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Archive through December 06, 2006

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Registered: 03-2005
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 08:03 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Scott,

Your sure of that eh?
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Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 08:37 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


In Billy’s Book the Rose-Pink Crystal on page 70 it is written. Gilgamesh and 52 crewmembers crashed in the Himalayas approx 20,000 years ago. Gilgamesh survived with two other crewmembers a man by the name of Atlan and a woman named Atlanta. Atlan died as a gladiator during the times of the Romans, and it is not known what happened to Atlanta. They came from a planet named Arkon, and were able to extend their life spans up to 350,000 years by drinking heavy water. Gilgamesh’s lifespan and size have been reduced because of the lack of heavy water available on this planet. According to the information Gilgamesh is still alive and the Plejarens have offered to take him back to his home world, but he prefers to stay on earth.
This is how I understand the story.

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Registered: 03-2004
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 08:54 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Scott. I have not read the Rose Pink Crystal but if it really says that Gilgamesh and company drank heavy water to extend their lifespans, then you have to remember that this book is a story book for children, right? I mean, heavy water is radioactive isn't it and thus deadly in time, not life extending??? Help clear me up on this. I am sure that there must be something I am missing! And by the way, thanks for your response in advance :-)
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Registered: 03-2005
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 08:55 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Then, such a long lifespan for the Anunnaki is not out of the question after all. This story told by the Plejarens could very well be what's behind the famous "Epic of Gilgamesh."

Scott, as I understand it, the Plejarens said that the one we call "Jehovah" was one of their own and that he was a false JHWH. I remember reading that the Plejarens said that they feel somewhat responsible to make amends for that realtive who was a tyrant.

The Anunnaki from Nibiru called En.lil has been proven to be the "Jehovah (actually YHWH) of the OT. Right here seems to be an intimate connection between the Plejarens and the Anunnaki.

What do you think about that?


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Registered: 12-1999
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 06:34 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Yes Thomas that is true what you say, but I have heard this from others as well. It also has been discussed on the German forum. The only discrepancy I have found is the overall length of their lifetimes which ranges from 100,000, 250,000 to 350,000 years old. As I understand, the only difference between water (H20) and heavy water is the nucleous of the Hydrogen atom has a neutron as well as a proton. I don't believe it is radioactive, but I'm not completely sure. It would be a good question to ask Billy next time the questions become open.

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Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - 03:49 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Thomas, I think Heavy water is not normally radioactive. But, as a 'poison' to the humans on earth, it is not that effective, like it doesn't take efect immedeately but IS toxic to us, it replaces the water content in your body slowly, when taken in large quantity could prove fatal. But, Gilgamesh and his people, where ever they are from may have anatomies such that their bodies accept the oxide, but I think such bodies will have problem accepting water. We don't know they could have a small difference in their body functioning other than humans on Earth, though they do look like humans (do they look like humans?? They were giants rite?).
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Registered: 03-2004
Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - 03:54 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello again Scott and thanks for your response. I did some research and indeed it seems, at least according to available info on Earth, , heavy water is indeed radioactive to some degree and also toxic. I agree with you that it is a good question for Billy but I have already submitted my question for this round. If you or anyone else has any further info to post on this subject, I eagerly await it...

Sincerely, Thomas
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Registered: 01-2004
Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - 11:07 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

hello thomas, have you tried talking to jamesa truthseeker?
possibly look into his posts, you may find one about gilgamesh.
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Registered: 03-2005
Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - 02:20 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Thomas,

In looking back over this post, some of the things I have to say seem to be a bit harsh and I apologize for that. Perhaps I do have an overblown sense of frustration over this but I seem to be getting stonewalled -- for months. Why? Maybe it's just my refusal to automatically accept something because a high "authority" said it -- or -- perhaps the high "authority" has left it open ended for a good purpose. I suspect the latter to be the case.

Why not just find out what the ancient written records on earth have to say about it? To me its a very trivial point but the "Epic of Gilgamesh" says that the life-extension was a special plant and Gilgamesh LOST it during his adventures while returning home before it could be fully applied. Gilgamesh "missed out" on the "eternal" life of the gods. At least, that's how I remember that story.

In my estimation it is foolish to ignore those who were much closer to the event (if indeed it ever occurred) than you or I -- or the Plejarens for that matter -- unless -- they WERE the Anunnaki spoken about in tens of thousands of clay tablets which are by far the very oldest writings on earth.

