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Registered: 08-2008
Posted on Wednesday, April 08, 2009 - 01:49 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi all,
I have a question about reading spirit lessons in German even if you don't understand it...
I understand that reading will trigger impulses from the Storage Banks AKA-Akashic Records within the persons subconscious, does this happen what ever way you say the words, ie: do you have to get the German pronunciation right whether in your head or out loud?

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Posted on Friday, April 10, 2009 - 02:18 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Message From PETALE...Italia and Italian Language...


Text of Message from Petale Translated by FIGU.

Iit was sent to me by Michael Horn. Now I also have translated it into Italian language. The texts below, and the website, are followed by original German Language, the English translation made by FIGU and below the translation into Italian language I made myself from German.

The texts are related also to the recent Earthquake in Italy and to more things which maybe will happen in the near future.

Italy Earthquake

"6 Apr 2009...A powerful earthquake in mountainous central Italy knocked down whole blocks of buildings as residents slept, leaving at least 50000..."

You can read it also online along with more pertinent information in English and Italian with self-explanatory images with researches of mine and Michael Horn's.


Messages from PETALE

Extracts from the Book:

Prophetische Darlegungen und Voraussagen der kommenden Geschehen auf der Erde seit 1976.

Prophetic explanations and previsions of the coming events on the Earth since 1976.

Estratti dal libro Profetici chiarimenti e previsioni dei prossimi eventi sulla Terra fin da 1976.

Telepathisch empfangen aus der PETALE-Geistesebene durch 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier'

Telepathically received from the PETALE spiritual plane through

'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier'

Telepaticamente ricevuto dal piano spirituale PETALE attraverso Billy Meier

Mittwoch, 15. September 1976, 18.04 Uhr

Wednesday, September 15th 1976, 18.04 PM

Mercoledì, 15 Settembre 1976, 18.04 PM

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

Questi testi sono una traduzione non ufficiale in lingua italiana e fu tradotto da lingua tedesca in lingua italiana da José Barreto Silva.

Die Erde sehr böse aufbäumend, grollend erbebt,

The Earth quite evilly up-raising and growling quakes,

La Terra molto mala si rivolta e trema brontolata,

Das Stiefelland, es wird sehr stark todbetroffen,

The land of the boot, severely it will be death-hit,

La terra dello stivale, si sarà gravemente colpita di morte,

weil Menschen dort gutgläubig dem Papste hoffen

because people there faithfully hope from the Pope.

perché là il popolo è fedelmente in attesa del Papa.

Ihre Irrglauben werden ihnen nun zum Verderben;

Their error-belief will now become their destruction;

La loro credenza sbagliata ora diverrà la loro distruzione;

ihre Schuld, dass Italien so liegt in Scherben,

their very own fault, that Italy lies so in shatters,

loro propria colpa, che l'Italia si giace così in frantuma,

dass das Land zerreisst und es im Meere versinkt,

that the land tears apart and in the ocean it sinks

che la terra si lacera e affonda nell'oceano,

und die Verwesung des Lebens zum Himmel erstinkt.

and the decaying life to heaven stinks.

e il fetore della putrefazione della vita puzza al cielo.

Italien, das Land der sich Schöpfung Nennenden,

Italy, the nation of those who deem themselves Creation,

Italia, la nazione di quelli che si ritengono la Creazione.

wird nun endgültig ins elende Verderben rennen,

will now, finally, run into miserable destruction,

ora voglia, finalmente, si incontri con miserabili distruzione,

denn der Schaft und Stiefel versinken im Meer,

because shaft and boot sink into the ocean,

perché la tromba e lo stivale affondano nell'oceano,

und das Meer wird vom Leben und vom Lande leer.

and the ocean will be bare of land and of people.

e l'oceano sarà vacante di terra e di gente.

Die Küsten des Meeres steigen hoch an zum Berge,

The coasts of the ocean rise up high to the mountain,

Le coste dell'Oceano alza alto sulla montagna,

und der Sterbende, er bedarf nicht mehr der Särge,

and the dying ones have no need for coffins,

ed i quelli morenti non hanno bisogno per feretri,

denn die Fluten selbst sind nun Sarg und Grab,

because the floods themselves now are grave and coffin,

a causa delle inondazioni ora sono sepoltora ed feretro,

und die Wasserviecher, die finden reichlich Lab.

the ocean creatures, they find food in plentiful order.

le creature dell'oceano, loro trovano cibo in abbondanza.

Es wird das Gebirge des Nordens die Grenze sein,

The mountains of the North will be the border,

Le montagne del Nord saranno il confine,

wenn im Süden die Menschen sterbend laut schrein.

when in the South the people dying, loudly scream.

mentre nel Sud muore la gente, a gridare a gran voce.

Gedenke, oh Mensch, daran du selbst trägst Schuld,

Bethink, oh Man, for this only you carry the blame

Riflettere, oh l'Uomo, per questo solamente voi stessi portate la causa

und die Natur hatte viel zu lange mit dir Geduld;

and nature has had patience with you for too long,

e natura ha avuto pazienza con voi per troppo lungo,

ah nun aber schlägt sie hart zu und zerstört dich,

ah, but now she destroys you and beats hard you down,

ah, ma ora lei distrugge e l'abbatte duramente su voi,

mit Todgrauen und mit Schmerzen sehr fürchterlich.

with gruesome death and with quite terrible pain.

con la morte orrenda e con dolore molto terribile.

Der Ausgang des Bösen, such ihn, er liegt in Rom,

The beginning of evil, search, it lies in Rome,

L'inizio del male, ricerca, si trova a Roma,

unter den Dächern des todmordenden Vatikanen-Dom;

under the roofs of the dead-murdering Vatican-Dome;

sotto i tetti della cupola uccisione-assassina del Vaticano;

dort lieget die grösste Schuld aller Zerstörung;

there lies the greatest guilt of all destruction;

là si trova la più grande colpa di ogni distruzione;

bedenket daher, Menschen, dieser weisen Belehrung.

Consider mankind, therefore, this very wise teaching.

Consideri umanità, pertanto questo molto saggio l'insegnamento.

Osservazione: Questi testi sono una traduzione non ufficiale in lingua italiana e fu tradotto da lingua tedesca in lingua italiana da José Barreto Silva - Brasile.

Note: These texts are a non-official translation in Italian language made from German texts by José Barreto Silva - Brazil

To speak/talk is Silver to be silent is Diamond.
From Billy Meier to JBS.
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Registered: 03-2009
Posted on Saturday, April 11, 2009 - 10:42 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Figu Friends,

Widerspruch...sich widersprechend...
Contradiction...being contradictoory...

Do you know this song in German language?

Die Gedanken sind frei Mein Freund...

Here The Thoughts are free My Friend...

Ich denk' was ich will und was mich beglückt,
doch alles in der Still', und wie es sich schicket.

I think whatever I want and whatever wish that makes me happy, nevertheless all that in the Silence of my thoughts, and as it fits.

Mein Wunsch, mein Begehren kann niemand verwehren,es bleibet dabei:

Die Gedanken sind frei!

and for this, Nobody can deny/hinder my desires, my wishes:

The thoughts are free!

Translations by José Barreto.

