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Posted on Saturday, October 01, 2011 - 06:13 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Greetings Billy,

Do human beings having highest evolved spirit still exercise freewill?

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Posted on Saturday, October 01, 2011 - 07:53 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Billy
In the Talmund Jmmanuel 4th edition
Teachings about creation chp 34 53.
Jmmanuel talks about evil is one in itself
because it is also good in itself, like wise good is one in itself because it is just as much evil in itself.
Q: could the fact that science at this moment of evolution using animals for experiments in the medical field be an evil with good where as the Plajaren are past this type of testing. Is this what Jmmanuel was explaining? it's part of evolution, a fact? such as geneticly modified crops?
Thank you for your tireless works!
Salome gam naan be uurda gan njjber asaala hesporoona!
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Posted on Saturday, November 26, 2011 - 10:38 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Forum Members,

Since some members do not want to adhere to the one question per session, It has been agreed upon by the moderators, if a post contains more than one question, it will not be posted.

Thank you
Scott-FIGU Forum Moderator


Hi Billy,

Thanks for taking time to personaly answer questions for me and all on this forum,I value and appreciate your teachings and answers.

As we live our lives it seems at times there are patterns or 'coincidences' (i call it Syncronicity) That seems to let,people,events link-up, as if if by chance or accident? eg,school sweethearts seperate at young age,only to meet up or get back together when they are old age ,,,they come across each other again as if by coincidence they both end up living on the same street.
I know we all have and make our own paths via 'Free Will' but Do you think its 'Destiny' or pre-planed by way of coicidence (almost as if a set out plan) That these events can happen?

PS: I would love to meet you and the group and visit Switzerland as soon as time/circumstances allow,Hope you ask the pjs of my or individuals if we are genuine spirits/people too


Coincidence in the manner people look upon it does not exist. There is no "pre-planning".
Everything is happening along – and within – the law of cause and effect.

(Note by CF: "pre-planed by way of coincidence" is religious thinking, in my opinion, except if the "pre-plan" refers to a person who is planning his own future, as e.g. striving to become a doctor, or an astronaut, etc.)


Hello Mr Meier, I hope you and your family are doing well. My question is, do electrons produce or even take part in the production of chronons? I understand that details will likely not be possible but there is a contradiction between something in Guido Moosbrugger's book "Flugreisen durch Zeit und Raum" and something you once said in response to a question I asked you via the forum. Thank you for your time and be well. Thomas Hall

Billy doesn't know.


Hi Billy,

What did the Plejaren say regarding the case of Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper?}

Quote from the 467th Contact (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 11, page 372 ff.):

Billy: … Dann habe ich eine andere Frage: Ist dir die Geschichte bezüglich ‹Jack the Ripper› bekannt?
Ptaah: Natürlich.
Billy: Es gibt darüber viele Versionen, wer dieser Mörder gewesen sei, doch niemand weiss etwas Genaues darüber. Auch habe ich einmal jemand von euch gefragt, doch weiss ich nicht mehr, wen ich fragte und was die Antwort war. Die aufgezeichneten Kontaktgespräche habe ich alle durchsucht, doch konnteich nichts in bezug darauf finden, wer der Mörder war und was gesprochen wurde. Weisst du, wer ‹Jack the Ripper› war?
Ptaah: Es wurde wohl in einem privaten Gespräch darüber geredet, weshalb es keine Aufzeichnung gibt, jedenfalls ist mir nichts über ein solches offizielles Gespräch bekannt. Aber bezüglich ‹Jack the Ripper› ist ohne Zweifel zu sagen, dass es sich um einen Mann handelte, der einer ausgearteten Sexualität verfallen war, die er sich bei Prostituierten erfüllte, um diese dann zu ermorden, wozu er einen Dolch benutzte, wie aber auch ein kleines Schwert und Gift. Er entnahm den Toten auch Organe, die er kochte und ass. Geboren war er in Kanada, lebte geraume Zeit in den USA und dann in England. Der Mann hiess Thomas Neill Cream und war gelernter Mediziner, geriet jedoch nach mehreren Morden unter Verdacht, wurde verhaftet, angeklagt und zum Tode verurteilt, wonach er 1892 gehängt wurde.
Zur gleichen Zeit trieb aber in selber Weise noch ein zweiter Mann sein Unwesen, der ins Königshaus von Königin Victoria belangte, der jedoch nie gefasst wurde, weil er sich der Justiz zu entziehen wusste und sein blutiges Tun wieder aufgab, nachdem Thomas Neill Cream verhaftet wurde.
Billy: Ein Trittbrettfahrer. So nennen wir Nachahmungstäter.