I'm sorry friends and please do not be offended, but I think it is very unwise to take every word the Plejarens or Billy have to say as if it was "divine" speaking not to be questioned.

It is unwise to do that about ANYTHING without testing it experientially.

I do believe that the Plejarens themselves agree -- and -- indeed have said so several times but often seem to be summarily ignored and elevated to "divine" status anyway -- a very human characteristic instilled into us from having been genetically engineered to be in subservience to the Anunnaki "gods" since the beginning of our biokind on planet earth.

Did it ever occur to anyone that some of the things the Plejaresn have to say might be for the express purpose of turning your attention AWAY from viewing them as "gods?" Or -- turning you away from depending upon them to supply you with every little detail which you in no way can prove or put to the test anyway?

I think they want us to grow up and be weened off the godspell altogether.

They might just throw in some items to make you think for yourself even make you mad and alienate themselves. They seem to be very tired of "hero" worship. They have used disinformation in the past as a tool. Why not now?

I think that may be the case with regard to the interconnection between the Plejarens and the ancient ones from, the Anunnaki.

If, for example, the Plejarens WERE the Anunnaki IN THE DISTANT FUTURE having time-traveled back to our time configuration, it is understandable that they would avoid bumping into the PAST VERSION of themselves because that might really become an unbalancing factor in vertical space-time -- but one which they choose NOT to attempt to explain to us because we couldn't possibly relate to the meaning of it in our present unevolved state of consciousness.

This may be the reason they skirt around the issue.

Scott -- I'm waiting for your answer concerning Jehovah/false JHWH/En.lil. According to my very limited understanding, this is the deceiving "god" (or an important one of them, Marduk being another) who has so greatly influenced western civilization and religion putting us under the "godspell" from the moment we are born. The one whom the Plejarens say is one of THEIR OWN -- whom they are quite embarassed about and would like to make amends for the terrible damage he did before they themselves evolved and grew out of it.

Surely you see a big connection here between the Plejarens and the Anunnaki -- or -- am I way off?

Is Ptah and Ptaah really so far apart and unrelated as some want to believe? Or is Ptaah only an extended version of Ptah? An extended version from way ahead in the future when the Plejarens (future Anunnaki) have been without war for a million years? A time in the distant future when the Anunnaki MOVED from to the Plejaren system in a different time configuration and much nearer to the center of the galaxy where evolution directs. The closer to the center of the galaxy, the more evolved.

The past and present Anunnaki are certainly NOT without war amd STILL live on, something which the Plejaren wish to deny -- for whatever reason. In their time configuration where they come from may be long gone. It was always pretty unstable anyway, not to mention its devastating effects on other worlds, not just earth.

I've already been told that I am "way off" but so far there has been absolutely no evidence to support that.

Maybe I'm just stubborn and blind, but I really would like to know -- and WILL find out because I deem it to be of very very significant importance. We (as a biokind) need to KNOW what our past really is in order to learn from it and avoid making the same tragic mistakes over and over again.

So far, no one has given me anything that would contradict this connection -- which seems obvious to me -- and to some other FIGU members as well, I might add. Not the time-travel part but the interconnection -- but I personally don't see how you can have one without the other since the Plejarens have been without war so long. Either they WEREN'T the Anunnaki mentioned in our earliest records -- or -- they are time travelers from the distant future. I think that is a distinct possibility -- indeed, it is logical.

I have yet to encounter a FIGU member who is very knowledgable AT ALL about our ancient records on earth and the ET paradigm concerning them.

Do you have an "approved" reading list? I don't think so but certain works are deemed to be of primary importance such as Billy's writings and the TJ. Most folks are probably emmersed in those works since it will take a lifetime of contemplation to discern them.

They treat all these ancient writing as if they were all distorted myths completely void of any relationship to facts or actual events -- yet the Plejarens say that Gilgamesh was a REAL entity -- yet the story of Gilgamesh (in all its forms) seems to be the most mythological of all. If that story is not mythological metaphore, what about the thousands of others?

Much archeological evidence has been found that supports the ancient writings, so they are not all fantasies, allegories and science fiction.

Many of the Plejaren "followers" shrug it off because it is not "official" doctrine and they seem to be psychologically encouraged (or self-encouraged) not to explore the matter very far and consider it a "waste of time"

Sorry to say it but it sometimes sounds to an "outsider", such as I, like "let the gods themselves tell you what you need to know. Their word is pristine and far superior to that of any earthling, except for Billy of course, just trust them."

