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Consciousness Abilities/Powers

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Post Number: 116
Registered: 03-2017
Posted on Sunday, August 06, 2017 - 10:58 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I don't know fully, but I can make a conjecture that if the idea that you are picking up from observing the TV has changed, then yes it has altered something.

Today, I was paying attention to a movie more closely, and there are really a lot of ideas being sent out.

This movie is called '247 Fahrenheit' and is about a group of 3 beautiful, young, tanned city dwellers staying in a country cabin, where they get stuck in a perilous situation.

It is interesting to me to note how the film shows the city dwellers as being so tanned and healthy-looking, but the actors chosen to play the country folk look like pale, ghastly specters.

It might possibly be just that sort of manipulation taking place, since what I have observed about reality is that it is actually city dwellers, such as here in Toronto where I live, who tend to look very pale and ghastly affected by the pollution, meanwhile country folk who I have met have warmer complexions and look healthier from the clean air that they breathe.
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Post Number: 46
Registered: 06-2014
Posted on Tuesday, August 08, 2017 - 02:00 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


My impression from general observation and experience is country people being portrayed poorly versus city people being portrayed much people can depend on themselves more and on the "system" less(system being grocery stores etc thus being controllable) so it is then i the best i terest of the "system" to portray them as undesirable. Just my observation and opinons.
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Post Number: 749
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 04:54 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


You have mentioned something before about the consciousness difference between humans and animals.

If you haven’t already read this, in Billy’s book, the “Might of the Thoughts”, page 88; last paragraph:

“Emotions are spontaneous, reflexive reactions of certain centres in the brain, which not only exercise their function with the human being, rather also with animals. Thus, also with animals, emotions become evident which are based on the same factors as are those of the human being. However, animals are not able to correspondingly create feelings from them, because, in keeping with their kind, animals are only able to develop their own feelings through instinct and drive. Thus, in this regard, no comparison can be drawn with the conscious thinking of the human being, even though animals have their own consciousness, because the animals’ consciousness is only formed with a conscious-evolutive and creative thoughts. Nevertheless, however, animals also have feelings, which are of a kind which is simply instinct-conscious and drive-based-conscious. Therefore, in animals there exist no conscious, fundamental processing mechanism and none of this evolutive kind and wise, because such are solely reserved for all kinds of the human species."

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Post Number: 49
Registered: 06-2014
Posted on Monday, August 21, 2017 - 09:55 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


There is a lot here I am not understanding, mainly unsure of what is "entirely" meant by as term. It says that animals are unable to create feelings from their people think is how they feel - positive-happy etc. Am I understanding correctly? One of the things good trainers with horses do is engage the thinking part of their brain , this encourages them to problem solve and be less reactive to new things. The reactive part I am guessing is what you mean by instinct - am I correct?
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Post Number: 750
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 01:16 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


I've found that the “Might of the Thoughts” is not light reading; it really forces you to think!

Maybe this will help? Animals are not able to contemplate or scrutinize their EMOTIONS like humans; nor can they create or invent feelings like humans can. This is exactly why humans can become actors, actresses or politicians, animals cannot. They however can be trained to perform certain tasks and learn to a certain degree from this training.

When folks have been around animals most of their life, it can be challenging to look at their behavior in a different prospective. We know that animal emotions are based on the same factors as those of the human being except that animals develop their feelings through instinct, which means it is not able to create (create = key word) any conscious-evolutive, creative thoughts. Animal feelings are instinct-conscious based with no fundamental processing mechanisms for conscious constructing or inventing beyond their instinct cognizance.

You said; “animals are unable to create feeling from their thoughts”. To be accurate, Billy says, “animals are not able to contemplate their emotions and the reasons they appear, nor are they able to correspondingly create feelings from them.”

Animals are only able to create feelings through instinct; they are not able to create any conscious-evolutive creative thoughts like humans do. Animal feelings are “instinct-conscious and drive-based-conscious”. There is no (evolutive) processing mechanism for animals. In other words, a horse will always be the same basic animal for eons; not able to create technology to better their life beyond what their instinct guides them.

You said, “The reactive part I am guessing is what you mean by instinct - am I correct?”

To be clear, reflective emotional reactions in the brain of animals and humans are very much alike. It’s my understanding that animals can’t contemplate or envision their emotions and why their emotions emerge; animals can only develop their own feelings through their instinct.

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Post Number: 655
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 09:23 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Great detail - thank you, Kenneth.

I still have to ask, though, how would we explain the "intelligence" of some animals / birds?

I vaguely remember as well (but I cannot remember Billy's source) that very highly evolved animal and even plant life space travels through the cosmos ...


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Post Number: 751
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 04:44 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Regarding the intelligence of animals and birds, I have this information on animal consciousness evolution.

I recall reading something as well about intelligent beings that are of a plant based makeup, I’ll see what I can find.

“Intelligence Evolution is exclusive to the higher species of animals, such as apes, dolphins, horses, ravens, pigs, goats, parrots, buffalo and other kinds of cattle, bears, camels, donkeys, beasts of prey, elephants, dogs, cats, sheep, and so forth.

