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Posting personal translations and general discussions on translations.

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Post Number: 453
Registered: 02-2010
Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 - 08:44 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Please let's keep politics out of the forum.
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Post Number: 170
Registered: 12-2016
Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 - 05:47 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hugo, I'll be sitting home. I can't go anywhere. I'm disabled & require to much help everyday to bug out as they say. Do you have an extra room?
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Post Number: 810
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 07:04 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

>>> The "Dream" <<<

(In the last week of March this year I had this dream…)

The truth knowing but silent majority of mankind was flying in a large airplane above a world which was the stage for the most violent and brutal form of world war.
Everyone in the plane knew that the plane could not fly forever.
That when it landed, they would be in the midst of this hellish war.

I woke up.
With a gut feeling that this war was to begin …



The latest ZZ (from April 1) contains 3 CRs from Feb / Mar this year.

- CR 701 (Feb 1, 2018) discusses the political scenario in our world. I do not mention details: there should be no political discussions on our Forum. It does not contain the word “Syria”.

- CR 704 (Mar 1, 2018) discusses the grave danger arising from radio radiation - The public is misled about this danger.

- In CR 705 (March 14, 2018) the Plejaren Bermunda tells Billy that their computer whizzes Zafenatpaneach and Yanarara have found “..very unpleasant disturbances and destructions” that were maneuvered into Billy’s and Bernadette’s computer through a form of targeted <hacking> .. through highly technical professionals in terms of hardware and software mastery…”. The Plejaren have yet to find out more details about this wide-ranging worldwide secret group which is technically very advanced and has a very creative approach to high-tech electronics – they are not only able to manipulate computers and smart phones / tablets, but as well a wide range of high-tech electronics (the CR mentions even kitchen appliances..)
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Post Number: 520
Registered: 04-2015
Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 03:10 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Norm, yes if immigration lets you move to Australia :-)
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Post Number: 811
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 07:06 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Re. Hilak’s Predictions …

I had started to fully translate Hilak’s predictions but stopped because I felt it may alienate or create hate in those readers of our translations that belong to one the very religions which Hilak found to be the root cause of human disunity and misery.
Esp. since his predictions *) later on contain the advice for the people of our time to abandon hate and live with more love.

I thought of my loving Christian mother.
That this very thought, is as well in the heart of many religious people from various religions expressing their sincere oneness with those that are different and their compassion with those that suffer.
That it may well be this – not religious dogma – is what our present pope expresses when he washes the feet of prisoners, Buddhists, Muslims etc.
That we should not reject religious people per se.
Because that spark of love and unity in their heart is not religious but creational.

Hilak mentions (first half of his predictions) the perversion of truth in all the major religions on our planet.. that these human belief systems had imprisoned the human mind, fostered human separation and hate, leading to the killing of billions of humans and the destruction of even more other living beings - that mankind should thus abandon them.

His advice is very understandable:
Having found ^^) the causa of so much destruction in our world and wanting to leave a time capsule to prevent further suffering (i.e. the fulfillment of ancient prophets (Henoch, Jermiah etc.) prophecies) he, with the eyes of a compassionate, neutral observer, wanted to wake up Earth humanity, making them realize what enslaves them, what prevents their unity, what hinders their evolution.

But as Billy recently mentioned to Ptaah:
“Right or wrong, once a belief system has formed (=once it has many followers = once there are many identical thoughts) it is a force of its own… You cannot or only very hard (often with greatest sufferings) take it away..”

Our past experiences cannot be wiped out – they will be with us all the time.
The only way to overcome a “past” is by making new causes, so many of them that the many “old causes” are getting more and more “overwhelmed” by the new causes we made.
This modus vivendi applies as well to human traditions…

Yes, some parts of the rituals/teachings of our world religions do not make much sense to a neutral observer. But the Plejaren “impulses leading to the discovery of the internet” did not only assist the spread of Billy’s teaching.
This invention increased and increases as well the number of Earth humans sharing their useful truths and insights with other fellow humans.

IOW – I think our times are changing fast towards a more clearer and intelligent thinking.
A time when more and more people find out “what is a tale/superstition and what makes sense, what is useful/reasonable and what is not” – and when many enough of us have this new insight / thought, when this happens then the necessary changes to traditions and religions that prevent a wiser, healthier and more peaceful life, will come from within humanity– as they truly should.