Here The Thoughts are free My Friend...
Hear the song online with lyrics in German

Widerspruch...sich widersprechend...
Contradiction...being contradictoory...

Please see reference here:

Figu Forum Moderator
Post Number: 480
Registered: 12-2004
Posted on Sunday, April 05, 2009 - 05:42 am:

Here The Thoughts are free My Friend Badr...

die sich selbst Widerspruch...sich widersprechend...sind...

Learn How to Format Colours and Use it at the FIGU Forum.
To speak/talk is Silver to be silent is Diamond.
From Billy Meier to JBS.
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Post Number: 485
Registered: 12-2004
Posted on Saturday, April 11, 2009 - 10:59 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Jose,

I thought you sent this only to my email.
By me posting your post on the forum shows you that I am not trying to take any freedom nor from you or from Rod. You guys are just so far away from understanding my intentions. Why not ask me? instead of taking a direct personal offense. Instead of attacking me as if I am your enemy.

I have sent you the new guidelines approved by FIGU for the forum to your email, and will soon be posted on the forum. There are new rules on the forum. Being free doesn't mean there are no rules.

So i would appreciate it if you respect the guidelines and policies on the forum approved by FIGU.

I will repeat again what I wrote to Rod, I don't care if your posts are all in pink or red or talk about Obama and Fluoride the whole day, but when I receive comments from other FIGU forum members being disturbed by the many pictures and colours, and the many non-FIGU related discussions, I ask my self is there a real need for them? Why not just post simple words and paragraphs discussing the FIGU material and let the colours come out of the wisdom of the words rather than the colour of the text.

Using Billys method of writing the spirit lessons is not an excuse, as his approach is bolding not more than 5 words a page highlighting certain concepts. And not colouring the whole page with font sizes changing every two words with underlines.

Hope this clears up the air. I don't like hate, I don't like grudges, thats one thing I thank Billy for teaching me. So I accept your email saying that you will never never forgive me... for what I am not sure. But I did mention the reason why I said what I did.

And I advise people on the forum not to take this forum so serious and so personal, its just a forum! People on the forum seem to get offended reeeeally quick, is there that much tension here? Not sure why that is.

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Post Number: 234
Registered: 05-2008
Posted on Saturday, April 11, 2009 - 02:01 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

For those who aren't aware of a few BEAM translations by Rebecca Walkiw:
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Post Number: 802
Registered: 10-2007
Posted on Saturday, April 11, 2009 - 02:37 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Dear friend José Barreto

A beautiful translation. The words from the Petale are pure poetry. The message is especially clear.

To the Humans in Italy, indeed a dire warning. our sympathies go to all the families suffering the pains of the destruction.

You all in the land of the boot must know, that which comes from the Petale are words from near the the Creation itself. Ignore these words at your own peril.

You have clung to false gods, and false teachers of false gods, therefore have brought this upon yourselves. False religions will all fall, your papa-pope is no exception. Turn yourselves away from the false ones and learn the Truth of Creation.

Thank you dear friend Barreto. Your works on behalf of the Truth are truly worthy of appreciation. You have earned the accolades to your Honor.


You say you want an Evolution, well you know, we're all doing what we can. -(Beatles revamped)
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Post Number: 20
Registered: 03-2009
Posted on Sunday, April 12, 2009 - 11:25 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Guys

I can't say I'm shocked about the earth quake but I did read something about italy in the 1958 future happenings I'd like to call them. Again if you look at and really think about the prophicies Billy the kid wrote it all makes sense. As absurd as this mission may appear to people you mention it to, billy's notes all make sense to me, although I sometimes think I am delusional for getting involved, even in this forum ( I have 99% think I'm a nutcase if I mention the mission and with very convincing people around who have their own views on religions,going to the point of physical injuury to myself, they wont even look at the material dam fanatics!) , after reading the notes tainted with an element of what seems like (All the pieces fit to well together), well I cant explian it although I sense something is in everything Billy writes may posslbly be the fault of translation into English.

So if any one has an opinion On this please let me Know about it. One more thing can anybody let me know of any translation of the goblet of truth floating around. I tried translating it with software and the end result was disappointing
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Post Number: 31
Registered: 04-2008
Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 05:49 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Apparently i cant read between the lines, how does hope in the pope cause an earthquake?

And would it be knowing too much if Billy give dates, even with the future San Francisco quake?
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Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 06:06 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear all,

Here's the next section of Asket's Explanations, which represents one of two parts which we've broken these dialogs into, so they don't get too awkward to translate in one lump.



We, Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg, have been given permission by Billy Meier to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that our translations may contain errors.

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1

Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, conversations, Volume One

Seiten 323-325

pages 323-325

(Part one of two)

Askets Erklärung vom 7. Februar 1953 im jordanischen Wüstengebirge am Toten Meer

Asket's Explanation of February 7th, 1953, in the mountainous region of the Jordanian desert on the Dead Sea

(Wörtliche Wiedergabe von Askets Erklärungen durch ihre Erinnerungshilfe am 10. September 1964 in Mahrauli/lndia.)

(Word for word account, with Asket's memory assistance, of Asket's Explanations, on September 10th, 1964, in Mahrauli, India.)


1. Die Zeit ist nun gekommen, da du viele Dinge erfahren sollst, die dir und vielen anderen zu späterer Zeit auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit behilflich sein sollen.


1. The time has now come in which you are to experience many things which, at a later time, will be helpful to you and many others in the search for truth.

2. Du selbst wirst dabei eine grosse Rolle spielen, weil du ein Überlieferungsfakt werden wirst.

2. You yourself will thereby play a great role because you will become a fact of tradition.

3. Ich erklärte dir schon die Möglichkeit der Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit oder Zukunft.

3. I have already explained to you the possibility of time travel into the past or future.

4. Unserer Technik entsprechend sind wir in der Lage, solche Reisen zu unternehmen und nun auch zum Nutzen deiner kommenden Mission in Anwendung zu bringen.

4. In accordance with our technology, we are in a position to undertake such trips and to now also employ them for the benefit of your coming mission.

5. Wie es beschlossen ist, wirst du mit mir zurückreisen in verschiedene Zeitepochen, um die Wahrheit der Geschehen an Ort und Stelle überprüfen zu können und zu erkennen, dass eure Überlieferungen und die Behauptungen eurer religiösen Altertumsforscher usw. falsch und irreal sind und nur in sehr seltenen Fällen den wirklichen Begebenheiten entsprechen.

5. As it has been decided, you will travel back with me into various epochs in order to be able to examine the truth of events there and then and to recognise that your traditions and the assertions of your religious antiquity researchers, and so forth, are false and unreal and only in very rare cases correspond to the actual occurrences.

6. Noch haben wir aber etwas Zeit, und ich kann dir das Wichtigste erklären.

6. But now we still have some time and I can explain to you that which is most important.

7. Auch erwarte ich noch Besuch von dem Manne, den wir kürzlich getroffen haben hier in der Nähe.

7. Also I still await a visit from the man who we recently met near here.

8. Wir werden ihn sonst am Morgen aufsuchen und uns mit ihm unterhalten.

8. Otherwise, we will look for him in the morning and converse with him.

9. Danach erst werden wir zusammen die erste Reise in die Vergangenheit tun.

9. Only after that will we make the first trip into the past together.

10. Nun aber habe ich dir erst noch viele Erklärungen abzugeben:

10. But now I still have many explanations to provide to you first:

11. Verschiedentlich wurdest du auf deinen zukünftigen Lebensweg hingewiesen, der sehr strapaziös und beschwerlich sein wird.

