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Archive through March 27, 2011

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Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 08:44 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

DO you konw about Rudolf Steiner and leadbeater?
How do you think of the fourth picture in
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Hello Billy,

I have never really understood the nature of the storage banks. Can it be compared to something like fluidal forces which store vibrations/information, or is it something entirely different?

Thank you
Scott Baxter

The storage banks are permanently existing electromagnetic vibrations. They are "fed" by the human beings' consciousness-related energies which are also electromagnetic vibrations.
Fluidal forces are also electromagnetic vibrations, but of a different kind than those which are stored in the storage banks. You could compare the difference as different frequencies.

An analogy: If you say a word, it is and means the same thing as when you write the word; just in a different level/frequency.


Hello and Love and light To All

Thanks in advance Billy for taking time & energy to answer my/our questions

Ive done searchs where i can on various subjects to gain what answers i can on various things of interests but i would directy ask what iam NOt 100% sure about to Billy to get
his/plejarans view. so my question is: When we go the the cemetry to visit and pay respects and lay flowers for our departed ones, Do they know (fuidal enrgy in the fine matter realm) or are they 'Aware' can see or know in spirit that we are there? or pick up on our thoughts or vibrations? Can those fluidal energy that are here follow,watch,guide,protect or help us/family/friends in any way?


Fluidal forces have no brain and no personality and can, therefore, neither watch, guide or know etc.
It is possible, however, that human beings can "feel" the fluidal forces of other people or diseased people. You could compare the effect with a presentiment/foreboding/premonition or hint that something pleasurable or dangerous etc. is looming, coming or imminent.


Greetings Dear Billy.

Concerning subatomic particles which are the source of free energy that powers suitably configured devices.

Is this an identical energy which is the cosmic life force that "powers" living beings or is that a different finer consciousness level grouping of particles ?

So are there one, two or even possibly three levels of this and the final part ..... is there a cosmic life force which powers the spirit ?


The spirit is powered by THE cosmic life force.
What do you mean with "free energy"? The term that is used by the esoterics?
Subatomic particles are not the same thing as the cosmic life force.


Hello Billy and Christian,

On this planet with way too many people, religion is everywhere. Almost at every turn, you will see some kind of religious symbol or building. There are too many churches and it is very hard to ignore them.

Since you and the FIGU group know that there is no such thing as a creator-god and many other people don't belive in a creator-god, it is very hard to express that openly in a time period where religion is out of control. An Atheist is a person who denies the exsistance of a creator god, diety, or a supreme being.

Now, I'm a person who knows for sure that there is no such thing as a creator-god. Thanks to you Billy and the Plejarens for providing me and many other people about the fact that there is no creator-god. But, I keep it secret from my family and my friends. There were organized civilizations before religion and a concept of a creator-god came to be. each person would be identified as the meber of there race and the place where they live at.

Billy, if a religious person comes up to you and the FIGU members and ask you what religion you follow: What would you and the FIGU members tell him or her?


If anybody is asking, we say "I don't believe in god, or in a god."
We are standing by our opinion/thinking.


Billy, if I'm not mistaken it's possible to receive impulses from the storage banks if one reads the German original contact reports. However I would like to know if it is also possible to receive impulses if one were to read the English translations of the contact reports that are maybe good translations but not necessarily perfect translations?

No. The "Contact Reports" contain no code.
The code does exist in German texts only (in spiritual teaching texts).


Hello Billy,
What are the 3 races visiting earth? or where do they come from?
Thank you for your time.

Billy doesn't know (and the Plejaren don't know as well).


Hello Eduard,

Firstly I would like to wish you a pleasant and calm day on February 3rd. Also I wish to portray my thanks to Ptaah and Quetzal for the recent population count.

Billy, now that the human population has boomed over 8.1 billion, with no signs of any real change on the earth, by human beings in their irresponsibility towards the ever increasing overpopulation problem, what can still be done to reduce the affects on our planet and in our lives?