As much as the Plejaren contacts of yours seem to loath (and correctly so) our so called leaders here on earth, and as much as I dislike them, yet have very limmited influence on them, I would like you to ask the Plejarens to vanish all the nations nuclear armaments, and then make a radio/tv broadcast everywhere in all languages as to who and why. Or, make a direct contact where it will not be possible for the controlled medias to neglect. These Plejarens don't seem to mind alerting us to Giant red rocks in space or showing you the future, and past, yet in the end it is not much different (believing you) than believing bible scriptures, unless you just choose to believe it(Extraterestrials, Angels, etc). The leaders here on Earth will not change, at least not in time to avoid something aweful in the future it seems(Even now). I, as an Earth human who does believe the message you are attempting to spread, and in the goodwill of the people of the Plejadeas I ask if you will send this request to them. Oh, and have nice day Billy !!

There's no use to send such a request to them because they observe their directives, which do not allow them to interfere with the actions and events of human populations, whose conciousness-related evolution far below of their own. Besides, they will not get in contact with any terrestrial government.


Hi Billy,

What is your advice to the human beings of Earth during the time when they developed space travel and come across other planets inhabited by human beings? I would assume that your spiritual teachings written for us was meant to be Earth-bound in order to help guide the people to live a more peaceful and responsible life with other Earth human beings and within themselves but not with human beings from other planets or in a different time dimension. I can only assume that there are other humans out there with different levels of evolution, different thought processes, physical traits, physical and mental abilities, forms of technology, etiquette, and much more. I can only assume that the different levels of gravity in each planet may also affect the thinking of the inhabitants. If ever the Earth human beings (the extraterrestrials) come into contact with those inhabitants and they never had any contact with extraterrestrials before, then i can only theorize that the Earth human beings would spread your teachings to them and those teachings may be misinterpreted or misunderstood, due to an inadequate use of the teachings or a misuse of the native language of that planet, which would, once again, lead to an alteration of the spiritual teachings and that would create all sorts of problems. If you are truly the last prophet of the Nokodemion lineage for Earth then, in the far future, we will longer receive any more guidance from you. Of course, there are the core group members, passive members, your books, and those willing to help the mission, but not a single human being on Earth, except you, would know how to mingle with extraterrestrials, as far as i know.

I understand that this topic should not be our main concern at this point in time, since there are so many problems on Earth that everyone has to deal with. So, i am only asking for the sake of my own learning.

Different planetary conditions or bodily structures etc. don't matter at all. What is required to understand the universally valid spiritual teaching is a functioning human brain, a conscious consciousness and a functioning ratio.


Billy, does the human subconscious know from birth when the spirit will leave the physical body and return to the fine matter world?

No, it doesn't. The human subconsciousness is a "neutral block" which neither has reason or understanding and, as a result, cannot think. The subconsciousness can only forward information.


Dear Billy, Christian, and friends at the SSSC:

I hope this note finds you well. I so enjoyed meeting everyone, and getting to know a few of you.
Thank you again
: )
My question has to do with the cleansing an area or a situation of previous vibes, after-perspectives, ghosts that creep in to impact the consciousness, however slightly. The SSSC was such a pleasant place to meditate; it would be nice to approximate that in other places as well. I understand that effort has been made by the 'little people' to clear the farm of previous perspectives and negative energies. This seems to be something that they are very interested in doing, their fascination perhaps. My question is this: how do they do this? And by extension, more relevant to us Earthlings living here, now, how can we best clear out negative vibes, after-images of previous awarenesses and cognitions? What practices can we do, and what props might help us in this endeavor?

Thanks again, for everyone.

The way for us terrestrial human beings to "cleanse" locations from "bad vibes" or "ghosts (fluidal forces)" is by nursing our own thoughts and feelings in a absolute sound and healthy way. Through this, negative or "bad" influences can or will be superimposed = neutralized. This is a slow process, however.

(Note by CF: Not the entire farm has been cleared by the "Knülche", but certain rooms only. The equipment to do such is not known to us.)


Greetings Billy,

A question concerning the number of reincarnations a spiritform undertakes during it's development.

You have previously stated that once a spiritform reaches the High Council semi spirit level which might occur after 60-80 million years of material reincarnations then no more reincarnations take place and a spiritform at that level will gradually evolve and transform into the first level of pure spiritform Arahat Athersata.

The question concerns the first 60-80 million years of material reincarnations occurring on various planets.

Lets take a low average of 60 years per material life then 90 years in the beyond between lives making 150 years per reincarnation as an example.

Then we must consider if it's actually possible for that to occur continuously in an unbroken series and for that to occur there must be a sufficient living population on the planet to facilitate this.

With approximately 127 billion spiritforms assigned to this planet waiting in the queue it would take an extremely long time given the up to now relatively low population levels for each one to continuously reincarnate within the parameters of the cycle.

Most human spiritforms are less than 1.5 million years old which indicates by the mathematics that they may have had 10,000 reincarnations at most.
Most humans are not hulking brutes or grunting club swinging neanderthals though a few with that type of mentality manage to become political and religious leaders somehow but that's beside the point.