As long as we do not educate “superiority” and fall prey to another world war – things will find their way…

Salome, Bill

^^) The “FutreofMankind” web site mentions that Hilak undertook time travel to various Earth “space-times” to confirm his predictions before writing them down.
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Post Number: 1862
Registered: 07-2005
Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 07:05 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Good on ya Bill
Amen to that
Speaking of beliefs (ideas)
Thoughts are like fractals
The more you think about it the more thoughts sprout out of it like dimension within dimension space within space onion within onion frequency within frequency wavelength within wavelength Matryoshka doll within matryoshka dolls tree branch within tree branch Creation within creations hyperlink within hyperlink and so on.
Its one giant spiderweb of ideas all interconnected, interlinked, intertwined, interassociated, interrelated, interstructured, etc all an expression of an aspect or part of reality of Creation.
Every thought thought about every word uttered everything seen which cannot be unseen every sound heard every aroma smelt every touch felt are expressing that which is part of creation and being of creation.
So with new impulse comes flood of new thoughts to accommodate people's curiosity and wonder therefore new discoveries and inventions are made on the backs of those original impulses leading to more ideas and discoveries which in turn leads to more of the same in endless upwardly mobile evolution and development.
You just can't get away from thoughts aye its right there churning in your head there is no off button for it therefore unless I can confidently corroborate it I 've decided that I am not going to believe everything I think about lest I fall into the trap of cognitive bias and cognitive distortions.

Speaking of walnut sauce has anybody here come to the same conclusion about this sauce as I have?

Matt lee
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Post Number: 171
Registered: 12-2016
Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 01:07 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hugo, I'll just be a Refugee.
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Post Number: 2800
Registered: 12-1999
Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 06:05 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Please lets get back to the topic of translations.
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Post Number: 607
Registered: 07-2006
Posted on Friday, June 08, 2018 - 12:52 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

A powerful Affirmation... for those interested:

My translation (which may contain errors) of Billy's BEAM Portal entry for the week (7-Jun-2018):
Visible Miracle of the Creation … (Sichtbares Wunder der Schöpfung ...)

Visible Miracle of the Creation …
Sichtbares Wunder der Schöpfung ...

7. June 2018

When I do right in myself and outwardly and I am in good things (spirits), then glad and good thoughts, good feelings, great love as well as freedom, peace and harmony flow in me like an enormous stream. And all these high values I can freely outwardly unfold, send them to the fellow human being and deem and treat them as my-equal. From where all the good thoughts and feelings come, that I know: They are derived from the form of my deepest Wesen (inner core nature), which myself drives continuously thereto, to be a truer human being. I can thereto do nothing, to act against this, thus I let befall to me the encouragement to the truly being a human being in the real and true sense, to contain it in my consciousness and before me I can hum, how beautiful the existence and the world and how beautiful the entire Creation is. All that I hold firmly, and thereto comes to me soon still the one and the others in the sense, which lights up my consciousness and always more warms my thoughts and feelings. My consciousness expands, and my knowing and seeing become continuously greater and more extensive; everything expands itself always further out and becomes brighter, until it encounters an unendingly wide remote border. The picture in my thoughts fulfills itself and really becomes a state of paradisiacal magnificence and beauty, to which my inner sight becomes captured - equally a visible becoming miracle, which only in the consciousness as dazed am I able to overlook: The visible miracle of the Creation.
Wenn ich in mir selbst und nach aussen recht tue und guter Dinge bin, dann fliessen in mich wie ein gewaltiger Strom frohe und gute Gedanken, gute Gefühle, grosse Liebe sowie Freiheit, Frieden und Harmonie. Und all diese hohen Werte kann ich frei nach aussen entfalten, sie den Mitmenschen zukommen lassen und diese als meinesgleichen erachten und behandeln. Woher all die guten Gedanken und Gefühle kommen, das weiss ich: Sie entstammen aus der Form meines tiefsten Wesens, das mich fortwährend dazu drängt, wahrer Mensch zu sein. Nichts kann ich dazu tun, dem entgegenzuhandeln, so ich mir das Drängen zum wahren Menschsein gefallen lasse, es in meinem Bewusstsein behalte und vor mich hinsummen kann, wie schön doch das Dasein und die Welt und wie herrlich doch die ganze Schöpfung ist. All das halte ich fest, und dazu kommt mir bald noch das eine und das andere in den Sinn, was mir gesamthaft mein Bewusstsein erhellt und meine Gedanken und Gefühle immer mehr erwärmt. Mein Bewusstsein weitet sich, und mein Wissen und Sehen werden stetig grösser und umfangreicher; alles breitet sich immer weiter aus und wird heller, bis es an unendlich weit entfernte Grenzen stösst. Das Bild in meinen Gedanken vollendet sich und wird wahrlich zu einem Zustand paradiesischer Pracht und Schönheit, von dem mein innerer Blick gefangen wird – gleichsam einem sichtbar gewordenen Wunder, das ich nur im Bewusstsein wie betäubt zu übersehen vermag: Das sichtbare Wunder der Schöpfung.