To elaborate on my question:
It is clear to myself and many who are and are not aware of the Figu material that things are changing for the worse in our climate, in countries and the oceans due to overpopulation. Floods, snowstorms, permafrost melting, desertification and much more. It is also clear, which you have spoken about before, that earth humans are past the point whereby all these things could be avoided.

This leads me back to my question on what can still be done to reduce these affects. How is it possible to bring about a change in our societies, political persons, the religious erroneous teaching and so on?

It seems no one is listening or are just avoiding the issue and the few that are trying to bring about awareness are not making enough progress however much they try or are just avoiding the issue.

Thanks for you time,

The only way to bring about a change to the better over several hundreds of centuries is to immediately enforce a radical birth stop, and to stop polluting the air and environment.
Nothing else will really help.
All those debates and conferences about the climate change or the exchange of carbon dioxid certificates or increasing the price of gasoline etc. etc. are stupid and a waste of time. All of this will bring NO success in any way.

(Note by CF: All the governments are criminally neglecting their responsibility of confronting the population with the hard facts and to immediately introduce measures that are dealing with the problem at its roots, and not just smear cosmetics over the catastrophic misery.)


Hi Billy, I hope you are keeping warm.
Can you tell us what is the purpose of these orbs, which you say are bio-organic life forms? Do they go to the places which need the most help? Are they attracted to ley lines, vortexes or sacred grounds? Are they the cause of the 5% of crop circles which cannot be explained?
Thank you in advance for your response and if you can't answer to protect them, I understand.

No, Billy doesn't know the purpose of the orbs.


Dear billy.
Billy I want to know if you know something about the sirens and "mytological" lifeforms.
In youtube I saw some videos of some dead corpses of sirens on the bitch of some islands far away from civilizations, These reports of dead sirens happen mainly after the pasing of hurricanes. I have seen some sirens that have carnivore appearence (with very sharp teeth) and I had seen sirens half fish ans half human.

Does the extraterrestrials told you something to you about these elussive creatures?
What do you know bout this?

from my part I'm esceptic, I need physical proof to be sure of the existence of the sirens, but I have the doubt planted in me.

The Sirenes, just as other similar lifeforms, are pure mythology. In some cases, like the Zentaurs, reality has been interwoven with fantasy.
If you remain sceptic and doubtful, you are on the right track.


Guten Tag Billy and Christian,

I would like to ask a question regarding ADHD, or Attendion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Adults with this disorder can barely keep a job or develop themselves professionally, because they lose attention focus quickly. Both children and adults having this disorder can not keep attention on something they have to do, like study, or work, and they tune out. It is possibly caused by stressful early family life promoting the flight and fight response, tuning out being the "flight" response. One way to understand ADHD neurologically is "lack of inhibition", a chronic underactivity of the prefrontal cortex. The cerebral cortex in the frontal lobe is not able to do its job of prioritizing, selection and inhibition. The brain, flooded with multiple bits of sensory data, thoughts, feelings and impulses cannot be still. My simple question is: Is it possible to turn around this disorder by way of the concentration exercises, or is it more deeply rooted than that, like for example, does it have to do with depression? And if it is possible to turn the disorder around by way of the concentration exercises, how does one "force" the mind to start to focus its attention on something while not overburdening the individual into uselessness? Thank You.

Billy is no doctor and, therefore, cannot answer your question, especially since he does not know the cause of ADHD.


Dear Billy and Christian:

Thank you for the response, I do understand better now what is positive degeneration and now I can think of many many more examples here on earth.

I read a little bit of the history of Henok and what I don’t understand and I am having conflicts with is the following: If the Lyrian group of people, who lost their capacity to fight, were very advanced in technology I supose, why did they feel the need to create new humans instead of building robots that they could control with a button or a switch. Didn’t they know that creating new humans would involve having a spirit in them, and therefore they themselves could reincarnate in this new “fighters” humans. I can think of more problems coming from this, then my question would be: why the need of creating human life instead of artificial “fighters” machines”?