11. At various times you had pointed out to you your future path through life, which will be very wearying and burdensome.

12. Dass dies der Wahrheit entspricht, hast du schon bis anhin erfahren und erlebt.

12. Right from the start you have already experienced, and come to know, that this corresponds to the truth.

13. Noch ist die Zeit deiner Lehre aber nicht beendet, denn sie wird nochmals runde 20 Jahre dauern, während denen du sehr schwere Zeiten und ein enorm hartes Geschick erleben wirst.

13. But the time of your apprenticeship is not yet finished, because it will still continue for about 20 years, during which you will experience very hard times and an enormously hard destiny.

14. War es schon bisher sehr hart und beschwerlich, wird es zukünftig noch sehr viel schlimmer sein.

14. Were it already very hard and burdensome up until now, in the future it will be very much worse.

15. Doch sei dir bewusst, dass du diese Lehre unbedingt absolvieren musst, wenn du deiner Aufgabe gerecht werden willst.

15. Yet be aware that you unconditionally must complete this learning if you want to do your mission justice.

16. Die nächsten Jahre werden dich in den Kerker bringen und in Kriegsdienste ausserhalb deiner Heimat.

16. The next years will bring you into a dungeon and wartime military service outside of your homeland.

17. Du wirst alle Stationen eines kämpfenden Menschen durchlaufen müssen, um alles sehr genau kennenlernen zu können.

17. You will have to pass through all stages of a fighting human in order to be able to very precisely acquaint yourself with everything.

18. Denn wenn du die Dinge verstehen sollst, kannst du dies nur dann, wenn du in eigener Erfahrung alles selbst erlebst.

18. Because if you are to understand things you can only do this if you come to know everything yourself through your own experience.

19. So wird es auch sein mit verschiedenen Lastern, denen du lernmässig noch frönen wirst.

19. It will also be the case with different vices in which you will yet indulge for learning purposes.

20. Auch schwerer körperlicher Schmerz wird dir ebensowenig fernbleiben wie auch nicht psychischer Schmerz.

20. Severe physical pain will also remain just as near to you as will psychic pain.

21. Nach erdenmenschlichem Sinn wirst du die Hölle erleben, wodurch du dann aber erst den Himmel zu verstehen lernst.

21. In the Earth human meaning, you will experience hell, whereby only then, however, will you learn to understand heaven.

22. Schon jetzt will ich dir sagen, wie das schon Sfath getan hat, dass du in einigen mehr als zehn Jahren die bis dahin härteste Prüfung deines Lebens abzulegen hast.

22. I will now say to you already, as Sfath had already done, that in little more than ten years you will have to take the hardest test of your life up to that point.

23. Doch auch diese Prüfung in deinem Geschick wird notwendig sein, um viele Erkenntnisse zu sammeln.

23. Yet also this test, in your destiny, will be necessary in order to collect much knowledge.

24. Ich kenne weitgehend deine Zukunft, weil ich in sie eingedrungen bin, und ich weiss, dass dir Übles widerfahren wird.

24. I largely know your future because I have penetrated it and I know that evil will befall you.

25. Eine grosse Veränderung wird von deinem Körper Besitz ergreifen, so du plötzlich ein völlig neues Leben leben wirst.

25. A great change will take hold of your body, so you will suddenly live a completely new life.

26. Im Augenblick wird es sehr hart für dich klingen, doch dem muss wirklich so sein - und zu ändern vermögen wir dein Schicksal nicht, denn das liegt nicht in unserer Macht.

26. It will sound very hard for you just now, yet it must really be this way - and we are not able to change your fate, as it is not within our power.

27. Diese Art Geschehen reichen nicht in unsere Kompetenz, folglich wir sie auch nicht beeinflussen können.

27. Our competence does not extend to these kinds of events. Consequently, we also cannot influence them.

28. Es wird dir aber gut sein, dich auf das kommende Geschehen vorzubereiten und den Fakten mit klarem Verstand zu begegnen.

28. But it will be good for you to prepare for the coming event and to encounter the facts with clear reason.

29. Wenn du dies aber kannst, will ich dir das Kommende erklären.

29. If you can do this, I will explain that which is to come.

30. Lange habe ich darüber nachgedacht und mich auch mit anderen beraten, ob ich dies tun soll, denn wir wissen sehr genau, dass die Erdenmenschen derartige Vorkenntnisse nicht oder nur äusserst selten zu verkraften vermögen.

30. I have thought about this for a long time and have also consulted with others about whether I should do this or not because we know very precisely that Earth humans cannot - or can only extremely rarely - cope with this kind of background knowledge.

31. Sie wollen sehr hart und lebensfähig sein, doch liegt ihnen dieses Wollen nur in einer Scheinbarkeit.

31. They want to be very hard and viable, yet this desire is only feigned.

32. In sich selbst sind sie weich und unwillig und wollen ihre eigene Last nicht tragen.

32. In themselves they are soft and unwilling, and do not want to bear their own burden.

33. Daher dürfen sie auch niemals wichtige Dinge der Zukunft erfahren, denn sie vermögen die Kenntnisse kommender Dinge nicht zu verarbeiten.

33. For that reason they are also never permitted to come to know important things of the future because they are not capable of processing the knowledge of coming things.

34. In deinem Falle aber haben wir einstimmig erkannt, dass du über diese Dinge hinaus geschritten und in dir selbst gross genug bist, verstandesmässig alles zu verkraften.

34. But in your case we have unanimously realized that you are well advanced in regard to these things and you are big enough, in your self, to cope with everything using reason.

35. Ich kann dir noch nicht das genaue Datum nennen, da das Geschehen an dich herantreten wird, wodurch dir dein linker Arm verlustig geht.

35. I cannot yet tell you the precise date on which the event will confront you whereby you will lose your left arm.

36. Es wird dies aber geschehen in den Tagen zwischen dem 1. und 5. August im Jahr 1965.

36. But it will happen in the days between the 1st and 5th of August in the year 1965.

37. Dies ist dir so durch dein Leben und alle Umstände bestimmt, und es gibt keine Möglichkeit, diesem Geschehen auszuweichen.

37. This is determined this way for you, through your life and all circumstances, and it is impossible to avoid these events.

38. Bis dahin aber hast du einiges mehr als ein Jahrzehnt Zeit, um dich verstandesmässig darauf vorzubereiten.

38. But, until then, you have somewhat more than a decade to prepare yourself, by means of reason.

39. Die genauen und erbärmlichen Umstände werde ich dir später erklären.

39. I will explain the precise and wretched circumstances to you later.

40. Die weiteren Geschehnisse deiner Zukunft sind folgende, die du aber nie jemandem nennen darfst: ...

40. The further events of your future are the following, which you, however, are never permitted to tell anyone: ...

(Zukunftserklärungen über meine eigene Person, die ich aber verschweigen muss. Erklärung vom Freitag, 7. Februar 1953.)