SSSC Hinterschmidrüti, 20 January 2005, 2:02, Billy
SSSC Hinterschmidrüti, 20. Januar 2005, 2.02 h Billy

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Post Number: 899
Registered: 08-2010
Posted on Friday, June 08, 2018 - 01:24 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Thanks for sharing those words from Billy.

In the *Goblet of the Truth* there it says:
Live always in love and in peace, foster freedom and harmony on Earth and never forget the real truth. Foster your life always in goodness of heart and live in the true BEING of the Creation. The *Goblet of the Truth* will wake you, not to the bane - but to the boon. (pg.3)
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Post Number: 827
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 06:15 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

The following article partly summarizes and partly translates an article in the latest Figu ZZ re. the “evolution of the human consciousness” (“The Empathic Civilization – Towards A Global Consciousness”/ discussing a book by sociologist J. Rifkin) – advocating a change to a “global consciousness”:

According to J. Rifkin the history of mankind is a history of an ever-expanding empathy that man developed for his environment:

“From the original state of the patriarchy first beyond gender and age limits (women and children), then on people beyond their own clan, village and city limits, then on people beyond their own national and cultural borders, finally on other forms of life such as animals and plants, ultimately our entire living environment.”

Humanity survived historical times of crisis because the principle of co-operation will win over the principle of competition in all nature. Ultimately it does work as well for humanity and it is for this reason that mankind has and will survive all crises situations – IOW we are not as fundamentally aggressive and competitive as many assume (because if we were we would have long perished).
In its historical context human empathy man has now evolved to the point on which humanity should embrace the higher level of “global empathy”:

“Expressed in the language of evolution, i.e. the development of consciousness, this path (of empathy evolution) looks like this: Starting from the consciousness of the early days of homo sapiens, the mythological consciousness (belief in mystical spirits), mankind has become aware of the theological consciousness (belief in gods) and the ideological consciousness (basic attitudes and values, world view) developing up to the level of the psychological consciousness (exploring the life of the psyche). “

The awareness of most people today has reached the level of “psychological consciousness”. But more and more people are about to change to the higher level of global or "biospheric” consciousness (awareness of the whole).

“And at this level there is hope, for from the global or biosphere consciousness, man is able and willing to do what is useful not only to him but to the whole.”


German (for the parts above within quotation marks):

“Vom Urzustand des Patriarchats zunächst über Geschlechter- und Altersgrenzen hinaus (Frauen und Kinder), dann auf Menschen jenseits der eigenen Sippen-, Dorf- und Stadtgrenzen, dann auf Menschen jenseits der eigenen nationalen und kulturellen Grenzen, schliesslich auf andere Lebensformen wie Tiere und Pflanzen, letztlich also unsere gesamte belebte Umwelt.“

“In die Sprache der Evolution, also der Entwicklung des Bewusstseins ausgedrückt, sieht dieser Weg so aus: Ausgehend vom Bewusstsein der Frühzeit des homo sapiens, dem mythologischen Bewusstsein (Glaube an Geister), hat sich die Menschheit über das theologische Bewusstsein (Glaube an Götter) und das ideologische Bewusstsein (Grundeinstellungen und Werte, Weltanschauung) bis zur Stufe des psychologischen Bewusstseins (Erforschung des Seelenlebens [Anm. Psycheleben]) entwickelt”