Thank you very much for your time and many greetings to both of you, Salome Marcela

Robots, or androids, are more dangerous than genetically manipulated human beings. In a human being there always remains some "good" factors and at leasts remains of a conscience, which is not the case when androids are stepping over a limit and are turning towards eliminating human beings. The Sirians (not Lyrians) were aware of this.

Btw: While it is a necessary part of progress that robots and androids are and will be created here on Earth, there looms a great danger behind all of this: When robots or androids are capable to think independently, they may start to duplicate themselves and start to eliminate their creators: the human beings.


Clarification on the last Question:
"A theory of everything (TOE) is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle."
- more information on wiki

"String theory is a developing theory in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity.[1] It is a contender for the theory of everything (TOE), a manner of describing the known fundamental forces and matter in a mathematically complete system. The theory has yet to make testable experimental predictions, which a theory must do in order to be considered a part of science."

I thought this theory might exist because it might define OM, so i am guessing from your reply that it doesn't exist.
Question for this round:
How many pure concepts are there?
I don't understand why there isn't an infinite number of pure concepts.
Picture a person counting to infinity isn't each concept of mathematics a pure concept? or mathematics is the foundation and the outcome is core pure concept that we need to conceive.

Billy doesn't know it.


Hello, Mr. Eduard Albert Meier, sir.

Thank you kindly for answering all of my previous questions, sir. I don't know how you have seen the things you have seen and not gone crazy or something, sir.

My current question, sir, has to do with the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake that you said is something that cannot be prevented. You said this Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake is going to be a 9.0 Earthquake and parts of the Pacific Northwest are going to be devastated by both the Earthquake and a subsequent Tsunami.

My question is: Will any of the Hawaiian Islands be adversely affected by this Earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami in the same way the Pacific Northwest will be affected?

Thank you kindly, sir, and be well.

Of course the Hawaiian Islands will also be affected.
In the coming times more and more severe catastrophes will occur, and the Hawaiian Islands, just as other islands, will disappear into the sea.

(Note by CF: In this context it may probably be of interest to those persons who are really pondering about leaving an area where there is the greatest danger of being hit by a catastrophe. Besides moving away from more or less active vulcanos or cities and villages that are located on the borders (vaults) of tectonic plates (e.g. "fire ring" around the Pacific), people should move to land that is at least 70 meters above sea level. Also avoid living at the shore of lakes or near river banks or on steep slopes, or beneath reservoirs.)


Herr Meier.

I have a question regarding a section that is present in the OM and also in the contact reports. It is a teaching presented by Semjase in contact 11. She says:

105. Everything that the human being inherits, everything that he brings with him from the past through billions of existences, everything that he, in this life or in past lives, has enjoyed, known, read, learned, or experienced lies hidden not in his subconscious but in the memory banks.
105. Alles, was der Mensch ererbt, alles, was er durch milliardenfache Existenzen aus der Vergangenheit mitbringt, alles, was er in diesem oder in einem vergangenen Leben genossen, gekannt, gelesen, gelernt oder erlebt hat, liegt nicht in seinem Unterbewusstsein, sondern in den Speicherbänken verborgen.

106. Therefore, he does not master the technique of concentration, and therefore, he does not command his subconscious and does not make full use of all his knowledge and capability.
106. Darum beherrscht er also nicht die Technik der Konzentration und darum befiehlt er nicht seinem Unterbewusstsein und macht nicht vollen Gebrauch von all seinem Wissen und Können.


110. When this happens and when the human being recognizes his spirit, the whole abundance gathered in previous lives will arise again in knowledge and wisdom, capability, freedom, love, and peace and will richly benefit him, once he learns to get all these values from the memory banks and to utilize them himself.
110. Wenn das geschieht und wenn der Mensch seinen Geist erkennt, wird die ganze in früheren Leben gesammelte Fülle an Wissen und Weisheit, Können, Freiheit, Liebe und Frieden wieder erstehen und ihm reichlich zugute kommen, wenn er lernt, all diese Werte aus den Speicherbänken zu holen und sich nutzbar zu machen.