These pages about evolution are just to ensure that in your understanding, evolution is not just a solo thing, entity, but is divided into many different and separate components and fields of evolution. Only by understanding all the forms of evolution do we develop a useful appreciation for evolution.

Having this pointed out, that Intelligence Evolution is different from Instinct Evolution and is different again from Consciousness Evolution, facilitates for most people, quickly making a connection in their mind that their experiences with the higher animal has been noticeably different.

It is true that the earth human (in general) is currently very weak in their Consciousness Evolution strength of ideas. So this being a given premise, it is clearer for us to understand, determine, that their cognitions about their relationship with their pet cat or dog is not fully formed when they compare their experiences with a lower form of animal, like a hamster for example. Which leads most pet owners in a strange way to repeating the same exercises with the animal that they have formed concept of ownership over. In order to try their very best to determine for themselves spiritually these explained differences. Where many pet owners lead themselves into boredom long after these cognitions are reached.

It is worth noting that the FIGU, its friends and distantly interested people, do not condone animal ownership as a civilized practice. In fact quite the opposite, many maintain that pet owners should be forced to meditate over their behaviour outside of their community for a period of time. In order to ascertain that the faecal material, disease and evolutionary differences be observed and clarified clearly for the individual, that concept of ownership over an animal is anti-logos, anti-social, as opposed to social behaviour. In many parts of the world a very defensive stance over pet ownership has been developed culturally, whereby their community in their eyes is but a meadow for their pet to defecate as and when it pleases, even in the playing areas of their most vulnerable offspring, with some very tactical, hostile, resilient phases being used to defend and justify their behavioural patterns. But this has to be determined through their own cognitions of the various facts. It is also worth noting that worlds developed in a civilization like form, would prevent humans from keeping animals in their personal living spaces for all these various reasons. To give you some more of a comprehension of the situation we have here on earth.

It is through observing the higher animals from a distance that the evolutionary differences are observed. It is also the case that the higher animal may perceive the humans gazing eyes, so neutrality is recommended, in much the same way that the neutrality of thoughts towards looking at their fellow human is recommended, as part of a healthy attitude towards the development of life.”

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Post Number: 2735
Registered: 12-1999
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 08:13 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


If you can, could you cite the source of this information.

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Post Number: 752
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 09:06 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Absolutely, the source of the "Intelligence Evolution".

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Post Number: 50
Registered: 06-2014
Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 12:10 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Please pardon me for my slowness in comprehending.

Can you give me an example of how a person scrutinized their emotions? Is it something like ' the smell of vanilla makes me happy because it reminds of grandma's cookies and I loved grandma who always made me happy ?
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Post Number: 657
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 08:08 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Dear Moderators

Kindly replace the article I posted here with the one below. Thank you. Bill

The evolution of the "higher species" of animals is to evolve intelligence – very interesting.
Thank you, Kenneth.

Let us hope humans may not only seek knowledge / intelligence but subordinate it to the evolution of their consciousness.
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Post Number: 753
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 10:38 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


First off, you are in no way slow; in fact you’re just the opposite. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know the exactness of a statement or situation; everyone learns in a little different way.

Regarding consciousness abilities and scrutinizing emotions; you’re on the right track when you said, “Is it something like the smell of vanilla makes me happy because it reminds of grandma's cookies...”

Perhaps another suitable example is when you are watching an emotional part in a movie, you can feel the emotional experience build up in your throat, tearing of the eyes, etc. This can be brought under control with your thoughts alone.

By the way; for the next week or so, there's an opportunity for me to be in the Lesser Antilles, where the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and South Atlantic Ocean come together. There I’ll meet another student of Billy’s teaching, our correspondence has lasted over three years now and has similar questions about consciousness abilities and the way to live. This person is of Dutch/German decent and speaks German, English and French, which also helps me. I’ll be bringing my friend Billy’s book, “The Way to Live” as a gift. The “Might of the Thoughts” book I will have with me as many of the questions are of consciousness abilities, spiritual evolution and understanding. This meeting should be very productive.

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Post Number: 121
Registered: 03-2017
Posted on Friday, August 25, 2017 - 01:54 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hmm. Now that you asked, I want to think about that myself.

What I have learned is that emotions are generally short-lived, intense experiences of a very powerful thing.

I learned that anger is an emotion, and it is an emotion because it comes on quickly, is uncontrolled, and then an emotion quickly subsides. Being intense and short-lived is what makes it an emotion, and an emotion is different from a feeling because a feeling is longer.

I don't know how to scrutinise an emotion, but I have learned I can scrutinise my feelings before they build up to an emotional outburst.

If I'm in a foul mood, my feeling is usually something like vexation ..

I will be feeling negatively about someone, so I can notice that going on. Then because I recognise the effect of my feeling, which is able to lead up to an emotional outburst, I then will have a reason to scrutinise my thinking on the matter or situation or other person or whatever.

I won't have been paying attention to my thinking before that, so it was--at that time--either subconscious or unconscious, because it is not part of my conscious awareness at the time.