I'm sorry, I cannot buy that and to my limited understanding it is far from the message the Plejarens and Billy wish to bring.

That, in my estimation, is a sure formula for continuance of the ancient godspell -- that which Billy and and the Plejarens work so hard to avoid.

Peace, interconnectivity, genuine knowledge about our true past.

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Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - 09:24 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Nestingwave,

I don't have the answer to your question, I have never studied the Anunnaki and my knowledge of earth history is quite limited. I don't think it would be fair to say that FIGU members should be any different from any other human being presently alive in terms of knowledge pertaining to the past. Personally, I don't have a great interest in historical information. My interests lie in learning about spiritual knowledge etc...

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Registered: 03-2004
Posted on Friday, December 01, 2006 - 01:07 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Just a little note from me to all who responded to me about the Gilamesh subject: First thank you for all the input! Second, just to give you my point of view, here is a little bit about my interest on this subject in particular.

I am a person that is trying to be 100 percent open to all possibilities in everything but at the same time I try not to just believe anything unless there is a logical basis for my belief, thus the belief actually becomes knowledge. From this standpoint, I tend toward feeling that Billy Meier is truly who and what he says he is based on all the evidence. However, since I do not exclude the small and unlikely possibility that he has deceived the world, I tend also to be extra vigilant about just accepting things that I have no basis to accept. I have no reason to doubt Billy and he always has a logical explanation for any questions when there is some doubt or confusion about his contact info. Therefore when I see something that rubs me the wrong way because it doesn't fit what I have learned, I tend to not get excited or irritated, but instead I attempt to just find the answer. Usually it leads to new insights and practical information that I and others can really use. Getting back to the topic of Gilgamesh, hearing that Gilgamesh does, or did, have such a long lifespan does not bother me. It is the fact that I have heard that he drinks a substance that is allegedly toxic to Earth humans in order to achieve that. If this is true, then I, for one, would eventually like it if Billy could clarify this subject.

Just my long winded 2 cents worth...

Good day everyone and thanks again for the help!
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Posted on Friday, December 01, 2006 - 05:47 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Have never heard of the Rose Pink Crystal before... sounds interesting. If Gilgamesh has a large lifespan in the 100,000's of years then he must be a very spiritually advanced being...

Scott, do you know his age when his ship crashed 20,000 years ago? It would also be interesting to see if Billy has met him. Just think, 100,000 years of information, a walking spiritual encyclopedia / history book.

Tschüs... Love to all...

rarena ô¿ô

Ancient Lyrian coded to Earth peace meditation:
Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona.

Please see here for correct pronuciation:

Peace be on Earth, and among all beings.
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Posted on Saturday, December 02, 2006 - 12:25 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

g'day everybody

Although it's possible for an extraterrestrial person to live that long using technical and other means to do so, given the information that the more spiritually developed a person is, the longer the lifespan, Gilgamesh's lifespan is so much more than the plejarens, the timars and the sonians put together add tens of more generations.

And if he is still alive, he must be spiritually stagnating from having lived too long as according to the plejaren information ( in my words), it's unatural to extend ones life unduly through technical means and somehow it thwarts the progress of the spirit, just as the gizeh intelligences have done.

Would Gilgamesh by any chance be exerting his influence on the course of earth humanity's history from behind the scenes. I would hate to think of someone, maybe an old God who may now be considered terrestrial, being contrained by some reasons (creative laws like the plejarens not being allowed to directly interfere)) we don't know about not to help earth humanity when they have so much wisdom, knowledge (both spiritual and technical) and power to do so.

I gather that seeing as he may not choose to mingle with us terrestrials, I think it's a remote possibility that he could be the mentioned source known as 'The king of the world', 'The great one', or 'The elder who use to reside in the underground cave system known as the city of Agharti or shambala among many other locations.

Bulwer Lytton mentions, if you members ever heard of him, about the society of 'Vril-Ya' who inhabits the underground world in which he had the occasion of meeting during his adventures in 'The coming race'. Could those that Lytton met underground be a society in which Gilgamesh founded or does it point to the usual culprits, the gizeh intelligences or could this be just speculation without any basis of truth.

I wonder which race Gilgamesh belongs to because in the stone relief carving from Palanque Mexico, it depicts a king sitting on a puma with a head on both ends being served with a crown. Could he have played an important role in south America before or after Quetzalcoatl.

Is the reference to 'The old Gods' who will make themselves known in coming times, especially during the WW3 be pointing to Gilgamesh who will act against the invading western powers to end the insanity?