Indigenous earth spirits who started reincarnating at the very start 4.5 million years ago might have had 30,000 reincarnations at most then the few spiritforms of extraterrestrial origin who died here are obviously older.

The mathematics.

150 years = 1 reincarnation.
1,500 years = 10 reincarnations.
15,000 years = 100 reincarnations.
150,000 years = 1,000 reincarnations.
1.5 million years = 10,000 reincarnations.
15 million years = 100,000 reincarnations.

60 million years = 400,000 reincarnations.
75 million years = 500,000 reincarnations.

So by the mathematics if an average age of 60 years material life is maintained and that's probably not correct as advanced populations can live to 1,000 years and beyond then logically how many reincarnations can fit into 60-80 million years ?

On average it would probably be less than 500,000 yet Semjase & Ptaah have both stated in contact reports billions. Even if those were mistranslations or misinterpretations and they really said millions even that doesn't fit mathematically.

So what exactly could it be ? How many reincarnations ?

If the actual linear time requirement for material reincarnations was 60-80 billion years then some millions of reincarnations would indeed be possible using those mathematical calculations but you have stated it's 60-80 million years of material reincarnations and no more after the semi spirit level.

Can you finally lay this issue to rest and explain how it works.

Out of all the material I've read so far it's the only unexplainable anomaly though how a spiritform which enlivens a human body can visit itself via time travel into the past or future is also another difficult concept to grasp but that's another question.

You cannot take an average to calculate the amount of lifetimes. The higher evolved a person is, the longer he lives. There are lives of less than one year, and there are lives longer than a thousand years. And a person who fulfills his reincarnation cycle within 40 million years, will have to use less incarnations than a person who needs 60 million years to get rid of his material body. All of this depends on the motivation, the learning and the evolution of the individual.

Regarding Ptaah and Semjase speaking of "billions" of years: they meant (spoke of) humanity as a whole/collective, and not an individual. When they are talking about "Mensch der Erde" oder "der Erdenmensch", they mean humanity as a whole.


Dear Billy

I refer to Contact 60 where Semjase mentioned that Atlantis was destroyed in 9398 BCE, and this time frame was again confirmed by BEAM during a Q&A session.

Wendelle Stevens relayed in his book that Atlantis was established by IHWH Atlant some 33,000 years ago and it all went well for 18,000 years before it was destroyed.

I consider that the above 33,000 years ago figure matched reasonably with the above 9398 BCE confirmed destruction date.

(33000 – 1977 – 18000 ~= 13023)

However, in Contact 70, it was mentioned that Atlantis was established by IHWH Atlant some 133,000 years ago, an additional one hundred thousand years was inserted.

It seems that Atlantis and Mu could not have been peaceful and prosperous for such a long time such as over 120,000 years.

My question is: Could you confirm the approximate establishment date of Atlantis? Or if there is any mistake in the figures within Contact 70?


There have been 4 different "versions" of Atlantis, not all of them existing at the same time: The region of the so-called Troy, Santorin, Atlantic, and North Africa.


Dear Eduard,
Can you tell me is there any particular reason why doesn't exist any photo of discovered Talmud Jmmanuel scrolls?

Thank you.

Ervin Mulaliæ

Because Billy had no photo camera with him when he had the scrolls in his hand.


If this section is still open may you please delete my previous message (I rushed to get my comment in)

Hello Eddie!!

Its Andres Criado, Boy, Lyrian Spirit that lives in Australia! You know..

I hope you are well, I am sure you are.
I have seen a photo of you from 2011 in summer, you look very healthy and happy; I am content and pleased.
Im learning german to make connections with my past you too know this..

Hope to speak/see you very soon.

Q: Have the Plejarens started contacting other humans telepathically already?

I know most well that the people of earth are
backwards.. But they all deserve a chance and I cant wait to give them that chance. A great opportunity!

I hope it will all go well; "Saving Humanity".
I hope it wont take too long...
After uniting all the races of Earth, we must unite the beings of the Galaxy and after that those of the Universe (which already happens naturaly).
The Universe is our family and I am quite happy and humbled to know this.

Thank Ptaah for the friend of mine.

You have done a great deal and I love that you have done so.Thank you, in Plejaren =]

Salome Eduard =]
Andres Criado

No, the Plejeren have not started to telephatically contact other people, telepathically in the sense of giving and receiving answers/information.
They use impulses only that are directed to scientists, to trigger ideas and hints regarding new inventions and realizations etc. Those scientists, however, are not aware of the origin of their "invention" or "realization".


Dear Billy
My question is how can help somebody who has masochistic sexual preferences
Thank you

This is a privat matter of the person involved. Therefore, the person must try to neutralize this based on his own decision and efforts. This is an arduous task.


Hello Billy,

People really need to learn that marriage means two people loving each other knowing that they want to be with each other from the rest of their lives. Not falling in love and having children. I will ask you more about marriage some other time.