(Explanations of the future, about myself personally, about which, however, I must be silent. Explanation of Friday, February 7th, 1953.)

41. Weitere Geschehen werden die sein, dass du kurz vor deinem Armverlust in Persien eine neue Benennung finden wirst, und zwar den Namen <billy>.

41. There will be further events in which, shortly before the loss of your arm in Persia, you will be called something new - in fact, the name "Billy".

42. Diese Namensnennung birgt eine grosse Bedeutung in sich und wird sehr schwerwiegend sein.

42. This naming conceals within it a great significance and will be very weighty.

43. Während all den weiteren Jahren wirst du diesen Namen tragen; und es werden an dich Leid und Schmerz sowie Verleumdung, Mordanschlag und Irrtum herangetragen sowohl von Aussenstehenden wie auch von engsten Mitmenschen, von Kritikern, Neidern, Besserwissern, Behörden, Religionen und falschen Propheten usw.

43. You will carry this name for all subsequent years; and it will bring you suffering and pain as well as slander, attempted murder and misconceptions, from outsiders as well as even from your closest fellow humans, from critics, those who are envious, know-it-alls, authorities, religions, and false prophets, and so forth.

44. Es werden äusserst schwere Jahre für dich sein, während denen du in weiteren Höllen leben und lernen wirst.

44. There will be extremely difficult years for you in which you will live and learn in further hells.

45. In deiner eigenen Familie wird Hass und Unverstand gegen dich hochkommen, wodurch du die letzten Geheimnisse der Menschen und ihrer Psyche kennenlernen wirst, wenn dich jemand der Deinen verraten wird.

45. Hate and foolishness against you will rise in your own family, whereby you will acquaint yourself with the last secrets of the human and his psyche, when someone in your family betrays you.

46. Erst nach langer Zeit wird endlich langsam der Frieden für dich einkehren, nämlich dann, wenn du deine eigentliche Mission schon lange erfüllst, dann erst beginnen sehr langsam für dich die Zeichen des Friedens, weil du die Anschläge gegen dein Leben und gegen deine Mission nicht mehr schwernimmst.

46. Peace will finally only slowly come for you after a long time, namely when you have already long fulfilled your own mission, only then will the signs of peace very slowly begin for you because you will no longer take the attacks against your life and your mission seriously.

47. Bis dahin aber ist die Zeit noch lange, und sehr viele harte und wilde Geschehen werden über dich hinwegrollen.

47. But the time until then is still long and very many hard and wild events will roll over you.

48. Dein für dich vorgesehener Name <billy> wird von weltweiter Bedeutung werden und du wirst im Leid sowie in Not und Schmerz zu ertrinken drohen.

48. The name, "Billy", intended for you, will become significant worldwide, and suffering as well as need and pain will threaten to drown you.

49. Walte aber nach deiner Vernunft und nach deinem Verstand, denn allein dies gewährleistet dir dein Leben.

49. But manage yourself in accordance with your reason and in accordance with your understanding because these alone guarantee your life.

50. So wirst du acht Monate nach deinem Unfall unter sehr schwierigen Umständen heiraten, nachdem du zur Weihnachtszeit 1965 deine zukünftige Frau kennenlernen wirst.

50. So, eight months after your accident, you will marry under very difficult circumstances after you meet your future wife at Christmastime 1965.

51. Die Umstände des Kennenlernens bis zur Heirat in Korinthos in Griechenland werden von seiten der Familie deiner Braut von ausserordentlich bösen Intrigen und bösen Wirren gezeichnet sein, wodurch du gezwungen wirst, deine Braut zu entführen, die zudem erst 17 Jahre alt sein wird.

51. The circumstances of acquaintanceship, up to the marriage in Korinth in Greece, will be defined by extraordinary evil intrigues and evil entanglements from your bride's side of the family, whereby you will be forced to kidnap your bride, who, furthermore, will be only 17 years old.

52. Denke jedoch nicht, nach der Hochzeit hättest du alle Probleme hinter dich gebracht, denn die eigentlichen Schwierigkeiten beginnen erst danach und werden während all den kommenden Jahren andauern.

52. Do not think, however, that after the wedding you will have gotten all your problems behind you, because the actual difficulties first start after that and will continue during all the coming years.

53. In der Zeit während deiner Ehe werden euch in den ersten zehn Jahren drei Kinder entspriessen, die du nach sehr alten Namen benennen wirst.

53. In the first ten years of your marriage you will produce three children to whom you will give very old names.

54. Ein Mädchen wirst du Gilgamesha nennen und zwei Knaben AtIantis Sokrates und Methusalem.

54. You will name a girl Gilgamesha and two lads Atlantis Sokrates and Methusalem.

55. Mehr Kinder werden deiner Ehe nicht entstammen, denn drei Nachkommen sind die Zahl der irdischen Norm pro Ehebündnis.

55. No more children will originate from your marriage as three offspring per marriage is the number of the terrestrial norm.

56. Auch die Geburten deiner Kinder werden dir keinen Frieden bringen, und so wird der Weg deiner Lehre nicht zu Ende sein.

56. Also the birth of your children will bring you no peace and so the path of your learning will not have ended.

57. Erst im Jahre 1995 werden sich deine Wege äusserst langsam von den Dornen zu befreien beginnen.

57. Only in the year 1995 will your paths first begin to free themselves extremely slowly from the thorns.

58. Bis dahin aber wirst du während allen Jahren völlig auf dich allein gestellt sein und während dieser Zeit auch einige weitere Anweisungen oder Lehreteile von uns oder von anderen Intelligenzen erhalten.

58. But until then, you will be completely left to your own resources during all the years and, during this time, also receive some further instructions, or portions of teachings, from us or from other intelligences.

59. Dies ist dann der letzte und beschwerlichste Lehrgang, den du allein bewältigen musst.

59. This is then the last and most burdensome course of learning which you alone must finish.

60. Du musst unter allen Umständen all diese sehr beschwerlichen Zeiten überstehen, auch wenn dir oftmals nicht danach zumute sein wird.

60. You must, under all circumstances, withstand all these very difficult times, even if you will often not feel like it.


End of part one.

Stay bookmarked for part two, being pages 325-328.

Asket's ongoing explanations, to be translated here, continue to page 360, so there's much more to come.
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Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2009 - 05:06 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Anticipating part 2.

Thanks Dyson & Vivienne :-)
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Dyson, another great piece of Billys' life story from his history. THANK YOU - Thank you.

Your translations are GrRRRRreat.

Anticipation for part 2 is building.

All the Best to ya, matey, an' LUV to Vivienne. Watch out for them Tasmanian Devils, I hear they bite.


You say you want an Evolution, well you know, we're all doing what we can. -(Beatles revamped)
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Apparently it's no walk in the park to be a prophet.
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For those interested; there's an unofficial translation of part of Contact 150, Saturday, October 10, 1981
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Dear Earthling
Just wanted you to know that it was hard deciding wether to approve your post, simply because the most basic rule in translation was missed. Which is to include German and English side by side.