This section was updated with the help of Ptaah, but the updated version does not make sense to me. Here it says that the human does not master concentration because everything that was inherited from past lives is in the memory banks. Same with not being able to command the subconsciousness. This does not make sense to me. So when a person does master concentration, does that mean that he/she is able to access the memory banks?

Also, it would be good if you could give an explanation as to why the initial version was presented, because some of sentences are quite different in the updated version.

Thank you and Salome!

Sentence #106 means that the human being does not master the technique of concentration (at least not concerning his subconsciousness). If he would be capable, he could have access to his own knowledge from the storage banks.
The fact that the terrestrial human being is not capable of this concentration is part of nature's "safety measure" to prevent that the human beings are going crazy. There are already enough human beings living on this planet who cannot cope with their life and are killing themselves (suizide), get addicted to all kinds of drugs and alcohol, etc.


Hi Billy,

My question today is about "nature spirits". Please describe their purpose in life, their level of intelligence and their visual appearance.

Thank you very much,


Billy knows that they exist (he has seen one at the Semjase Silver Star Center; we even have an imprint of the fairy's tiny imprints on a piece of clay), but he doesn't know their purpose. They are very small human beings, with the ability to change (switch) dimensions.

(Note by CF: Since Billy has never spoken with one of them (Little people; fairies; …), he cannot judge their intelligence.)


Dear Billy

I have a friend by the name of Victor who has terminal cancer to his lungs and the doctors have given him several months to live.
I guess right now its important for him to maintain his peace of mind so as to prevent undue stress which will make his condition worse and for those around him to remain relaxed around his presence so as to encourage good feelings and vibes to enable him to do so.
My question is, what is the best approach, ways, conduct, behaviour and actions besides projecting loving feelings to him and looking after his material concerns should those around him engage in so that it will help him best in the road to his passage to the beyond?

Thank you Billy

The best approach is to keep up a normal contact as before. Perhaps the frequency of visits may be increased (if it is okay for the friend/patient). You can ask him if there is anything he needs.
You don't have to change your approach, but continue with the one of before. Don't play a role before him.


As this is my first time communicating directly to anyone associated with FIGU within Switzerland I would like to greet everyone with a fond hello. I've been reading your contacts and material for almost two years now as well as almost the entire portion from the questions asked to you on these forums so please forgive me if I ask anything that's already been covered. With that said my first question correlates towards transplantation of an organ from another body, specifically the kidney. From the 42nd Contact 66/67th sentence Semjase mentions of two great dangers which I'm aware of the first, the complete destruction of immunization of the body. But the second factor from sentences 70 to 71 she mentions of a strange transmitted fluidum.

I've been through two kidney transplants in my lifetime of twenty eight years thus far. My question concerns of how these strange fluidums are working in absolute certainty against the indwelling forces of my body and which also is stated that it brings many dangers including body and spirit degenerating factors as well. Can you specify this any further informatively? Thank you

I hope the best of health to everyone.
Sincerely, Derrick

Each person is different from each other and, therefore, it's up to you to detect any "strange" influences on your behaviour or personality.
The degenerative factors have an impact – in a greater or minor extent – on the body and the consciousness, but not on the spirit.

(Note by CF: If you detect/realize any negative influence you can counteract and try to neutralize the effect. Since you are aware of the possibility of influences from the fluidal forces of the donator's organ, you can control yourself: your thinking and feelings.
And another thought: Be aware and do not imagine strange influences when there are none, or just minor ones.)


Hello Billy,

You, as well as your previous incarnations all share birthdays in early February.
What is the significance of people born in early February in relation to astrology and their destiny in life as well as the precise days which are appropriate?