Billy I know you have been falsly accused many times in your life. False accusations really hurt a person, especially when the falsly accused know they did nothing wrong and the accuser know the person he or she is accusing did nothing wrong.

Billy, if you had the chance to confront the people who falsy accused you in person knowing you did not wrong to them, what would you say to them?


Usually Billy does not comment such actions = does not confront the accuser. Sometimes he makes an exception and talks with the person. And in absolute rare instances, he would sue a person of slander (Ehrverletzung).



Please share a clarification on which is correct:

From Contact 229 - block 5 page 489
Talmud Jmmanuel(2011) - Chapter 1 pages 13-14

Jeremia (Jeremiah) the son of the high priest Hilkis (Hilkias)
Jesaia (Isaiah) the son of Amoz from Sidon


From Contact 453 - block 11 page 222

Jeremia (Jeremiah) the son of Amoz from Sidon
Jesaia (Isaiah) the son of the high priest Hilkis (Hilkias)

Thank you


Comment by Christian Frehner on December 26, 2012: The information in Block 5 is the correct one. The version in Block 11 is false.


Hi Billy, good health to you and those around you. My question is: does Ceres play an important role in the cosmic events of 2012? Ceres is at it's brightest (as seen from earth) on Dec. 18, 2012 and I was wondering if this event may start the revelation that Semjase spoke about?
Thank you

Billy doesn't know.


Hello dear Billy

i hope you are feeling good. I would like to know if there exist a relationship between the colors that we see and the 12 musical notes used in western music. (something like when certain birth days are associated with colors and stones).

Thank you very much for your time.

Yes, there exists a relationship. There are people who can hear colours, and other people can see musical notes.


Hello Eduard,

I find that you are somewhat hypocritical in your teaching and practice that you have put forward. Some examples of your hypocrisy are the following:

> All over the Billy Meier Case it talks about over population this, over population that, and how there should be a worldwide birth control. Knowing this at an early stage in life, why did you get married and have 3 children, I don’t mind you getting married, but why did you have 3 children isn’t this hypocritical? Also to my understanding, now you have a fourth child correct?

The population check measures we are propagating clearly mention a limit of 3 children per woman. Those 4 children have been born by two women.

(Note by CF: If you don't stop your indecent and silly behaviour – and restrict yourself to one question only – we will not accept further questions from you!)

What are the purposes of these children?
>why did Jmmanuel marry an Indian woman and have more children with her? In your teaching you recommend not to mix the race to large extend because of disease arising from it? This is another example of your hypocrisy. (since Jmmanuel is one of the prophet he should know better than to get married to an indian woman and have children.)

There is more but these are the two which stands out.

All of the other hippies don’t have the balls to ask these types of questions.

Yessss I know more about the Billy Meier case then Billy himself you guys want to see a video?

Vb28, perhaps you have the "courage" to ask questions no one else has thought of, but your selection of this youtube video is pure nonsense and proves nothing!-Scott Moderator

(Note by CF: The concept of a triangle doesn't hold true in nothing, because in nothing there is nothing. The concept of a triangle requires that there is a consciousness around that is able to grasp the concept. From this results that the concept of a triangle is a limited concept, don't you agree?)

I just want to make sure the Note by CF, isn’t any inputs by Billy, because there seems to be contradictions.

it is like the tree falling statement, If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
If a concept is there and there is no conscious being there to conceive it, does the concept exists? :P
Then did you ask billy why did he say this:
“It is suggested that you are formulating a clearer question. “
To this question
“Now applying "pure reason" is our purpose to become "pure concepts"? Therefore
"pure concepts" = "pure spirit form" = " Arahat Athersata" “

I didn’t get a reply why I didn’t get my reply to my questions :P that I send via normal mail. I will double the questions and send it again


(Message edited by scott on October 01, 2011)


Hi Billy thanks for answering my last question and here is a small excerpt of your answer ''when the Earth has lost its capacity to enable life), all the people and the spirit forms will leave Earth''

I know all the people and SPIRIT-FORM will leave earth as soon as the sun start to fail us, So here is my next question since all the SPIRIT-FORM connected to earth will leave Earth would they follow us to our new home in the depth of the universe and can you give the year which this will happen? Thanks in advance


Sometime in the distant future, the remaining spirit forms will wander off to a planet inhabited by human beings whose consciousness-related evolution is similar to that of the "newcomers".


Dear Billy & Christian,

My question is about the WUV (Welt-Umwelt-Verschmutzung) without compromising future events what more can you tell us about this, will it be a international space travelling anti-pollution orginization or what?

WUV (worldwide pollution of the environment) includes everything (caused by human beings) that pollutes the environment.


Hello Herr Meier.