A comment was made by the writer on his page (mentioned below) that is a bit out of place. The only reason FIGU care about authentic translations is for future generations not to be polluted with false information again. Nothing sinister behind it.
The reason there are no books translated to English except for the TJ, is the fault of English speakers and not that of FIGU Switzerland. Look at the Japanese FIGU group they already translated 5 of Billys books last time I heard. So the problem is not with FIGU Switzerland.

And finally I leave everyone with a comment written on the link provided:

Who I'd like to meet:

I would like to meet the typical member of FIGU who, upon reading this page, would say something to the effect of: "It is important to understand that FIGU does not endorse this page because it is a non-authorized translation. It has not been checked regarding its accordance with the information from the revised new German edition of the Contact Notes which have been and still are being published as 'Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktgespräche.' Therefore, it can be said that certain passages from this translation will probably not correspond with the actual information conveyed by the Pleiadians/Plejaren and Billy Meier." To this typical FIGU person, I would respond with: "If more time was spent properly translating the material into English instead of putting warning labels on all efforts that are not FIGU-approved, these unauthorized translations which might upset certain FIGU members wouldn't have to be made now would they?" ;-) Now, if anyone who is qualified in the German language and interested in these contacts would like to critique the translation effort that is being done on this page, feel free to contact me for more information. It is the goal of this investigator that the translations appear as accurate and true to the originals as possible.

So if you are in contact with the author than please ask him to include at least the German version.

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thx Badr ... I will ask the author to please include the German text.
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Dear Earthling.

Thankyou for the link.

The information contained within the selection of translated Contact Reports has clarified several nagging questions, dilemas, observations which have lingered in my mind for close to 50 years.
All cleared up with just a few hours reading :-)

Thanks as well to Badr for allowing the link.
Not an easy task keeping order, taking reasonable steps for preserving the accuracy & integrity of the original work, yet allowing the information to circulate & spread.
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Greetings to all, Salaam 'Alaykum

To add here also my appreciation for the link. Truly, the text of the contacts seems to accurately reflect other contacts before and after these at the link. Yes, the original German would help erase doubts as to authenticity. When I finished reading, then to post a comment to ask for the source text, it is found necessary to create an account with the MySpace. This, for me, is already too much. So if you choose to create an account, then you can ask the author to point to the original source.

Thank you for the latitude in this.

In Peace ... Salome

You say you want an Evolution, well you know, we're all doing what we can. -(Beatles revamped)
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Ramirez: re your post above, #134 .. if you could, could you share what was cleared up that lingered unresolved for nearly 50 years?
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Dear Earthling.

The matters clarified are of a personal nature related to childhood events.

From the various conversations between Billy, Ptaah, Quetzal, Semjase were some specific statements mainly validating but sometimes dispelling long held concepts of situations which I had lived (and died) through. (I was declared clinically dead around the age of 5 years due to an illness).

Long ago I held certain views and observations however there was no reliable source of information available to confirm or deny those views ..... till now.
What Billy discusses with his associates is probably not exactly considered normal by most :-)

The purpose of past situations & events in my life now becomes clear beyond speculative conjecture .... and we are way off topic.
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Dear all,

From time to time fellow FIGU-friends ask us what dictionaries we use and we also often read comments which indicate that there are misunderstandings about the ideas behind the Low and High German language(s), not to mention confusion about where Swiss German and other various dialects fit in.

It struck me that the below email should be useful to other students of the language, so I take the liberty of reproducing it here (with the name changed).


Dear Bruce,

Thanks for your email asking about our dictionaries and sorry for the delay responding. We don’t get on line very often these days. And of course thank you for your kind words about our translations. We area always pleased to learn that they are helpful.

I was happy to read that you have ordered the Meier books and are busy learning the language. In my view, this vital material can only really be fully understood with a primary comprehension of German. That means you just read and understand it in German, without having to mentally translate everything first. Those who translate (somehow … using software, etc.) in order to try to understand have not yet brought the horse around to the front of the cart, but of course I recognise that that is a necessary early stage of learning. Naturally, only a good understanding of German (thinking in German) will allow eventual adequate translations.

One thing I wanted to respond to was your statement, “I would assume that my dictionary is for the low German.” This shows some misunderstanding of what Low and High German is. With the exception of a few poems by Billy written in the Swiss-German dialect*, there is no non-High German to worry about at all. Forget about the distinctions. The common language spoken on TV and written in books is standard High German. But similar to places like Glasgow, where English is an almost unintelligible dialect to outsiders, many native German-speakers speak a local dialect which is hardly comprehensible non-locals.

Here’s the piece from the Encyclopædia Britannica:
High German (Hochdeutsch).
Old High German, a group of dialects for which there was no standard literary language, was spoken until about 1100 in the highlands of southern Germany. During Middle High German times (after 1100), a standard language based on the Upper German dialects (Alemannic and Bavarian) in the southernmost part of the German speech area began to arise. Middle High German was the language of an extensive literature that includes the early 13th-century epic Nibelungenlied.
Modern standard High German is descended from the Middle High German dialects and is spoken in the central and southern highlands of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It is used as the language of administration, higher education, literature, and the mass media in the Low German speech area as well. Standard High German is based on, but not identical with, the Middle German dialect used by Martin Luther in his 16th-century translation of the Bible. Within the modern High German speech area, Middle and Upper German dialect groups are differentiated, the latter group including Austro-Bavarian, Alemannic (Swiss German), and High Franconian.

Low German (Niederdeutsch)
Low German, with no single modern literary standard, is the spoken language of the lowlands of northern Germany. It developed from Old Saxon and the Middle Low German speech of the citizens of the Hanseatic League. The language supplied the Scandinavian languages with many loanwords, but, with the decline of the league, Low German declined as well.
Although the numerous Low German dialects are still spoken in the homes of northern Germany and a small amount of literature is written in them, no standard Low German literary or administrative language exists.
Copyright © 1994-2002 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Since other people also ask us from time to time about the dictionaries we use for our Meier translations, I decided to list them on the FIGU forum.

Like you, we also get a lot of use from the Oxford Duden, but also initially found it a little disappointing, having originally spent time primarily with the Cassalls, which is quite good for deciphering idiomatic phrases. Collins gets some use as a source of basic synonyms when the bigger dictionaries provide too much choice. As little e-dictionaries go, QuickDic, Langenscheidt/Collins and the Oxford SuperLex are three very handy ones, often for a quick check of gender/tense. We have a .pdf file of a Koebler althochdeutsches (Old High German) dictionary which would be occasionally useful for OM and Arahat Athersata, Kelch der Wahrheit, etc.

Eventually, as you get some more German into you, the gigantic Wahrig German dictionary will be an invaluable tool, but – since it is entirely German – it will not be good for much until the first phase of learning is behind you.

Hope this has been helpful.

Happy studying!