There are some general influences by the Central Sun on the characteristics of human beings, depending on the time of the year a person is born. But these are playing a minor role in one's life.

Regarding the prophets it can be said that this has been a "Fügung", with some cosmic influences. But all of this has nothing to do with astrology as it is understood today.

It's up to each human being to get hold of one's life and be the master of one's course of life.

(Note by CF: If you take 5 persons who are born on February 3rd, at 11:00 am, you will notice that not all of them will become a prophet and that they are quite different personalities.)


Dear Christian and Billy,

What is the long-term goal of the Mission, and is it on track?


The spreading of love, peace, freedom and harmony on Earth.
The Mission is on track, albeit at the beginning of the actual phase.


Hello Billy

I have seen many interviews with people who have had near death experiences. Most all claim to see a beautiful place that has a great sense of peace and love associated with it. Some are given a choice to stay or go back. Some report having electrical appliances blow up around them afterwards. Is there a life review at the time of death or is this all just in their imagination?



Dear Billy,

I have a question about the creation of Universal Love in a human.
It’s my assumption that Universal Love goes through the process as described in spirit lesson 122; pages 1496-1499 (Wahrnehmung – Erkennung- Kenntnis – Erkenntnis – Wissen – Erfahrung –Weisheit)

Between "Erfahrung" and Weisheit there is "Erleben" (= to live it).

First of all I am thinking that the recognition and creation of Universal Love requires a very thorough knowledge and wisdom of the natural-creative laws and recommendations, but also a very high level of selfishness (freedom of Ego factors like materialism, etc. not to be mistaken with the Self).
Next to that, the creation of Universal love is a process that happens as ‘doppelsphärenvorgang’ process, it enables the Gemüt to emit Universal Love which will be received by the Psyche which will cause it to be in a state of harmony with the Gemüt, effectively balancing / neutralizing all thought and feeling vibrations. (this would also explain why Semjase wasn’t harmed when you effectively had ‘killed’ all your feelings and she had to act very quickly, to ‘restart’ your feelings)
I would like to know your thoughts about this.
Thank you.

\blueUnselfishness, not selfishness.

Universal love must be achieved through the process you describe above. This process is running/effected through the consciousness. You have to live it.

Regarding the "killed feelings": Different factors were playing a role.}


Hi billy ,
I would like to know when did the pharos royalty started or in another word where did they come from?after all they were called gods at that time.
Thank-you and peace always be upon you.

Billy doesn't know.


Dear Billy

Thanks for your recent answer that all spirit-forms are evolved from one universal type of spirit-form.

If I understand correctly, all spirit-forms were the same and equal in all aspects before their first incarnation.

My question is : What is the mechanism that decides which spirit-form is to be incarnate as bacteria, plant, mammal and human being? Is this a kind of luck, fate or just by random chance?


None of them. It's a "Fügung".


Dear Teacher Billy :

Thank you for your previous response about “vorausschaunde Wahrtraume”-forsighted true-dreams
My next question is : How can I neutralize (psychological )traumas , and bad habits from my childhood ???

As an oldest daughter of a large family I had to do many chores relating to taking care of my siblings , but for some reason I was the type of child who suddenly “stayed still” - like in a “contemplating mode” just with open eyes but immobile. - My parents and any grown up people in my family despised this so much that when they caught me in the act they yelled at me and used to called me names. They gave me such a bad time until I reduced this behavior to the minimum this so called bad habit of “ wasting time “ as my mom uses to call it . My husband says that that is called being a “day dreamer”, but I wasn’t dreaming .. I was thinking of NOTHING .. just not thinking , it’s kind a weird , but I remember feeling good actually! , just hearing my breathing , or feeling the cold wind in between my clothes and my eyes open staring at (any point in particular ) . However I find this “ special mode” very related o alike to meditation , so now when I meditate I feel some type of guilt or uneasy feeling, like I’m doing something wrong .
Salome and Feliz, prospero , fructifero , creacional Año Nuevo 2011 !!!
Happy ,prosperous,fruitfull , creational new Year 2011 !!