My question this time is about man-made global warming. There are usually discussions on many websites and forums about global-warming and quite often there is a consensus that global warming is real and happening. But what many people have difficulties with is finding the direct link that proves that it is caused by humans. Some scientists says that it is CO2, but many people do not agree with this as there are supposedly other sources of CO2 like volcanoes that emit more much more CO2 than we do. So basically most people accept that global warming is real, but have problems accepting that it is man-made.

I am also having difficulties finding and understanding the exact cause of us humans which makes the global temperatures rise up. Could you please tell us what you know about this?

Thanks a lot,

The "exact cause" is overpopulation, and the "multiple causes" its manifold effects: a rapid increase of cars; power plants (coal, gas, oil); ever more cattle etc. which produces huge amounts of methane (including pet animals); heating in winter; cooling in summer; airplane traffic; etc. etc.

We are already over 8 billion (milliard) human beings living on the planet. 8 billion is a huge number which exceeds the understanding of most people.

The Plejaren tell us that about 75 % of global warming is man-made.


Dear Billy and Christian:

I read a question about breastfeeding a baby and I think that the human body is capable of producing nourishment for a new life in the way that no formula or technology can reproduce. I was wondering therefore, if the Plejaren, with all their technology, do they breastfeed their babies?


Yes, of course, because this is the natural way.

(Note by CF: …and it is one of the best things a mother can do to the benefit of her child – and herself.)


Hi Billy,

I refer to contact 211, specifically to the area where you talk about the superiority of women over men in intelligence and logicality, etc. Near the end of your statement, you mention "Therefore, the fact still remains, however, that the intelligence of the woman, even of both kinds of sexes, has its black sheep, which are of a completely different type, since even women become overburdening, despotic, attacking, and illogical, etc., as this also happens with men. There are degeneracies everywhere, but these don’t cancel out what I said with regard to the woman.

I was wondering if you could explain what is meant by 'overburdening,' and how one can protect themselves from this. Thank you in advance! }

"Überborden" means going to extremes, to exaggerate. The solution is clear, therefore.


Hello Eduard and all at FIGU, your efforts are much appreciated.
I just have a question and I hope you can answer it for me. I am slowly reading 'Dekalog Dodekalog' as my german is not too good yet, and verse number 459 on page 59 says ; "Yet without compliance in the laws and recommendations of the Creation this is not possible, because when the awake time of the Creation must give way to the time of slumber and you haven't in this time fulfilled your purpose of perfection and returning to the Creation, then you fall victim to Totsein for all-great-times in an absolute elimination."
Can you explain to me what this means please. How can the spirit-form fall victim to an absolute elimination?
Thank you for your time.

You shall not take this literally because it is just a "if". In reality this will not be the case because no spirit form will be left back. Each spirit form will reach the level of Arahat Athersata and upwards.

(Note by CF: Some stubborn and lazy people need 60 million years, others need 40 million years only to reach the level of the High Counsel. It looks like some individuals are in need of "einem 'Chlapf' mit der Geissel", as we say in Switzerland.)


Thank you for your answer Eduard.
To continue about universal love.

Its my assumption that universal love is normally created on a planet with a humanity that has a very equal level of evolution, much like Erra, not like it is on this planet where there are great differences in (consciousness-related) evolution amongst people.
Because this level of evolution is uniform, the creation of universal love should happen amongst a lot of people around the same time.
This would create many connections between those people and make them sensitive towards each other, especially for unbalanced thoughts and feelings (when someone makes an error, etc) I am assuming that people in such a setting are much more aware of each other and able to respond to unbalanced thoughts and feelings of each other and mutually correct them, like a self stabilizing society. What are your thoughts about my assumptions ?

(Message edited by jacob on October 02, 2011)

Universal love is a state (Zustand), it's love as defined in "Gesetz der Liebe": "Liebe ist die absolute Gewissheit dessen…".
Yes, if many human beings among a people have reached this state of being, they are more sensitive to each other and to nature in general, etc.
In order to reach such a state it is necessary that people have balanced thoughts and a balanced ratio.


Salome friend. I want to know what your views on the Yeti, Sasquatch and Bigfoot are. I know you have given small notions about this before but want to know what your views on them are. I adore you Billy and thank you for your message. This is so important to me.


His view: The creature named Yeti really exists because he has seen one in the Himalaya region when he flow over him in a beamship. The other two species he did not see with his own eyes.


Dear Billy

Thanks again for all your help.

The nature of my question is to understand the relevance (if any) of our dreams in the sleeping state beyond the specific incarnation they may occur in. There are, of course, different types of dreams – some which give insight into our psyche and can help us overcome fears or shortcomings and others which give us warnings of portending events. Sadly, so many of our dreams still go unremembered into our waking state to reap their full potential benefit, despite our best efforts. As our consciousness evolution continues, this will change.

