne euch leben und unseren Weg gehen und in ...
Quetzal 65. Stop, das ...

Quetzal 68. Bitte, ich bitte dich darum, mein Freund. 69. Du bist sehr erregt und hast mir Dinge gesagt, die mich sehr nachdenklich stimmen. 70. Vielleicht ist ... ich ... deine Worte entsprechen zu vielen Teilen der Richtigkeit, das ist nicht zu bestreiten. 71. Es ist wohl angebracht, wenn ich nochmals mit den andern zu Rate gehe und versuche, die Übermittlung an den Hohen Rat zu stoppen. 72. Dein Gefühlsausbruch hat mir einige Perspektiven geöffnet und sichtbar gemacht, die wir bei uns niemals in Betracht gezogen haben. 73. Es sei dir mein Wort gegeben, dass ich mich für euch verwende bei allen jenen, welche sich um eine Kontaktauflösung bemüht haben. 74. Ein versprechendes Wort kann ich dir allerdings nicht geben, mein Freund, doch will ich mein Bestes tun. 75. Sollte mir eine Klärung der Lage zu euren Gunsten nicht möglich sein, dann müsste ich die Belange doch durch den Hohen Rat ratschlagen lassen, wonach ich dann erst wiederkäme, wenn ich im Besitze seiner Ratgebung wäre.
Billy Dann hau schon ab, Mann, und unternimm etwas, ehe die verdammte Scheisse total gebaut ist.
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Some background info:
Some of the Figu-Core members at the SSSC did not meet the expectations of the Plejaren.
But this was as well a time when the Gize-Intel were highly active trying to destroy the members' minds and even attacking Billy at the SSSC:
E.g. on 19/02/1978 (i.e. ca 6 weeks after Billy telling Quetzal ‘how Earthlings feel’) at 2a.m the Gize Intel had their remote-controlled triangular spaceship shooting low over (60 m above) the SSSC, with enormous speed to cause the destruction of the SSSC! Luckily Quetzal was able to quickly move his spaceship ca. 10 m above the SSSC and absorb most of the heavy shock waves else the SSSc would have crumbled burying Billy and many others.
Very interesting as well is Ptaah’s response
See CR 117:1-48
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Tat_tvam_asi, thanks! Those were great words to hear from our prophet on our behalf!
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Re. the Use of Sun Oils, Cremes and Soaps (my translation may contain errors)
CR 238
974. Your assumption is correct that the ozone layer damages will not be limited to the polar regions of the Earth, because the protective layer is already damaged around the Earth, even if this has not yet been detected*) by the satellites orbiting the earth and not yet been recognized 975. But this will change soon, so that the danger is recognized, even if the point in time of this recognition will take until the end of the year. 976. However, it must be acknowledged that, nevertheless, those responsible on earth are failing to take the urgently needed measures to prevent the looming calamity that is rapidly expanding around the Earth. 977. But this disaster threatens not only by the dangerous damage to the ozone belt by the fault of the earthlings, but also by increased volcanic eruptions, which, however, often are, directly or indirectly, trace back to the fault of the earth people. 978. Furthermore, not only is the ozone layer being destroyed dangerously, but also the whole environment is increasingly being damaged and destroyed worldwide, so that one may already speak of a global pollution of the environment. 979. But the human being of the earth, too, is more and more in danger of being destroyed and annihilated by the damage to the ozone layer and the pollution of the environment. 980. He is also aware of the danger of the dangerous solar radiation that causes the black cancer, but he, nevertheless, frolics around in the open air in a heavily exposed body exposing his naked skin to the dangerous radiation.
981. In a mad way, the terrestrial man is still of the erroneous belief that he can protect himself with solar oils and sunscreens against the carcinogenic solar radiation by rubbing himself with such products. 982. However, he is not aware that these products have only a fictitious effect and that actual protection is not guaranteed. 983. There is also a very great danger in such sun oils and sunscreens themselves, because their substances do not simply remain as a protective layer on the skin surface, what they need to do to protect the skin, but they penetrate into the skin itself and then even into the blood.
984. This, however, creates a new danger for the human, for it contaminates the protoplasm and the blood, which in turn impairs the immune system and makes the whole body extremely susceptible to diseases and illnesses of all kinds, which are often take a very long time to cure or cannot be cured at all. 985. Many allergies also appear, whereby it often takes only a short time until the onset of the allergy and it cannot be clarified what the cause of the allergy is. 986. However, for the onset of allergies, as well as for the diseases and illnesses, there is no [firm time] rule, because the outbreak can be in hours or even only minutes, but as well up to many years or even decades.
Billy And, what can one do against it, against the solar radiation?
Ptaah 987. The most sensible thing is not to be exposed to solar radiation without clothes. 988. The entire body, arms and legs and head should be protected with appropriate clothing. 989. That should be so, even if once really effective and allergy-free as well as disease-free and suffering-free protective oils and protective creams will be on the market. 990. At present there are trials on the earth with such products; one of them is called SAXON and is based on micro-sponges. 991. These micro-sponges are microscopically small but just so large that they cannot penetrate the skin. 992. These micro-sponges are then soaked with the necessary and allergy-free, stress-free and disease-free sunscreens, which then largely protect the skin from the dangerous solar radiation when applied to the skin like a normal ointment or cream. 993. Such micro-sponges may also be used for many other purposes when soaked in the requisite materials, e.g. as an insect-repellant or as a means to deter dogs or [wild] predators. 994. And what is most important: 995. Such micro-sponges can be used as a medicament carrier and applied to the skin, in which case the corresponding active ingredients penetrate through the skin into the body and trigger the necessary reaction. 996. This can be applied both as a preventive measure and as an acutely effective factor against inflammation, infections of all kinds, diseases and as an anti-pain medication, etc.
Billy Fantastic. Do you use such micro-sponges too?
Ptaah 997. They are a part of our medicine, along with many other possibilities.
Billy How is it on earth with other products the humans use for their body care – are they different to the ones used as protection against the solar radiation?
Ptaah 998. Unfortunately, many products of this type are also dangerous in the same or similar form, e.g. various soaps and liquid soap [gel] products, but also lotions and other skin care products. 999. Pure natural products are the most harmless.

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