This could really be a form of meditation, nothing to worry about. Many people would like to attain a state of mind like the one you describe. Be glad about it. There's no reason to feel guilty.


Greetings Billy & Christian.

Many religious leaders in Judaism, Islam, Quakers, Sufis, Sihks, Hindus, & others, have very long beards, not unlike your own. Is there any significance to such beards and your beard in particular, Billy? Or in your case, in this life, is it more of personal preference? Have all the prophets had long beards; is it something inherent in spiritual wisdom?

I realize there is more than one question in here and it is perhaps a silly question but if you would expound on the subject of beards, please.

Thank you,

Yes, all prophets had beards, but there is nothing spiritual about it.
The reason why Billy let his beard grow (finally, because he had a beard as a teenager): it is easier for him than shaving with one hand.


Dear Billy,

The Universe expands from its initial size of about 14 x 10^63 light years and add 8.4 x 10^15 light years after 155.52 x 10^12 years.

After 155.52x 10^12 years:
i) Does the entire expansion of 8.4 x 10^15 light years happen just in the material Universe, thus pushing the ram belt outward by the same amount? Or,
ii) Each of the 7 belts expands by certain amount, and their combined expansion totals 8.4 x 10^15 light years?

All 7 belts together expand. And the material belt (where we and the planets and suns etc. are in) totally renews every 49 milliard (billion) years. At the moment our actual phase is lasting since 17 milliard (billion) years.


Dear Billy,

I recall reading that it was Nokodemion himself who in ancient times brought forth to Earth the healing techniques of accupuncture/accupressure....knowledge of merdians, channels, tsubos and so forth.

Now - if that was truly you think that this knowledge of healing was something that Nokodemion came to a realization of all by himself? (perhaps during a deep meditative state)

Or was it the case that it was maybe, alternatively, transmitted to him from one of the higher up spiritual levels? eg from contact with the Arahat Athersata level perhaps.

Thanks & Best wishes to everyone.

The techniques of accupuncture and accupressure were originally invented by Nokodemion himself, but it was Henok who brought them to Earth.


DO you konw about Rudolf Steiner and leadbeater?
How do you think of the fourth picture in

Billy knows about this double spiral from Leadbeater's book. He copied it from Friedrich Robert Sloman's book.
Billy used this graphic to give an impression of the time streams in the universe, even if the picture is not in accordance with reality.
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Hello Billy,

My understanding is the human spirit form takes 60-80 million years to reach the level of the High Council. From the High Council to Arahat Athersata is 60-80 Billion years. Do you know how long it takes the human spirit to evolve from the Arahat Atheresata to Petale and from Petale to joining with Creation? I was trying to come up with an overall “average” time the entire process takes.

Thank you very much
Scott Baxter
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Jmmanuel was conceived through procreation between Gabriel (of Plejaren lineage) and Maria, Jmmanuel's mother. As this was done outside of a marriage bond, was there some special need to prepare a host vessel for the Nokodemion spirit form of physical lineage by Gabriel? If not was there any other special reason for this bonding and were all of the human vessels for the Nokodemion spirit form prepared in the same way?

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Hello Eduard,

Thanks again for your answers
"Billy doesn't know it." how can you not know this... :-(

anyways my question for this around:

Once the spirit is created right, can the spirit (spirit form) go to nothing?
likewise can the spirit form commit spiritual suicide? or another "pure spirit form" dismantle the spirit that is requesting to be destroyed. Is this possible?

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Hello Billy and Christian,

The religious people need to learn that just because someone does not follow any religion and don't believe in a creator-god or any other supreme beings is just a human being.

Now, my question.

What advice would you give someone who wants to reveal to his or her family and friends that they no longer follow religion and that they no longer believe in any creator-gods?