Through hypnosis we can remember dreams stored in our subconscious memory. And at the end of a lifetime, our memories are down-loaded into the overall consciousness-block (Gesamtbewusstseinblock). Is there any value to an unremembered dream from one lifetime to another or are our dreams too specific or too much a product of our current personality to have any value to any personality of a future incarnation of the spirit-form?

Kind regards

Dreams only matter in the actual life and help to "digest" recent experiences.
And dreams have an effect and help a person even if they are not remembered.

Besides: Each person is dreaming each night, also those who claim having no dreams.


Hi Billy, I was wondering where the Race of the Sons of the Sun come from? Its been reported by other sources about a Nazis connection?

Billy does't know about them.


Dear Mr. Meier,

How long does the possible challenging context that may start to intensify in 2012 and which may even increase its intensity in the following years last?

Thank you very much for your Mission Mr. Meier.

Kind regards,

Billy doesn't know.


Hello everyone, Thank you for this opportunity and for answering our questions.
Do you think it would be a good idea to bury time capsules with your books and information inside so people can find them and discover your information in the future?

Yes, this is a good idea.

(Note by CF: Will you build one?)


Hi Billy,

I wish you much wellness and good health.

When asked once before about US Presidential candidate Ron Paul with his good policies to restore America, you said that you did not know him. Recently it has been made known that President Obama has a FIGU connection and may be the best president the US can ever have. This apparently meaning that Obama (in a previous life personality) may have been present at the time of the great oaths and possibly a member of the 144207 Lyrians. Is that correct? Somehow you know if these people who are seeking positions of power and influence are of this group.

And if I may ask, when you meet someone who comes to work at the Center do you know or come to know whether or not they are of this special group?


President Obama has no FIGU connection. Most probably he never heard or read about FIGU.

Billy knows no details about Obama's former personalities etc.


Hi again billy:
Let me ask this question for you only again since you read every ones thoughts by reading the questions and answered accordingly.
Are the spirit guides melchora,urban,and jaspan in physical form or in spiritual form?
Thanks again.

Of course in physical form!


Hi Billy and Christian,
Can you explain the process how it is possible to understand through telepathy or just "catching" what the other person is thinking, when they speak different languages ?


(Note by CF: Hi Carlos, I realize that I've overlooked your question. I will ask Billy on the next round in December. Pardon me.)


Please delete my previous question. I see that it was just recently answered.

My new question is:

What are your thoughts about producing a dramatisation or movie film about your and other FIGU CG members' experiences? Surely a movie film could be a useful form of education as long as it contains fact and not fiction.

Thanks again,

If the movie is kind of a documentary and fully in line with the facts, it's a good idea.



Hi Billy & the rest of FIGU, Hope this finds you all in good health. Since I've come across Billy's & Figu's vast array of information I've always wanted to ask some question, so here goes...

I know you may have been asked this question a lot but I've never heard a definitive answer. So I'm attempting to receive further explanation. You have always spoken of time travel and this is something I want to understand. I understand that it is impossible to change the past (what has already occurred).

So my question is, since time travel is possible what happens if hypothetically someone not of the required evolutionary standard (both consciousness & spirit) was to go back in time for whatever reason and attempt such an act (as attempting to change the past) what would occur, HOW WOULD CREATION HANDLE OR RESPOND TO SUCH AN ACT OR ATTEMPT?

I can only speculate but my guess is that they would be transported into a different dimension or timeline, where to them (unknowingly) it would seem as if they have carried out such a change in the past, however the original past would still have remained as it was. I can also conceive that Creation would not allow the act, where by the culprit would lose control of his/her body. I ask this question because in all my reading and search I have never encountered you or the Plejaren addressing such a possibility regardless of how infinitely small of a possibility it is (The possibility speaks of the attempt not the actual changing of the past). If you indeed have my apologies and a guide to such information would suffice.

Since I was around 9 years old I’ve always knew time travel was possible. I’ve even proclaimed this publicly (in grade 7 when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I remember how shock everyone was when I said “to be a time traveler”… ) but I never had the theoretical understanding to explain TT though. Imagine how elated I was when I came across Billy’s material with its concept having such a firm base in rationality. It kind of makes one feel vindicated… My apologies for the long post even though my question was short ...

Billy has already answered this kind of hypothetical questions in this forum.

(Note by CF: Your question doesn't make sense because it doesn't change the fact that all actions and thoughts performed by human beings can never be made undone. And it is also not a matter of Creation allowing or not allowing, because Creation does never allow or not allow since Creation does not monitor human beings and their sometimes very odd behaviour or thoughts etc. etc. etc.)


Hi Billy,

During the 469th contact Ptaah listed the different kinds of human being types known by the Plejaren Federation. And the Plejaren and we Earth humans are humanoid, of course. But the list goes into many different human types that have animal characteristics, like amphiboids, reptileoids, insectoids, sauroids, primatoide, teropoids, and hydroids. Then there are Floroids with diverse plant bodies; these beings seem like a cross between humans and plants.

