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The Application of Natural Logic (Liv...

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Discussions on how to apply the natural logic in our daily life.

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Post Number: 461
Registered: 10-2016
Posted on Friday, October 19, 2018 - 06:07 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

~Earth mankind needs a complete revamping of the concept of honor, and the Earth mankind needs to walk the real honourable path going forward.

We need to scrap our old, outdated system of honor that is associated with religion, and man's superiority over one another. Billy has said in a pamphlet that we are both collectively hindered, and hindering. From the top-down in our society we are stifled in our freedom, and in our consciousness, yet we are also stifling to others as we try and gain false superiority over others. Earth mankind's power system does not teach mankind the truth, nor about the laws and the recommendations of the Creation, and nor does our power system teach mankind about man's underlying oneness with one his fellow human-beings, and man's underlying oneness with his environment. When you "disturb" that underlying oneness, you suffer "disturbances" striking back at you, residually speaking.

My people are not without honor, it is just that we need a "redefinition" of our honor system to one that is based on the natural laws and recommendations of the Creation. One that is based on fairness, conscientiousness, being upright, and being a "law fulfiller". We need to learn what exactly these natural laws are, and they can be found in the FIGU recommendations, which can make "short work" of Earth's current problems.

As a "law fulfiller" (OMEDAM = Old Lyran term for "law fulfiller") it is mankind's responsiblities to fulfill the laws and recommendations of the Creation, and to live in concordance with them. According to the teaching of the prophets, if one does not live in concordance, then one will suffer setbacks from the universal law of causal cause and effect, and experience an interaction as a creational law. I say "universal" because this law of causality governs the universe. It governs on this (currently distant from creational) planet, and it governs on distant advanced civilized planets thousands of light-years in this universe, and in this and other galaxies. The advanced species' learning experiences made their civilization what it is today, and one day, our civilization will have similar outcomes if we do not destroy ourselves first in the learning process, and it will be our civilizationary learning experiences that will define our civilization in the future. The only thing that fluctuates is the severity and the complexity of the learning experiences, which fluctuates according to how far out of alignment your civilization is from living in concordance with the laws and the recommendations of the Creation, and the severity and the complexity of nature's "re-equalizationary" force that will put the civilization back into creational alignment.

Untruth rules the day here on Earth. We are far from the LOGOS (ancient Greek word which means = power of the Creation), and we are "backwards" in our way of living. It is creational law to never speak an untruth, yet on Earth, sometimes you have to lie to survive. Often a "job interview" is often simply a test to see how good of a liar one is. Instead of being "backwards", we need to be "forwards" in our thinking, and our deeds.

This is precisely what we need to learn, how to live. And this way of living needs to be in concordance with the laws and recommendations of the Creation.

As "law fulfillers", we are born to fulfill these natural laws. And we are born to evolve our consciousness, and to evolve in love, knowledge, and the essence of wisdom. This is the duty of each human-being born on Earth. It is this truth that is not taught in general to humanity. This truth is only found in the teaching of the prophets, and the truth-teaching.

Humanity will need to learn going forward, learn how to live. Just as my country, the United States will need to learn how to live correctly because of the impending future collapse, and need to learn correctly how to make political order out of current political chaos, and may have to learn not to poke the Russian bear. If my country were smart, it would be an active participant in gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit to overcome future domestic civil wars, but that is another story covered in another post.

~In closing, our future collective learning experiences will need to be "redefinitions" of our current system of ethics, and normalcy (it is naturally considered "normal" not to overprocreate, it is "abnormal" to overpopulate your world into ad absurdity) to be more in concordance with the laws and the recommendations of the Creation. This is the only way of survival, and our path forward will be difficult at times based on our "out of creational-alignment" fluctuation if we choose not to change for the better (collectively spoken). The only positive way forward for our people is the way of admonishment to listen to Billy Eduard Albert Meier at the highest levels of our civilization.

Corey Müske (Mueske) Red Wing, MN USA

Salome, Corey Müske. -"Kelch der Wahrheit"/"Goblet of the Truth"
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
22:08: " Werdet ihr Menschen vom Unglück verfolgt und könnt ihr euer Leben nicht so harmonisch gestalten, wie ihr das gerne möchtet, dann vermögt ihr dies zu ändern, wenn ihr euch dem Einklang der kosmischen Ordnung und damit den schöpferischen Gesetzen und Geboten zuwendet und sie befolgt."

22:08: "If you human beings are pursued by the unfortune and are unable to form your lives as harmoniously as you would like, then you are able to change this if you turn to the consonance of the cosmic regulation and therefore to the creational laws and recommendations, and follow them."
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Post Number: 894
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Monday, December 10, 2018 - 02:32 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

The Basis of Evolution is Unity

We mentioned that to “utilize the greater forces of nature” **) mankind should gain a different awareness.
CR 251 tells us that it will be the Chinese and Japanese discovering a higher level of physics ***)… a physics that extends into the fine-matter sphere.
Chinese scientists may already experiment with inventions Billy mentions in CR 251 ****).

Instead of researching which new discoveries could be used for “national defence purposes” (which translates into "more terrible destructive weapons separating mankind") world leaders should unite with the perception of unity (the thought of what I do to others I do to myself), research Billy’s CRs and advise their scientists, to put this knowledge to good use. In peaceful international co-operation. On projects that benefit all mankind.
Sincerely acknowledging the work of Billy.


**) Post 893

(CR 251 first mentions that a climate weapon will cause land masses and oceans to freeze … which obviously is an event in the future)
“247. Consequently, a new invention will be developed that, powered by the most economical of energies, heats the Earth’s atmosphere. This is the moment when Japan and China will discover that the prevailing physics is not the last word in knowledge, but that there exists yet a higher level of physics which extends into the fine-matter spheres.”
247. Dies wiederum ist der Zeitpunkt, da in Japan/China entdeckt wird, dass die bis anhin bestehende Physik nicht der Weisheit letztes Wissen ist, sondern dass noch eine höhere Physik besteht, die in die Bereiche des Feinmateriellen hineinbelangt.
****) “Nocturnal dawning” to illuminate city streets at night Post 888:

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