Dyson (and Vivienne)

*Swiss German
German Schweizer Deutsch, Swiss German Schwyzertütsch,
collective name for the great variety of Alemannic (Upper German) dialects spoken in Switzerland north of the boundary between the Romance and Germanic languages, in Liechtenstein, in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, and in parts of Baden-Württemberg in Germany and Alsace in France. A few isolated villages south of the Alps in Italy also speak Alemannic dialects. Most of the dialects, including the main dialectal varieties spoken in the cantons of Zürich and Bern in Switzerland, are classified as High Alemannic, while the dialect of Basel and that of northern Alsace are classified as Low Alemannic.
Swiss German differs from standard High German in phonology (e.g., Chind for standard High German Kind “child”), grammar, and vocabulary. No dialects of Swiss German indicate case inflections for nouns except for the dialect of Zürich, in which the noun has an ending for the dative plural. Verb forms often differ greatly from standard High German (e.g., gan “go” for standard High German gehen).
Although standard High German is used by most speakers of Swiss German dialects for writing and for sermons and public lectures, Swiss German dialects are used for other purposes by all Swiss Germans, regardless of occupation, education, or social class.

Copyright © 1994-2002 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
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Dear all,

Here's the next episode.

The time-travel starts tomorrow!



We, Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg, have been given permission by Billy Meier to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that our translations may contain errors.

Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1

Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, conversations, Volume One

Seiten 323-325

pages 323-325

(Part two of two)

Askets Erklärung vom 7. Februar 1953 im jordanischen Wüstengebirge am Toten Meer

Asket's Explanation of February 7th, 1953, in the mountainous region of the Jordanian desert on the Dead Sea

(Wörtliche Wiedergabe von Askets Erklärungen durch ihre Erinnerungshilfe am 10. September 1964 in Mahrauli/lndia.)

(Word for word account, with Asket's memory assistance, of Asket's Explanations, on September 10th, 1964, in Mahrauli, India.)



61. Im Jahre 1975, zu Beginn des Jahres, wenn auch die grosse Gefahr einer universellen Katastrophe gebannt ist, wird, wie ich dir schon erklärte, eine andere ausserirdische Lebensform, die sich von den Plejaden nennt, mit dir in Kontakt treten, wonach du dann deine Mission zu erfüllen beginnen sollst.

61. In the year 1975, if the great danger of a universal catastrophe is averted, at the start of the year, as I already explained to you, another extraterrestrial life-form, which says it is from the Pleiades, will make contact with you, after which you are then to begin to fulfil your mission.

62. Arbeite dann jedoch mit allen dir möglichen Mitteln der Wahrheit und der Gerechtigkeit, um deine Aufgabe zu erfüllen und ihr gerecht zu werden.

62. Work then, however, with all possible means of truth and righteousness available to you in order to fulfil your mission and to do it justice.

63. In dieser Zeit wirst du auch mit der grössten europäischen UFO-Studiengemeinschaft abermals in Verbindung treten, die sich mit der Verbreitung unserer Dinge bemühen sollte.

63. In this time you will also come into contact once again with the biggest European UFO study community, which should make an effort to spread information about our doings.

64. Man wird dich von jener Stelle zu einem Kongress laden, doch wird dies ein sehr tiefer Niederschlag für dich sein.

64. From that point, you will be invited to a congress, but this will be a very great knock-out for you.

65. Die Organisatoren werden sich nicht mit der Wahrheit abfinden wollen, weil sie sehr streng religiös-sektiererisch befangen sind.

65. The organisers will not want to come to terms with the truth, because they are very strongly biased through religious sectarianism.

66. Sie wollen nicht, dass du die wirkliche Wahrheit verbreitest, und so werden sie plötzlich deinen Weg hemmen, damit du nicht am Kongress in Erscheinung treten kannst.

66. They do not want you to spread the actual truth so they will suddenly obstruct your path so you cannot appear at the congress.

67. Es wird so sein, dass sie dich nicht als neuen Propheten anerkennen wollen, weil sie in ihrer Religionsverirrung die Wahrheit nicht zu erkennen vermögen.

67. It will be such that they do not want to acknowledge you as a new prophet because, in their aberration through religion, they are not able to recognise the truth.

68. Ungeachtet dessen wirst du aber deinen Weg gehen und noch vor diesem Zeitpunkt kurz zuvor ein eigenes Publikationsorgan ins Leben rufen, um die Wahrheit zu verbreiten.

68. Despite this, however, you will go your way, and even before this point in time, shortly before you will bring your own publication to life in order to spread the truth.

69. Dadurch wirst du durch die liebe Hilfe deines besten Freundes unabhängig, ebenso aber auch deine Gemeinschaft, die du noch im Jahre 1975 ins Leben rufen wirst.

69. Thereby, due to the loving help of your best friend, you will be independent, just as your community - which you will call to life in the year 1975 - will also be.

70. Der Kampf um die Wahrheit wird aber sehr hart werden, denn ihr werdet anlaufen müssen gegen die Unverständigkeit und Unvernunft sektiererischer ufologischer Gruppen usw., die streng im Religiösen und in Pseudowissenschaften verankert sind.

70. But the fight for the truth will be very hard because you will have to fight against the lack of understanding and lack of reason of sectarian ufological groups, and so forth, who are strongly anchored in the religious and in pseudo-sciences.

71. Insbesondere merke dir dabei die kommende weltweite Organisation für ufologische Arbeiten, MUFON, denn sie wird nebst verschiedenen krankhaften Besserwissern und Wahrheitsverleumdern dein grösster Widersacher werden.

71. In regard to that, take note especially of the coming worldwide organisation for ufological work, MUFON, because - along with various pathological know-it-alls and slanderers of truth - it will be your greatest adversary.

72. Du wirst weltweit geliebt und gehasst werden und auch deines Lebens nicht mehr sicher sein.

72. You will become loved and hated worldwide and also your life will no longer be secure.

73. Darum wirst du dich jedoch nicht kümmern, denn bis dahin wirst du gelernt haben, dich über derartige Drohungen und gar über Mordanschläge nur zu amüsieren.

73. But you will not worry about that, because by then you will have learnt to only amuse yourself about those kinds of threats and even about assassination attempts.

74. Doch arbeite trotzdem schnell und präzise, um deine Mission zu erfüllen, denn die Zeit eilt sehr schnell dahin, und das Ableben deines Körpers am ... (hier wird mein Todesdatum genannt und die genaue Uhrzeit meines Todes, die ich jedoch aus bestimmten Gründen nicht nennen darf) lässt sich nicht hinauszögern.

74. Yet in spite of this, work quickly and precisely in order to fulfil your mission, because the time passes very quickly, and the laying aside of your body on ... (the date of my death is named here and the precise time of my death, which, however, for certain reasons I am not permitted to name) does not allow you to put it off.

75. Zu Beginn der zweiten Jahreshälfte 1975 wird die deutsche ufologische Studiengemeinschaft DUIST den ersten Schlag gegen dich führen.

75. At the beginning of the second half of the year 1975 the German ufological study community, DUIST, will lead the first strike against you.

76. Das ist so vorauszusehen, und so wirst du frühzeitig mit dieser Stelle Kontakt aufnehmen.

76. That is to be foreseen, and so you will take up contact with this place early.

77. Dies wirst du unter dem Namen <billy> tun, der dir im Jahre 1965 in Teheran/Persien gegeben wird.

77. You will do this under the name "Billy" which will be given to you in the year 1965 in Tehran, Persia.

78. Dies ist dann auch die Zeit, zu der die grosse Wende in deinem Leben in Erscheinung tritt.

78. This is also the time in which the great change in your life will come about.

79. Hüte dich dann jedoch vor den gegen dich gerichteten Intrigen, die wie giftige Pfeile auf dich abgeschossen werden.

79. But protect yourself then from the intrigues directed against you which will be shot at you like poison arrows.

80. Sei dann auch sehr darum besorgt, dass dir dein zweiter in Persien gegebener Name <phantom> wieder ausradiert wird, denn bis dahin wird er seine Schuldigkeit getan haben.