But then there are human types that are not animal crosses but seem to have evolved because of planetary conditions, like thermoids, frigoroids, acoroids, and condicoids.

My question is: are some of these beings a product of genetic engineering by humans or have all these forms evolved on their own in Creation?

Best regards,

They have evolved naturally on their own.


Greetings Billy,

Do human beings having highest evolved spirit still exercise freewill?


As long as human beings exist they have and exercise free will.


Dear Billy
In the Talmund Jmmanuel 4th edition
Teachings about creation chp 34 53.
Jmmanuel talks about evil is one in itself
because it is also good in itself, like wise good is one in itself because it is just as much evil in itself.
Q: could the fact that science at this moment of evolution using animals for experiments in the medical field be an evil with good where as the Plajaren are past this type of testing. Is this what Jmmanuel was explaining? it's part of evolution, a fact? such as geneticly modified crops?
Thank you for your tireless works!
Salome gam naan be uurda gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

(Note by CF: Obviously you are referring to an old and uncorrect version of the TJ.
In verse 53 of chapter 34 Jmmanuel says: "Whenever a wise one says that things are always in two, he says with it that all things are one within themselves, and that they are one together." = "Allso ein Weiser saget, dass deren Dinge immer zwei seien, so saget er damit, dass alle Dinge eins seien in sich selbst und dass sie eins seien zusammen."

Jmmanuel is speaking about the structure of our universe and everything. Everything consists of unities which consist of two poles – negative and positive – which,together, are a unity, etc.)


(Note by CF: Obviously several forum users are not capable – or willing – to keep to the rule that only one question per round is permitted. As you may notice from the answers above, second or third questions are simply ignored.)

(Message edited by christian on December 26, 2012)

(Message edited by christian on December 26, 2012)
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Hello Billy,

Do you know if light can heal? Someone I know mentioned they learned from a core group member, that a certain frequency of green light at a strength of 3000 lumens or brighter could aid in healing.

Thank you very much

Scott Baxter
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New member

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Hi Billy,

In one of your previous answers, you said that "David Wilcock is no Edgar Cayce." Since we know personalities do not reincarnate but the spirit form does, we can assume that your answer means the spirit-form of the two are not the same. If not, please elaborate.

My question is which source was this confirmation from?

Thank you.

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Hello Eduard and CF,

I can’t help it. Anyways my question for this round is what is the most efficient way to get most of my questions answered?

Other than forum posts.

also the answer provided didn’t answer the question. A better answer might have been he would like to have contacts with previous members of his lineage and mission.
"What is happening is real, what you think should have happened that is your conditioning" - jacque fresco
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Dear Eduard,

Do you know how much intake of zinc mineral is advisable amount per 1 kg of body weight per day?

Thank You


Dear Ervin
I can answer this one for you and therefore allow you another question to Billy if you so choose.
From Contact #381 Block 9 p 474

for an adult 16 years and older Ptaah recommends 10-11 mg per day.

Less zinc is required of course the younger you are. These amounts are mentioned in this contact.

(My clinical nutrition text recommends 15 mg per day or 0.2mg/kg therefore is not too far from Ptaah's recommendations)

Please do a search of the archives on the forum, as this was discussed previously.


(Message edited by indi on November 27, 2011)
"I'm a truth addict... ahhh Sh!t I got a head rush!" - Zack
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Hello Eduard,

In my assumption an 'Empfindüng' in the spirit is 'immediate' (goes with 107000 x light speed) and has a direct result, and a thought in the material consciousness has a clear "onset and decay", it takes time and space before its result becomes clear.

Can you explain to some detail the nature of an 'Empfindüng' in the Spirit and a Thought in the material consciousness?

Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!
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Hi Billy & Christian,

My question is in regard to genealogy line of Sfaath.

Ptaah is the son of Sfaath
Quetzal is the great-great-grandson of Sfaath

My question:
Is Quetzal the great grandson of Ptaah
or the great grandson of Ptaah's brother?

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Hello Billy and Christian,

Human beings fall in love with each other and get married. Now, at one point in a person's life, he oe she will fall in love with someone. The person can fall in love with some that is older or younger than him or her. A person can fall in love with another person of a different race. Also, even a person can fall in love with his or her own cousin and so on.

For many years, it has been said: "You can't help who you fall in love with".

Billy, can you please explain is there any validation or none to the saying: "You can't help who you fall in love with."?

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Billy, can you please, if possible explain to me how did the Plejaren come to the conclusion that on Earth the human spirit or sprirt-forms has to stay the duration it was in the coarse matter world multiplied by about one and a half times in the fine matter world? I mean, how is this calculated?
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Hello Billy and Christian,
In physics a wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time. Is it a better way of thinking or viewing it , if due to a wave disturbance (maybe a high frequency vibration) space and time is created?
Thank you very much and my best wishes for you

Norberto Burciaga

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Dear Eduard,

After death, it takes about 1.5 times the life-span of a human to incarnate once again into the material life. During the time in the beyond, the actual time one earth is different then in the beyond dimension.