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Dear Billy

I recently read your booklet, Biotope, discussing the alliance that man should have with the natural environment and the active measures that must be taken now to preserve its’ sustainability. I intent to incorporate some of the ideas and guidelines presented in the book, into a rain garden I plan to build this spring in my back yard. My question to you is this: Is the pond located along the path leading towards the Semjase Silver Star Centre an example of a type of biotope that is described in the booklet, i.e. meets the same criteria or perhaps is an aesthetic variation and/or is there an example of one elsewhere on the centre grounds?

Kind regards
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Dear Billy, Since JFK was the president who refused to give air support to the CIA led invasion of Cuba called the Bay of Pigs. How would he have caused WW3 if he wasn't assassinated? It seems quite the contrary. Plus the Fact JFK was later working on covert operations to overthrow Castro using the CIA.
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Dear Billy,

Can you tell us how the positioning of various planets and the sun, during our birth-time has an effect on our characteristics/inclinations/tendencies, and also how the planetary positions continue to influence/interact with us throughout our lifetime?
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool". - As You Like It
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Dearest Billy,

I have read that the ancient woolly mammoth, through millenia, have reincarnated and evolved into present day elephants. I am assuming that all creatures have ancient, primal ancestors. What are the current day reincarnated spiritforms of the dinosaurs and if you have any particular examples, such as t-rex, brontosaur, triceratops, stegosaur, allosaur etc.

Thinking about it, I suppose the rhinoceros may possibly be the current incarnation of triceratops, but I am wondering in what material forms such spiritforms reside today.

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Hi Mr Meier. First of all, thank you for answering the previous question. I think that it makes good sense to me now. But now another question.

In contact report 212, you and Quetzal talked about how the various books in the Bible came about. It was mentioned that the Matthew to whom the Gospel of Matthew is attributed dictated the story to a scribe. Do you know if this Matthew is the same Matthew who was the disciple of Jmmanuel?

Thanks again.
Love makes the world go round.
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If Nokodemion has about 144, 000 offspring then surely they are the ones mentioned in the biblical Revelation.
What is the relevance of the 144, 000 mentioned in the book called Revelation? or specifically I would like to know why they are incorporated into the writing.
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Dear Billy

Our window of opportunity to prevent future catastrophic disasters have now closed and there is nothing we can do now to prevent the unfolding of a series of events which must come to pass such as the numerous natural disasters you have foretold.
On the questions of whether the FIGU and its related sites having any possible influence on the decision making of the secret groups branched off from the various powerful institutions, I hope some of them have realised the destruction their decisions have caused and turn for the better in the future.

My question is around how many billion people will we reach on earth before we humanity start to implement your sagacious advice on reducing our world population figure to tackle the devastating climate change and global warming?

Matt Lee
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Thank you, BEAM, the Plejaren, everyone at FIGU, and everyone else helping your mission.
It seems as though the catastrophe that you described in contact 469 on the 11th of August 2008, regarding the depletion of oil reserves and losing the ability to transport food and goods, is starting to unfold. What can we do, as individuals, and also in a collective way, to prevent or lessen the effects of this catastrophe, if its not already too late?
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Dear Billy & Christian,

Now that the beamships that were on Mars that would have eventually been found that would have accelerated our space programs were removed along with the ancient artifacts and stations, and everything has been restored on Mars to a natural artifact state, can some of the events that were outlined in Kontakt 251 still come true in the future such as eventually tracing our true historical origins to Sirius linked to the genetically manipulated peoples and their travels etc...

thank you for your answer:

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Dear, Mr. Meier. Hope you are well.

The following question is a direct follow-up question to the last question I asked you about the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake, which you graciously answered.

The question is: In the future, I was planning on moving to either Nevada or Arizona... would either of those States be clear and free from the disastrous effects of the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami?