80. Be also very careful then that you again eradicate the second name, "Phantom", given to you in Persia, because, by then, it will have served its purpose.

81. Lass dich dann nebst dem Namen <billy> wieder nach deinem wirklichen Namen benennen, der dir schon bedeutungsvoll bei deiner Geburt gegeben wurde: EDUARD.

81. Allow yourself - along with the name "Billy" - to again be called by your real name, EDUARD which you were already, significantly, given at your birth.

82. Dieser Name beinhaltet die Bedeutung <hüter>.

82. This name contains the meaning, "guardian of the treasure."

83. Und im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes wirst du bis zum Jahre 1975 der Hüter eines enormem und für die Menschen sehr wichtigen Schatzes geworden sein; nämlich der Hüter des Schatzes Wahrheit, Wissen, Weisheit, Liebe und Frieden - der Hüter der wahrlichen Geisteslehre, denn sie stellt den grössten Schatz des Erdenmenschen dar.

83. And in the truest sense of the word, by the year 1975, you will have become the guardian of an enormous - and for the humans, very important - treasure; namely the guardian of the treasures of truth, knowledge, wisdom, love and peace - the guardian of the true teachings of the spirit, because it represents the greatest of the Earth humans' treasures.

84. Sei daher gegen das Ende des Jahres 1975 darum bemüht, deine bis dahin gültige Benennung <phantom> auszumerzen und dich nur noch nach deinem geburtsmässig gegebenen Namen EDUARD oder <billy> nennen zu lassen.

84. Thus make an effort, towards the end of the year 1975, to eradicate the name "Phantom", which was valid until then, and allow yourself to be called only your name given at birth, EDUARD, or "Billy".

85. Zu jener Zeit werden sich auch in der Welt selbst verschiedene Dinge anbahnen, die von sehr grosser Bedeutung sein werden.

85. Various things will also develop in the world itself at that time which will be of very great significance.

86. Ein amerikanischer Friedensmann namens Kissinger wird zu jener kommenden Zeit grosse Dinge tun, doch wird ihm der Frieden nicht hold sein.

86. An American man of peace named Kissinger will do big things in the times to come, yet peace will not favour him.

87. Bald wird ihn dann ein schweres Unglück treffen.

87. Then, soon after that, a serious misfortune will befall him.

88. Er wird <friedensengel> genannt werden, doch wird er nicht verhüten können, dass gegen das Ende des Jahres 1976 ein schwerer Krieg zwischen Israel und den arabischen Staaten ausbrechen wird.

88. He will be named "Angel of Peace", yet he will not be able to prevent a violent war breaking out between Israel and the Arabian countries towards the end of the year 1976.

89. Dies alles muss geschehen, weil nach Abwendung der grossen Katastrophe bereits wieder neue Wege beschritten werden, um den irdischen Frieden in Frage zu stellen.

89. All this must happen because, after the averting of the great catastrophe, new paths will already be trodden again to place terrestrial peace in question.

90. Dabei spielt Israel eine sehr wichtige Rolle, denn von allen herrschaftsheischenden arabischen Machthabern wird dieser Staat als der Untüchtigste beschimpft werden.

90. Thereby, Israel plays a very important role because this country will be insulted by being called the least competent by all the control-demanding Arabian rulers.

91. Die Israelis daher werden noch für sehr lange Zeit der Grund zu Zwist und Hader, zu Unfrieden, Krieg und Blutvergiessen sein, so wie sie schon seit Jahrtausenden vielfach immer der Grund dafür waren, wofür sie oft selbst die Schuld trugen.

91. That is why the Israelis will still be, for a very long time, the basis for dispute and strife, for discord, war and bloodletting, just as they always, for millennia, were often the basis for that, for which they often bore the blame themselves.

92. Etwas Wichtiges sei dir noch erklärt, dass sich nämlich weltweit verschiedenste Betrüger in Sachen UFOs breitmachen werden und dass du sie niemals aus eigener Initiative des Betruges bezichtigen sollst.

92. Something important is still to be explained to you: namely, that the most varied swindlers in UFO matters will spread worldwide and that you should never, of your own initiative, accuse them of fraud.

93. Berufe dich bei der Nennung der Betrüger immer auf uns, denn diese Angaben stammen von uns und nicht von dir.

93. Always refer to us in regard to the naming of the swindlers because these statements stem from us and not from you.

94. Trotzdem wird es aber so sein, dass man dich für die Nennung der Betrüger verantwortlich machen will und dir nachsagen wird, du würdest alle Kontaktler usw. der Lüge bezichtigen.

94. In spite of that it will, however, be that you will be made responsible for the naming of the swindlers and it will be said of you that you would accuse all contactees, and so forth, of lying.

95. Auch wenn das wirklich nicht so sein wird, wie man von dir zukünftig behauptet, sollst du dich daran nicht stören.

95. Even though that which will be asserted about you in the future will really not be true, you should not disturb yourself about it.

96. Früher oder später wird die Wahrheit durchbrechen, und die Leidtragenden werden jene sein, die dich des Unlauteren bewertet haben.

96. Sooner or later the truth will break through and the mourners will be those who have appraised you as having engaged in something dishonest.

97. Wenn ich und andere von Betrügern sprechen, dann tun wir dies in verantwortlicher Form deshalb, weil wir die Wahrheit und viele Geschehen der Zukunft kennen und so auch die Betrüger erkannt haben und stets erkennen werden.

97. If I and others speak of swindlers then we therefore do this in a responsible way because we know the truth and many events of the future and thus also have recognised, and invariably will recognise, the swindlers.

98. Und deren werden leider viele sein - bewusste wie unbewusste.

98. And there will, unfortunately, be many of them - conscious as well as unconscious.

99. Es ist aber abwegig und irre, wenn später ab dem Jahre 1975 behauptet werden wird, du oder wir würden alle Kontaktler usw. als Betrüger beschimpfen.

99. But it is devious and false if, later, from the year 1975, it is asserted that you or we would insult ALL contactees, and so forth, by calling them swindlers.

100. Das ist wahrlich nicht so, denn wirkliche Kontaktleute sind sehr viele auf der Erde, auch wenn die meisten nur Sichtkontaktler sind oder nichts von ihren Kontakten impulsmässiger Form wissen oder sich so unbewusst in Schweigen hüllen.

100. That is truly not so, because there are actually very many contact people on the Earth, even if most of them only make visual contact or do not know about their contacts, which are in the form of impulses, or because of that they unconsciously wrap themselves in silence.

101. Wenn wir daher davon sprechen, dass nur wenige wirkliche Kontaktleute auf der Erde sind, dann sprechen wir von denen, welchen wir unbewusst Impulse übermitteln und die wahrlich zu einer Mission ausgesucht wurden, auch wenn diese Mission nur unbewusst ist und in mittleren Werten ruht.