Since Gilgamesh met the Plejarens, he must have knowledge of Billy and that of the peace meditation. Could he be one among others performing the PM?

I guess the only way we could know for sure everything to do with Gilgamesh is if through billy, the plejarens are willing to impart information concerning him. I don't think we will get it on a silver platter nor would the plejarens put Gilgamesh in harms way if he is still alive. I lament although I know why, that some things were never meant for the current generations of living ones to know as with many other mysteries. Only with much time, little by little will things become self evident and knowable but in the mean time we are just stuck fast, wading through so much degenerate muck within and without before we get to clear water.

Cheers everyone
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Posted on Saturday, December 02, 2006 - 10:30 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

hey matt,
"I guess the only way we could know for sure everything to do with Gilgamesh is if through billy"

why do you say this?
if you are interested in gilgamesh, perhaps you should email james truthseeker. there are more people out there than billy meier, and i have learned that the only way your gonna get the facts you desire is by questioning most of what billy and the plejarens say, and foing out on a real life adventure. when the answers dont come to you, just go to the answers.
from what i have come to see through talking with various individuals aswell as my own thinking, i see that there is numerous individuals and groups that are easily within reach, to get the facts you want.
i took a risk oneday and it paid off, but due to my own choice, i missed a great opportunity.
this opportunity is still there, waiting for me to grasp. it is not difficult to find these people. i dont know if gilgamesh is real, but i have reason to think so. and as long as there is a reason to think so, then there's an opportunity to find out for sure.
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Post Number: 305
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Posted on Saturday, December 02, 2006 - 05:16 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi peter

Well peter, having dealt with Billy's information for some time now, you learn alot of things and that includes needing to corroborate and think about what's been said by billy and the plejarens YET I also feel that some things that us terrestrials has found out so far cannot even come close to what the plejarens can find out with their spiritual and technical powers. So, although reading von danikens books are very informative, nothing cross referenced and cross checked can be for certain other than needing a little faith in the diligent application of logic that arises from much hard research done by him.
Of course the same argument applies to Billy's information as well, as only billy and the plejarens would know for certain that they are either telling the truth, half truth, quarter truth or one eighth of a truth and that none of us here has the apparitus nor the technical means to find out for sure other than using our logical force to gauge to what extent and to what degree a truth expressed is.

I don't assume for a second that taking everything they say as gospel and definitive will in any way help either them or myself.

So basically or simply put, the statement that you need to understand of what I meant was:-
We will not get a definitive answer about Gilgamesh from billy or the plejarens as this task is left to us and time.

I am saying that they have the technical means to find out for sure, if they wanted to.

The means that we terrestrials have in finding out exactly where Gilgamesh is, about his past and present life or whether he had existed at all is limited to dead people's accounts along with what had transpired around Gilgamesh in which people had recorded ieither in parchment or clay tablet, depending on the time.

Because plejaren technology is so advanced compared to us, they were the ones responsible for major achaeological discoveries of the last century through their impulse telepathy.
If they choose now to send to some scientist an impulse telepathy to a major achaeological dig that contains record of Gilgameshes life and times of certain era, then they could because it's possible for them.

You are right in that we need to find out for ourselves, this logic is a given but then part of the process of finding out for ourselves also includes using billy's information as well.

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Post Number: 32
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Posted on Saturday, December 02, 2006 - 07:07 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Regarding this Gilgamesh dude, does he live among people and interact with them? If not, he must be very resourceful. If there is a correlation between lifespan and spiritual development, then he must be very spiritually advanced. The Plejarans are also very spiritually advanced and they have a lifespan of 1,000 years. However, they cannot be in contact with terrestrial humans (other than Billy) due to their high vibrations and our low vibrations. I wonder how it is with him. If he can’t interact with Earth humans, why would he ever refuse an offer to be reunited with the people of his homeworld? Strange.
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Post Number: 26
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Posted on Sunday, December 03, 2006 - 12:07 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Michael D in a Question to Billy dated 30th October got this answer from Billy about truth:

The Plejaren never lied but always spoke about that which they know/knew or thought to be true. If it turned out that what they had looked upon as true, but later turned out to be different etc., they were correcting themselves.
They did not always explain everything they know, but only disclosed parts of information.
On other instances they just answered the questions, but since the questions weren’t precise, they were able to withhold information, etc. etc.

I would like to add that, in all the spiritual teachings that I have read so far, it is clearly expressed that telling the truth is very important, and dishonesty has such a negative effect on one's evolution.