“Und auf dieser Stufe ruht Hoffnung, denn aus dem globalen oder biosphärischen Bewusstsein heraus ist der Mensch in der Lage und bereit, das zu tun, was nicht nur ihm nutzt, sondern was für das Ganze von Vorteil ist.”
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Post Number: 833
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Monday, July 16, 2018 - 06:37 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

The following is from Billy’s book “Genesis” (page 100 - my translation may contain errors):
a) Billy first explains how to communicate our ideas (e.g. Spirit Teaching) to our fellow humans.
b) He then explains that we should use the same rule (no compulsion/forcing our will) when setting our own goals:

Re a)
177. The basic recommendation of the rule to obtain the equalisedness of the consciousness, is anchored in that you treat in deference (honouring, venerability, veneration, honourableness) all that is venerable, which implies, that you must perceive this value in a fine-fluidal wise.
178. From this follows, that you organize all your thinking, speaking and doing so, that you never intervene in the voluntary resolve (goal setting, objective (culmination point), determination) of any life form.
179. Always must you be intent, to be only instructive but never be coercive.
Re b)
180. So, too, you have to establish this for yourself; never allow that your will is formed through compulsion, rather only and alone by instruction.
181. This means, that you yourself, by the recognizing of the truth, educate yourself, so that the cognition becomes the certainty and the knowledge.
182. Through this instruction the will (goal-setting, objective, determination) develops through which then the consciousness-based powers will start to function, to achieve effects, which in their value are termed as BEING CREATIVE.
183. If you now [thus] have realized, that this really is so, then you will be on the right path to obtain this mentality, and you will know with great clarity, that you never lose any of your independence, when you follow the practical rule of the creational regulation, which is offered to you through truly skilful knowledge.
177. Das Grundgebot der Regel zur Erlangung der Ausgeglichenheit des Bewusstseins ankert darin, dass du in Ehrfurcht (Ehrung, Ehrwürdigung, Ehrerbietung, Ehrwürdigkeit) alles Ehrwürdige achtest, was besagt, dass du diesen Wert empfinden musst.
178. Daraus resultiert, dass du all dein Denken, Sprechen und Handeln so einrichtest, dass du niemals in den freien Willensentschluss (Zielsetzung, Ziel, Bestimmung) irgendeiner Lebensform eingreifst.
179. Immer musst du darauf bedacht sein, nur belehrend, jedoch niemals zwingend zu sein.
180. So also hast du dies auch für dich selbst zu halten; nie darfst du dir einen Willen durch Zwang bilden, sondern einzig und allein durch Belehrung.
181. Das bedeutet also, dass du durch das Erkennen der Wahrheit dich selbst belehrst, so das Erkennen zur Gewissheit und zum Wissen wird.
182. Durch diese Belehrung entsteht der Wille (Zielsetzung, Ziel, Bestimmung), durch den dann die bewusstseinsmässigen Kräfte in Funktion gesetzt werden, um Wirkungen zu erzielen, die da in ihrem Wert als KREATIVSEIN genannt sind.
183. Wenn du nun erkannt hast, dass dem tatsächlich so ist, dann wirst du auch auf dem besten Weg sein, um diese Gesinnung zu erlangen, und du wirst mit klarer Deutlichkeit wissen, dass du niemals etwas von deiner Selbständigkeit einbüsst, wenn du der praktischen Regel der Schöpfungsordnung Folge leistest, die dir durch wahrlich kundiges Wissen dargebracht wird.
Thus, if we want to communicate a new idea - to us or others - we should first remind us that any creativity (in thought and actions) is based on the equalisedness of our consciousness. We acquire this equalisedness (“inner peace or tranquillity”) of our consciousness by developing a fine-spiritual-perception of deference / veneration for all beings (incl. others and us): There is no religious-like thought of dominating or subordinating the person we want to advise. Neither would a teacher of truth demand any material values (sacrifices) for his teaching (as is common practice in many religions)

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