101. If we therefore speak of there being only few actual contact people on the Earth, then we speak of those to whom we transmit unconscious impulses, and who were truly sought out for a mission even if this mission is only unconscious and it is of moderate value.

102. Unter diese wenigen aber haben sich bereits Betrüger gemischt, was auch weiterhin so geschehen wird.

102. Swindlers have, however, already mixed themselves among these few, which will also occur in the future.

103. Bis zum Jahre 1975 werden so mindestens sieben (7) weltweit bekanntwerdende Erdenmenschen in Erscheinung treten, die sich in betrügerischer Weise als Kontaktpersonen ausgeben werden; und solche Lügner und Betrüger werden sich massenweise mehren.

103. By the year 1975, therefore, at least seven (7) Earth humans, becoming known worldwide, will appear who will fraudulently present themselves as contact persons; and such liars and swindlers will increase in large numbers.

104. Viele von ihnen werden erst in sehr späten Jahren als Betrüger entlarvt werden.

104. Many of them will be exposed as swindlers only very many years later.

105. Zur gegenwärtigen Zeit leben 2,7 Milliarden Menschen auf der Erde, von denen viele unsere oder andere Strahlschiffe unserer Föderation oder deren uns fremde beobachtet haben.

105. At the present time 2,700,000,000 humans live on the Earth, of whom many have observed our beamships or other beamships belonging to our federation or belonging to those who are strangers to us.

106. Von dieser Masse aber sind nur deren vier Erdenmenschen, die Kontakt mit ausserirdischen Lebensformen hatten oder haben, wobei ich von impuls telepathischen Kontakten spreche.

106. But there are only four Earth humans from this mass who had, or have, contact with extraterrestrial life-forms, whereby I speak of telepathic-impulse contacts.

107. An die Öffentlichkeit traten bisher aber nur sehr wenige von ihnen, um ihr Wissen kundzutun.

107. But, up until now, only very few of them came out into the public to announce their knowledge.

108. Erst in viel späterer Zeit des kommenden neuen Jahrtausends wird ihre Masse grösser, wodurch sich aber auch wieder Betrüger einschleichen werden. -

108. Their mass will increase only in the much later time of the coming new millennium, whereby, however, swindlers will also creep in again. -

109. Du weisst, dass die Zahl derer sehr klein ist, die wirklichen Kontakt mit Ausserirdischen haben.

109. You know that the number of those who have actual contact with extraterrestrials is very small.

110. Es sind wirklich nur einige sehr wenige, eben nur deren vier Personen, aus einer Masse von rund drei Milliarden Erdebewohnern.

110. There are really only some very few, indeed only those four persons, out of a mass of around 3,000,000,000 inhabitants of Earth.

111. So du diese Dinge nun also kennst, sollst du dich am Kommenden nicht erregen, denn insbesondere werden dir zukünftig aus Amerika und der Schweiz sowie aus Deutschland böse und irreale Vorwürfe mit Verleumdungen gemacht.

111. As you therefore know these things now, you should not get upset about that which comes, because, in the future, evil and unreal reproaches and defamations will be made, especially from America and Switzerland as well as from Germany.

112. Künftighin sollen nun deine und meine Worte von dir niedergeschrieben werden.

112. In the future your and my words are to be written down by you.

113. Dies aber wird jedoch erst im Jahre 1964 geschehen, wozu ich dir dann behilflich sein werde.

113. But this will, however, first happen in the year 1964, whereby I will then be helpful to you.

114. Unsere Technik ist soweit entwickelt, dass wir durch sie sämtliche einmal gewonnenen Eindrücke oder gesprochenen Worte usw. selbst noch nach Jahrhunderten in allen Einzelheiten und Worten getreulich der Wirklichkeit wiedergeben können.

114. Our technology is developed so far that, with it, even after centuries, we can still entirely and faithfully reproduce the reality of once-obtained impressions and spoken words, and so forth, in every detail and word.

115. So ist es also nicht wichtig, wenn du erst im Jahre 1964 mit meiner Hilfe alles niederschreiben wirst.

115. So it is therefore not important if you, with my help, only write down everything in 1964.

116. Von Wichtigkeit bei allem ist nur, dass ich jedes gesprochene Wort mithören und auch deine Gedanken, Gefühle und Empfindungen registrieren kann, wodurch sich alles in meinem Unterbewussten einlagert.

116. With all of it, it is only important that I listen to every spoken word and can also register your thoughts, feelings and perceptions, whereby it is all stored in my subconscious.

117. Wenn wir daher ab dem morgigen Tag die Reisen in die Vergangenheit und teilweise auch in die Zukunft unternehmen, wird es von Wichtigkeit sein, dass ich immer in deiner Nähe bin, um alles in meinem Unterbewussten registrieren zu können.

117. Therefore, tomorrow, when we undertake the trips into the past and partly also into the future, it will be important that I am always near to you so I can register everything in my subconscious.

118. Ein weiterer wichtiger Faktor ist der, dass in den verschiedenen Zeitepochen und in den verschiedensten Ländern der Vergangenheit und Zukunft auch verschiedenste Sprachen vorherrschen, die du natürlich nicht beherrschen kannst, da du sie niemals in diesem deinem Leben erlernt hast.

118. A further important factor is that in the various epochs and in the most varied lands of the past and future, the most varied languages also predominate, of which you naturally have no command, because, in this life, you have never learnt them.

119. Dies bedeutet nun aber keine Schwierigkeiten für dich, denn wir verfügen über kleine technische Geräte, die jede Sprache oder sonstige Verständigungs laute in eine gewünschte Form umwandeln.

119. But this signifies no difficulties for you now, because we have small technical devices at our disposal which transform any language or other kind of communicative sound into a desired form.

120. Wir nennen sie dementsprechend auch Umwandler oder Übersetzer.

120. Accordingly, we call them transformers or translators.

121. In ihrem Format sind sie sehr klein und können am Gürtel befestigt werden.

121. They are very small in size and can be fastened to the belt.

122. Ein solches Gerät werde ich dir geben, wodurch du beliebig jede Sprache verstehen kannst und so auch deine Sprache jedem andern verständlich wird.

122. I will give you one such device, whereby you can understand any language as desired, and in this way also your language will be understandable to any others.

123. Nun fühle ich aber Müdigkeit.

123. But now I feel tired.

124. Lass uns daher zum Strahlschiff gehen und uns zur Ruhe legen.

124. Therefore let us go to the beamship and lie down to rest.

(To be continued)


(Translators' notes: in sentence 99, above, the word "alle" (all) is italicized in the original, but is represented in upper case here to circumvent formatting problems.

In sentence 105, it's interesting to note that the 1953-era population figure provided is about a THIRD of its current (2009) estimate.)
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I'm surprised that Asket referred to Kissinger as a man of peace. That's not the Kissinger I know. This will require some deep thinking on what's really happening regarding wars and conflicts. The world has yet to blow up so I guess "they" know what their doing.
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only one im thinking of is henry kissinger.....and this does not seem like the same one. since henry was pursuading bush to start the war.
They must find it difficult...Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather then the truth as the authority

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