I can't imagine that there would be any point in Billy's mission and the Plejaren involvement, if we had to be concerned about any of them lying.

I have been reading some of the contact notes from 2002, and there are many instances where Ptaah cannot disclose information due to it not being appropriate for various reasons, for our eyes, at this point in our development and our place on this planet.

Believing what is said without thinking about it, and seeing if it is reasonable and logical is good advice for any material. I have questioned almost everything I have ever learned from an early age -- and it got me into alot of trouble at school --- and I will continue to do this --- however, if I trust a source, I am more likely to be less picky and critical of every little detail, looking for discrepancies --- and even if i find discrepancies, I don't always jump to conclusions that it is a sign of lies and deceit.
Sometimes discrepancies in information, gleaned haphazardly in different texts, are only due to not knowing all the facts.

To Nestingwave:
I have read your posts re the Annunaki, and have attempted to respond to some aspects at different times along the way, however, never posted them, as it was a little confusing --- you have a way of expressing yourself, that sounds like you have already presumed the validity of Sitchin's theories --- and unfortunately, any deduction that is made from there is going to be only as good as the validity and truthfullness of the source premise.
There were errors in your logical conclusions in various places, but due to time contstraints, have not had the opportunity to go into it with you.

One thing though, in the contact notes, it says that the Plejaren have only had peace for 50,000 years or so, and this marks the start of Plejaren chronology.
This info can be found in contact 70, p. 183-194.
So, it is not 1 million as you have mentioned --- unless my source is incorrect, which is possible, as have not seen the original, only an account of it.

As I mentioned in another post, as far as Billy and the Plejaren are concerned, the Anunaki and Niburu are myths.

I trust this source, and therefore, will for now, not pursue it, as have more important information to find and process.

Do you really think the Plejaren would lie about this? If they did not know, or if they don't want to say that it is true, I would guess they would not have said that it is a myth, but would have either not mentioned it, or given a less specific response.

Anyway, it seems to me that you have already decided that the Anunaki and the Plejarens are one and the same, even though they would deny that -- and I don't agree that someones name that is similar to one from the past necessarily implies a connection. That is not logical --- even though in some instances, a parent may name a child after a famous person --- there is no evidence of Ptaah being in any way connected to Ptah that you mention, or Semjase with Semjasa.

You of course can spend your time any way you wish, however, seems a waste of time to attempt to connect these things at the expense of spending that time on other things offered in the material from Billy, that may change your life.

Your knowledge of Sitchin's work is vast, and to be commended --- don't get me wrong --- I just have not got the inclination to go there with you at this time.


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Posted on Sunday, December 03, 2006 - 11:19 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

hey there newinitiation...
"I am saying that they have the technical means to find out for sure, if they wanted to. "
i see, so why not just say that, the first statement was a whole lot different then the above explanation. causes a little confusion.

it's a shame you seem to regard billy and sitchin as the only ones with a working knowledge of gilgamesh.
do you think that an average everyday person wont have any knowledge of interesting (historicaly significant)people, and the events surrounding them?

"The means that we terrestrials have in finding out exactly where Gilgamesh is, about his past and present life or whether he had existed at all is limited to dead people's accounts along with what had transpired around Gilgamesh in which people had recorded ieither in parchment or clay tablet, depending on the time."
is this truly what you think is the case?
maybe you are limited to those areas, but dont speak on behalf of everybody else. that's not logical. for one i can tell you, a person does'nt have to have written books about ancient history or the spirit to be able to offer some decent knowledge on the topicwe speak about.
but i dont want to make yo ufeel like i am arguing with you... because i am not,
so rather than going out and following possible leads, to try to find gilgamesh (pershaps he would not want to be found), you instead would rather try to find the proof in books?

are you saying that all major archeological finds are the product of plejaren impulses?
i doubt that very much. but then that's a hard one to prove either way. :-)
i think theyare much less greater then some people seem to imply. let's be honest. they have high technology and a high chance of making great mistakes, i can think of a number of scenarios which would make a plejaren capable of being quite careless and ignorant.
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Posted on Sunday, December 03, 2006 - 05:00 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

You all have to think about the rights of this alleged Gilgamesh to have an ordinary existence, i mean if the plejaren unveil his identity and his location, this "man" would be taken prisoner and exhibited as a circus creature, in a very inhumane way.(Or what`s worse, killed and his corpse used for forensic studies).His privacy, freedom and free will would be seriously damaged, and the plejaren/billy know that is against creational law.