Thank you.
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Hi Billy,
I use the concentration exercise called the sun meditation. I have decided that once I complete the programme I then start over from the beginning again eg the 5 minute mark. Am I correct in doing it this way? Also sometimes I do it more than once a day, is this ok as well?
Have you any other variations of concentration exercises?
Thankyou and Peace
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Dear Billy,

I found contradictory answers you gave on this very section. These are precisely the ones which will be used by your detractors to say the case to be wrong:

Contradiction 1:

Statement 1:


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Posted on Saturday, April 03, 2004 - 10:50 pm:   

Dear Billy,

My question pertains to spiritual and Creational inspiration in which it was given to the prophet Muhammad during the time of his life.

Was ALLAH a real JHWH of his time and worked closely with Gabriel to inspire the prophet Muhammad in the Teachings of creation and what went wrong interms of the Islamic religion being created??

I am adding this to be one full question, I hope it does not seem like two questions, thanks


Allah was an JHWH, yes. No, he didn't work closely with Gabariel.

statement 2:


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Posted on Friday, August 26, 2005 - 01:12 pm:   

Greetings Billy,

I have a continuing question which I had asked about Islam in the past and the characters who played in the events of the prophet of the time Muhammad and the JSCWJSCH (or ALLAH).

If Understand correctly ALLAH means JSCWJSCH, if this being the case then is it permissible by the Plejarens and yourself to tell us the name of this JSCHWJSCH. This ALLAH, what was his name??

As always is a pleasure gaining knowledge from you. Thank you.


Allah doesn’t mean Jschwjsch/JHWH. Allah is the name for an imaginary deity just as it is the case with the Christian God. Besides, Allah and God are in no way the same as Creation.


Then, how can your 2 statements be contradictory ? [logically, (A AND Non-A) is false]. Can you specify your thoughts?



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Hi Billy,

Thankyou for the reply.

Quoting your answer from last month.

"The spirit is powered by THE cosmic life force.
What do you mean with "free energy"? The term that is used by the esoterics?
Subatomic particles are not the same thing as the cosmic life force."

By free energy I mean that which powers Tesla based devices, ET spacecraft, energy healing devices like those Quetzal & Ptaah used on you.

So is the life force infused through acupuncture points which some call prana & chi the same force as that which powers devices enabling various work such as energy healing & generating power to be accomplished ?
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Dear Billy

It was mentioned that “… people are often capable also of emitting their consciousness whereby they can suddenly view themselves from the outside, while hovering above their own bodies and so forth.”

I am not sure but I presume that we are talking about material consciousness here.

It seems that consciousness is like some kind of substance that we can project out of the body, yet still connected to the person, where what it encountered can be registered back into the memory of that person.

If the material consciousness needs eyes to see and needs the bodily organs to feel…. etc. It explained that once projected out of the body, a person feels no further pain but peacefulness, yet without the eyes (or closed), it can see….

My question is: What is the actual substance/behavior of material consciousness?

Wishing you good health

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Salome Billy

Since the Pineal gland is located above the mouth
I have found some Hindus and Tibetans have chants or songs, to make the Pineal Gland vibrate and "hopefully" become aroused /excited / activated, and grow and produce more of it's natural hormones which are good for the entire consciousness.

Could you please advise the best chant or sound to pronounce every day, to safely achieve this effect on us earth humans at this development stage?

Greetings dear friend,
From Australia

Billy: Dann sprichst du eben in geraffter Form.
Quetzal: Das will ich tun.
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Hi Billy,

Let's see if i grasp the concept of time/space configuration correctly. Everything in this solar system, dern universe, and absolute absolutum is constantly moving. Therefore, in this sense, there is no fixed location of a particular star system, planet, sun, etc. The plejaren home planet (Erra) is located within the direction of the Pleiades in a dimension that is a fraction of a second in the future from our own. However, Semjase did not have time traveling capabilities when she first met you(if i'm correct). Which only means that the Plejares star system is either moving faster than our current location by a fraction of a second. However, i cannot conclude whether their star system is either moving away or getting closer.

My question is: How close am I to the truth of this matter?

Until next round Billy, with clearer understanding.
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