What would be the exact ratio of the time here and the time there, if there is a measurable time in the beyond?

Thank you,

Warm regards to you, the CG, and all members around the world.
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Dear Billy and Christian:

I observe how humans here on earth kill animals in a violent way, for food or for fun; it seems to me that they don’t think about the suffering of the animal. My question is:

Killing an animal with excess violence, does this act go against the 6th Creational commandment: You shall not kill in depravity?
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Dear Billy,

Thanks for your answer which brings about even more questions.

Even if we haven't got a good notion of infinity, for current earthlings, it is the contrary of finitness.

Therefore, infinity cannot be finite. There is a problem of vocabulary here.

Nevertheless, we can understand that immensity is finite even if it develops.
We can also comprehend that something infinite, gaining “substance”, gets even more infinite.
Still, I don't see what can be infinite in a human being...

If our notion of infinity is wrong then, either our notion of finitness is wrong or (inclusive) our notion of negation is wrong.


So which is which and why, in this case, don't you call “infinity” by the noun immensity?

Then, there would be no failure in logic. Because for us, “infinity is finite” is still wrong.

Thanks a lot!


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My question is, by choosing to ignore your own free will for a higher purpose, are you in essence oversizing your own free will on the message? A friend of mine mentioned that your free to make any choice you want, but that it would hinder your evolution. For whatever reason I've felt the message itslef means more than me, who isnt a great messenger.D:

With Love,

I hope that question was to long.D: Still sort of new to this.
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Hi Billy

Are there any other minerals, trace elements or vitamins besides Zinc and Vitamin C that us earth humans are very deficient in, or we overload ourselves with that we should try to compensate for?

Thanks for all your work.
I am truthful to the extend at which I know the truth.
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Hi Billy. I am very happy to find such a great teacher in you and in the information you bring forth. Do you have it in the works in the future to perhaps publish some sort of dream encyclopedia for the human being on earth. I do remember you saying that dream interpretation is very tricky and very personal business. I do also remember you mentioning that the dream symbol are univeral (outside of certain things or objects that don't exist on any given planet or in any given culture). So specifically, is it possible to compile such a dictionary/encyclopedia and do you have plans to put forth such a literary work?
Thank You very much for taking your time to answer question and my good thoughts are with you always.

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Guten Tag Billy,

I want to ask how it is with absolute pitch? Why some people have such ability and other don't?
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Hello Eduard

I hope you are well.

I have a question which you possibly may give me some advice in your answer.

Question, what is the correct way of communicating and being, working with a person that continually lies and distorts the truth?

I ask this as I have to communicate and work with a person who continues to lie and does not seem to be able to change their thoughts towards some kind of truth.

Thank you for you time

Website addresses - -
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Howdy Billy, this is a question for you.

My wife has asked this question with the Plejaren in mind.

"What is the best path towards spirituality here on Earth?"
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Dear Eddie,

This is really quite strange..
My friend and I have been experiencing very strange happenings over the past few months... which began to settle down as we read more and more of the FIGU material.
We have seen things, heard things etc...
I could go into great detail of what these things were.

Prologue (to question):
My friend has been spoken to telepathically (sending/receiving answers and information)by something of which this could very well go two ways..

1. It has been assembled in the mind unconsciously or subconsciously. Or

2. An ET is playing around with us.
- This "Thing" has declared that my friend has spoken with Ptaah, and that Semjase is soon to speak to me...

My friend has told me all of this..
I know her well, she has no reason to lie..

I, knowing the FIGU/Plejaren information all too well, we decided that my friend would not look up the information and that she would rather learn from who was speaking to her, at the time an entity who I had initially thought was "Ptaah", later, the man who spoke to her called himself this.

She has experienced a great deal of things.. We both have.

Further on, we were told by “Ptaah” that Semjase would speak to me “soon”. Furthermore, “Ptaah” also told us that you had been told and shown.

The entities that could possibly have contacted my friend gave her “feelings” which were thrown and directed to my friend much like how Asket gave you all her warmth and feelings of Earth and its people when you last visited her.

During this time, my friend was able to ask Ptaah and then Semjase questions, and through her I was also able to ask questions.

The information that they relayed us was mostly correct with a 10-15% margin of error.

Q: What has happened?

- I hope that It does not appear that we have made a mockery of your contacts. This is certainly not the case, for I hold you, Semjase, Ptaah and the others to the highest regards. I also hope that this does not upset you in anyway whatsoever.

- I also at first realized that such a contact was beyond real with another "earth human", It had been made clear in Semjase's notes.. However later on, It became acceptable because we began to way up all the key variables and factors surrounding it.

Kind Regards
Lyrian Spirit

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