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Please remember, this is place for interested people to get together. Any attacks, threats, extraneous subject matter, advertisements, and/or irrelevant hyperlinks will be deleted.

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Kelch der Wahrheit - Goblet of TruthCorey490 22 07-21-19  03:35 am
German Books and BookletsSavio208 06-23-19  06:40 pm
The Way to Live/Die Art zu leben
For the discussion of the contents of this book
Tat_tvam_asi108 06-15-19  03:41 am
"The Contact Notes" Vol. 1-4Stefan_z296 06-05-19  11:12 pm
"FIGU Bulletin"Patm59 03-26-19  02:38 pm
Upcoming BooksEddieamartin114 03-03-19  09:26 am
"Attacking Questions from Japan"Cpl36 12-27-18  06:52 am
"And Yet...They Fly"Joe197 08-16-18  02:45 pm
Decalogue DodecalogueEddieamartin72 04-27-18  03:37 pm
Reporting errors, mistakes etc... in FIGU materialKiwiseeker18 02-06-18  07:14 pm
Die Psyche "The Psyche"
Discussions related to material presented in the Die Pysche
Tat_tvam_asi23 01-21-18  06:22 am
"The Talmud of Jmmanuel"Joseph_emmanuel1194 36 12-11-17  09:03 am
Might of the Thoughts/Macht der Gedanken
For the discussion of the contents of this book and its translation
Norm59 11-29-17  07:11 am
"Celestial Teachings" by James DeardorffPatm20 11-03-17  11:55 pm
"The Talmud Jmmanuel 2011"Msmichelle139 12-23-16  05:10 am
"Contact 241-243"Theoldthomas18 11-29-16  06:42 am
"Torture and the Death Penalty"Kenneth37 10-11-16  08:22 pm
"Contact 251"Billwilson12166 08-05-16  04:20 pm
"Existing Life in the Universe"Mait32 08-26-15  11:14 am
"Contact 249"Blake_p87 08-17-15  11:39 am
Books on Billy Meier by Wendelle C. StevensSmukhuti92 04-05-15  12:06 pm
"An Interview With A UFO Contactee"Elreyjr13 01-27-14  10:37 pm
Winters and Bell BooksMahigitam29 10-25-11  11:23 pm
"49 Questions"Edward51 10-23-11  02:43 am
"Contact 235"Teesoft35 08-27-11  03:02 am
"Light Years"- Gary KinderMahigitam07-05-11  06:23 am
"Crusade Against Overpopulation"Eddieamartin33 04-21-11  11:51 am
"Life in the Spiritual and Physical"Edward12-31-10  12:55 am
"Those Who Lie About Contacts"Joe31 07-17-10  02:36 am
Star Wisdom by Gene AndradeSmukhuti03-13-10  07:24 am
Flugreisen durch Zeit und Raum-"Journeying Through Time & Space"...Ramirez32 08-17-09  09:37 pm
"In Search of Truth and Freedom" - Dr. Dietmar RotheCorey15 10-26-08  11:51 am
"Overpopulation Bomb"Mehraein6202-24-08  06:22 pm
"Our Manifesto"Mike11-28-07  05:00 am
"The Truth About Billy Meier - UFO Billy"Badr08-19-07  06:06 am
"FIGU Society USA Newsletter"Adonna10 06-07-05  11:24 pm
"Occult Forces and Meditation"Marc Juliano02-10-01  11:17 pm
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