It`s the duty of the plejaren not to tell the world the location of Gilgamesh in order to protect his life.Their directives do not permit to put any creature in danger if it is not based on self-defense.Of course Billy and the plejaren can tell the exact location of Agartha, the Yeti and Gilgamesh, but doing so they would cause infinite harm.

Most of earth mankind is not mature enough yet to deal with the existence of extraterrestrials/intraterrestrials.
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Posted on Sunday, December 03, 2006 - 06:28 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Robyn,

This is PART 1.

Thank you for your comments. If the Plejarens have been without war for 50,000 earth years they cannot BE the Anunnaki -- unless -- they are the Anunnaki 50,000 years in the future from us. WHY? Because, in our present time, the Anunnaki HAVE NOT overcome war but still have a FINAL chapter to the ancient conflict between En.lil and BUT -- it WILL be their final conflict that allows them to overcome WAR completely -- AND allows US to eventually overcome war completely and allows US TOO to become part of the galactic federation and be genuine space-travelers.

This conflict that we humans are now going through is VERY INTERCONNECTED with the ancient Anunnaki internicene conflict. VERY interconnected.

THAT particular conflict IS the driving force behind what you are seeing in the mid-east today. That ancient battle is in its final hours as every hour brings more news of growing chaos. How much? It will depend a lot on HOW we view whats happening and what to do about it. Of course, the Peace Meditation is perhaps the most practical thing. If folks are honest, the Peace Meditation is HARD to be consistent with and that is because many forces OPPOSE that Peace Meditation. The very currents and negativity of the world must be overcome to just sit down and DO IT twenty minutes eight times a month. When a persona SEES how absolutely important that Peace Meditation IS -- THEY WILL DO IT REGULARLY because it will become a PRIORITY.

The Plejarens have come from the future. They have come to bring us the pure spiritual teachings without alteration. Why now? Because, this is the final conflict and it is NOW that all humans on planet earth must make a choice -- will we serve Creation and the web of life? Or -- will we serve our own selfish interests. THAT IS the conflict of the ages. And -- it is NOW about to be resolved as RETURNS on its natural cycle and brings (60 to 110 years from now according to the scientists who are watching it) a POLE SHIFT and gigantic cataclysm which CANNOT be avoided and will not be avoided.

The prophesies of WW3 by the Plejarens -- AND MANY OTHERS BY THE WAY -- does NOT have to happen, but if it does, it will be SOON -- BEFORE makes its regular passage.

ALL the planets including Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Earth are RIGHT NOW experiencing the effects of that HUGE red planet. It is the number ONE coverup of all time -- and anyone can imagine why.

I have some unusual information that PROVES to me that this is indeed the case. IS a MYTH -- BUT -- nevertheless, it CAN be seen through a telescope and indeed HAS been photographed through the Hubble and indeed IS being photographed RIGHT NOW through the brand new observatory set up at the SOUTH POLE FOR THAT VERY REASON. COMES IN FROM THE SOUTH AND ALWAYS HAS. The ancient records are MYTHS BUT they do not lie about that and the GEOLOGICAL records PROVE that these pole shifts happen naturally REGULARLY. But, NOT every time the planet goes by -- which is SUPPORTED by the ancient records kept by the gods and the humans they mentored -- many times with true love.

BUT -- there IS remaining a FACTION of the Anunnaki who still want control control control and it is because of this conflict between the Anunnaki which STILL RAGES that WE earthlings are caught RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. However, those Anunnaki who are FOR the spreading of the Laws and Directives of Creation are FULLY on the side of homo sapiens sapiens AND the statement has been made (and signed) that -- THE EARTH IS FOR HOMO SAPEINS SAPIENS ONLY AND CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY ANY OTHER BIOKIND. Our mentor Anunnakis AGREE with that. The controlling ones do not.

Sorry this is so long Robyn. In fact, I'm putting the rest of what I have to say in a separate post.

I just want to empahsize that this in NO WAY means that the Plejarens are "lying". It only means that this situation has aspects to it that are only NOW being unveiled.

Peace be upon the earth and among all beings.

nestingwave -- MORE IN THE NEXT POST
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Okay Robyn -- here is PART 2.

Why don't the Plejarens just tell us everything? BECAUSE they want US US US to use our OWN minds (not just depend upon them as omnicient gods as do many folks that I run into).

They want US to figure it out because in so doing the depth of this will SINK INTO US.

These things I am discssing are VERY important to as to how we deal with the downward spiral that is now taking place all around us.

I have so far seen nothing from anyone to show that this following statemnt is not accurate -- although the Plejarens will NOT say it for OBVIOUS reasons.


The Plejarens are TIME TRAVELERS. They ARE the ones called the Anunnaki. HOWEVER, they exist 50,000 years ahead of us in a different time configuration (according to THEM.)

50,000 years in our future, they no longer live on and it probably does not even EXIST 50,000 from now counting from our time. The Plejarens overcame WAR and EVOLVED RAPIDLY (exactly as we will) to the point that 50,000 years from now they live in the Plejaren system which is MUCH CLOSER to the galactic center -- WHERE -- MORE evolved beings live. The higher evolved a being is, the closer to the galactic center they live.

The Plejarens ARE the Anunnaki. THEY genetically engineered homo sapiens sapiens in their early development. They gradually LEARNED the responsibilities involved in genetically engineering a biokind (us) The (serpent clan) faction of the Anunnaki LOVED us -- with a few exceptions. Nin.har.sag (the archetype MOTHER GODDESS) loved us. Nin.gish.zidda (who was Thoth in Egypt) also loved us. Marduk wanted to control us (and still does.)

Here is yet another parallel between the Anunnaki and the Plejarens. The Plejarens state very definitely that the one called "Jehovah" of the OT has DIED. They even give a date for his passing away.

Guess what? En.lil ALSO is dead according to the Anunnaki records. Conincidence? I think synchronicity is a better word.

The OTHER faction of the Anunnaki (which consisted of elements from BOTH clans) never stopped wanting to CONTROL us -- such as En.lil (Ram clan) and especially MARDUK (son of who has a totalitarian mind set more like En.lil's than his homo sapiens sapiens loving father,, who originally genetically engineered homo sapiens sapiens IN A LABORATORY to be a "primitive worker" in the Anunnaki gold mines. Sir Flanders Pietri, one of the most famous archeologists of all times, FOUND an Anunnaki gold mine in South America -- THAT FINDING WAS SUPPRESSED and Sir Flanders was almost drummed out of his field. Fortunately, although the main archeologist journals would not publish his findings -- he DID publish them -- and they were almost immediately REMOVED. The Anunnaki are VERBOTEN!

Lawrence Gardner documents this case.

These "MYTHS" are the BASIS of ALL the religions that ever sprung up on planet earth. MARDUK as RA in Egypt invented the Egyptian religion AND PRIESTCRAFT to control the minds and souls of men.

Nin.gish.zidda (Thoth) on the other hand -- gave mankind ALL the true knowledge and teaching of the Anunnaki via the "mystery" schools which later became the heterodox (sometimes gnostic) position so persecuted by the inquisitions of Catholicism up till this very day -- INCLUDING the TJ and the Plejarens teaching and Billy's teaching about the tyranny of controlling religion vs the true spiritual Laws and Directives of Creation.

Perhaps you can help me here. Or perhpas SOMEONE can help me.

The Plejarens have stated that the one we called Jehovah (which is a mistranslation of a word into english, its actually YHWH) was ONE OF THEIR OWN. Is that accurate? They said, and I fully agree, that Jehoavah was a FALSE YHWH. En.lil WAS a false YHWH (JHWH) indeed. It was En.lils son Nan.nar acting as the JHWH WHO CALLED ABRAM. Nan.nar was just the opposite from his father En.lil.

The ties between the Anunnaki called En.lil and the OT Jehovah are very strong. Too strong to be a conincidence.

Robyn, I have been blessed by the Plejarens spiitual teaching and have, to the best of my ability, adopted those teachings into my life -- even though I do not speak German and have undoubtedly not read ALL of their material.

However, what I have read (and applied) of their spiritual teachings are beyond value. I have no quarrel at all with the Plejarens. They are my friends and mentors -- but NOT masters or gods.

Do I believe Sitchin? Since, as you admit, you are not all that familiar with him, you have no idea of the mountain of credible PHYSICAL evidence he presents for his (admittedly) way out (fringe) paradigm.

With regard to the ancient past knowledge, the Plejarens have made statements, but they are vague compared with Sitchin and not at ALL backed up as Sitchin's are backed up.

Therefore, yes, I think Sitchin is very credible. Do I buy into everything he says? Absolutely NOT. However, it is foolish to ignore the physical evidence he presents for his case.

The Plejarens have presented NO such evidence -- however, because of their incredible knowledge (although I seem to have to keep reminding folks that they are NOT omnicient nor gods and do not wish to be regarded as such) I TRUST what they have to say even without evidence to back it up.

However, I do not BLINDLY trust them OR Sitchin or ANYONE.

I'm trying to unravel a mystery that the Plejarens, probably for a very good reason, wish to SKIRT AROUND.

My friend, there IS a connection between the Plejarnes and the Anunnaki. A very BIG one.

You seem to not understand that a MYTH is NOT a LIE. WE LIVE BY MYTHS. The Plejarens are a MYTH. JMMMANUEL is a MYTH. CREATION is a MYTH. A MYTH is NOT a LIE. A MYTH is a way of communicating ULTIMATE TRUTH.

When the Plejarens say "the Anunnaki and Nibiru are a MYTH" they are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. But, they, unlike so many, KNOW that a MYTH is NOT a LIE.

Sorry, for all the caps, I really don't mean to shout just show where the emphasis is on my words for the sake of communication.

Read Joeseph Campbell and others and FIND OUT what a "MYTH" REALLY IS. That will give you a different PERSPECTIVE when the Plejarens say "its all a myth". THEY TOO ARE A MYTH friend.

Please, just answer me this one thing. WHAT IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN -- Jehovah of the OT, the Plejarens and the Anunnaki called En.lil? Or -- just inform me about the connection between Jehovah and the Plejarens. I've read it but cannot put my finger on it at the moment.

THEY ARE ALL A MYTH by the way -- and NONE of them is a LIE NONE.

I hope you understand what I am saying. There is EVIDENCE for the genentic engineering of the human race by SPECIFICALLY --, Nin.har.sag and Nin.gish.zidda -- ALL Anunnakis from Yes, its a myth -- but NOT a lie.

For example, Nin.har.sag IS the archetype goddess. She was the chief medical officer of the Anunnaki who, along with used the knowledge contained in the MEs to do something that the Anunnaki had NEVER done before -- gentically engineer a biokind -- US.

She IS the MOTHER GODDESS of the human race who CARRIED the very first homo sapien sapien in her womb ACCORDING TO mountains of ancient tablets recorded right here on plaent EARTH -- SOME OF THEM WRITTEN DOWN by the "gods" themselves. Nin.har.sag is ISIS (a myth) -- and the basis for ALL the stories of the VIRGIN giving birth to the sent one. Like Isis/Horus. Mary/Jesus. AND Mary/Jmmanuel. ALL myths.

You CANNOT separate the TJ from the ancient MYTHS. I can show you right now places in the TJ that are a rewrite of the Egyptian myths -- the TJ is ALSO not a pristine manuscript -- same as the NT. It DOES NOT stand alone from that MYTH -- even though the "virgin birth" is a spaceman father (Gabriel) and an EARTH woman (Mary). This spaceman/earth woman MINGLING IS ONE OF OUR PRIMARY ANCIENT MYTHS.

Of course, Mary was not a "virgin" but a YOUNG WOMAN exactly as the correct translation of the Hebrew says in Isaiah. The "vigin" MYTH got started with Nin.har.sag (the MOTHER of the Adama) who CARRIED the first homo sapiens sapiens inside her womb -- BUT THE ZYGOT WAS IMPLANTED there. There was NO intercourse in that production. THAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE MYTH and is written down right there in the most ancient writing on earth.

It is really quite amazing.

Anyhow, I do not mean to rant although is probably sound like it. I do appologize for that but if you knew about some of the things I have recently discovered you would understand. They are thing which cannot be discussed here at the moment and they have produced a TREMENDOUS SYNTHESIS and paradigm shift in my consciousness.

Thanks for listening to this.

I'll shut up now and allow you and others to talk about what ever you want to. I will look for some comments but I also realize that this is VERY unstable ground. However, I feel it is a VERY important key to unlock the box. A sort of -- AHA!

Peace be on the earth and among all beings.

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If Gilgamesh is still alive and amongst us, I think we would know, as he is reported in the 69th contact to have been 7.5 metres tall. A kind of stand out in the crowd height :-)

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Gilgamesh belongs to a race of "shape changers" (Gestaltwandler, Morphogenese) and he is able to change the form and size of his body. He did adjust his body - internal and external - to his "surroundings". His native planet no longer exists and has been destroyed in a catastrophe. It had existed 20 million lj. away from Earth in a spiral galaxy known as M 94, NGC 4736. (Source: Contact Report #222 of February 3, 1988.)

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