But then I can scrutinise my own feeling by recognising it, and figure out what sort of thought process is behind it, producing it.

It sounds very strange as I write it out, because I'm trying to write this out by memorising my experiences, but it is actually hard to do and I probably haven't had enough experiences to gain the essence of the wisdom yet.

But actually, after we work out this topic ... what is the difference between the unconscious and the subconscious then?

That's what I'd like to discuss next, after we work out your query, Linda.
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Post Number: 51
Registered: 06-2014
Posted on Friday, August 25, 2017 - 09:30 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Thank you ,that example worked . Excited and happy for you to meet this new person.
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Post Number: 7
Registered: 11-2008
Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 05:40 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Replying to Joseph. Link to his post:


I want to give you some advice based on my own experiences. You can do whatever you want with it, but I think it could prove to be useful.

As great a tool the consciousness is for analysing and understanding the external outer world around us, it is even a greater tool for analysing and understanding the internal world inside; namely oneself. After all, anyone can point at the stars, at the clouds, at a car etc. and, after they have strived for the necessary knowledge, explain to other human beings in a teaching manner how it all works, but nobody can point at one other human being and explain to them who they are, how their internal world works, their fears, desires and dreams etc.

In order to connect one with oneself, it is necessary for one to turn the consciousness inwards and carefully start to examine and analyse the emotions, the thoughts and the feelings arising from those thoughts, the fears, desires and dreams. From there begins the process of self-learning and self-realisation, which is a process that will last a lifetime, giving valuable insight into how you think, why you think, what thoughts cause what feelings to surface and what thoughts makes those same feelings to disappear etc. But the most valuable of insights, a true treasure to be cherished, is the becoming aware of the inner voice within, the true self. It is a voice that has always guided the human being, and always will, with love, wisdom, insight and understanding, and also provides the human being with those same things and much more, and from that, the human being starts to find balance in himself and learns to recognize his inner influences from outside influences.

Joseph, you mentioned you are sensitive to negative influences. I can tell you that I'm also struggling with that same thing. In fact, even from my early childhood I've always felt everything more painfully and acutely, and only in my later years have I learned that those feelings, more often than not, actually originate from other people! There is also an upside to it though, in the form of "mind-reading", if you will. I've noticed if I focus myself on a person then, on some level, I feel what they feel. It's like mind-reading via proxy! Although I do often wonder if it's just my wild imagination performing tricks on me.

Now, I'm also still learning about these things myself, so if anyone wants to share their own insights, please do so! Considering the coming times that will surely leave many people lost in the sea of confusion, I think it is important for everyone to find their inner compass, namely their true inner self, to help navigate the great storms ahead.
Niko Mikael Sulonen
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Post Number: 148
Registered: 03-2017
Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 08:42 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I can also be susceptible to negative influences.

But it is a really important thing, to my understanding and experience, to strive a lot for a few days then.

When I feel like I am stuck in a dark world surrounded by bad swinging waves, then I can first listen to music that is of a very harmonious kind.

Music of a very harmonious kind can temporarily elevate our swinging waves up into a higher creational principle, and through that action it can help us to guard ourselves from the negative swinging waves of others.

Then, in my experience it is very valuable and important to work, work, work - at a manual job, that is. Anything like gardening, or building, or fixing, or whatever. Those are activities that help to refine our swinging waves and show the way to evolutive thinking wises, which then lets us depart from the strongly negative swinging waves of the rest of the world.

Then it is a task of just remaining in the nobility we have created, and of avoiding temptation to return back to the shadow realm of hatred and bitterness and pathological anger that belong to the coarse swinging waves.

In my own words, I would say that the breath of life is up in the creational realm where the consciousness forces of love and wisdom are. But I would also say that the coarser swinging waves are like the miasma of pollution that settles into a valley - heavier and denser than the clear, fresh air nearer to the mountain summit.

So working hard to raise our swinging waves causes us to be free from the miasma of ungood swinging waves, and connects us to the creational realm instead - that is itself life-giving and protecting.

In this post, the consciousness ability / power actually deals with the power of music.
99) If you suppress or maltreat your body, then you do the same with your consciousness, as a result an evolution and a rise up to the truth is not possible anymore, because this gives rise only to a drastic hindrance that prevents any fulfilment of the task of your life; even the materialness of the body itself is affected, because the full power of the consciousness goes thereby lost in terms of its activity in the whole physical body, because the consciousness power, which must harmonise with the material body, is enslaved.
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New member

Post Number: 3
Registered: 08-2018
Posted on Friday, September 21, 2018 - 12:14 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

In the Native American (indigenous or first nations) people's culture there is someone called a medicine man or who was also referred to as a witch doctor, shaman or an otherwise spiritually oriented, knowledgeable and wise human being. In a traditional sense, he was a councilor,advice giver, prophesier and seer in some respects and also a healer which is where his namesake originates and what the medicine man was most known for. He did not fulfill the role of the chief or as a leader of the people but was tasked with the spiritual welfare of the people to whom even the chief sought out council as well as the people. In more modern times the medicine man become something to be feared as they became more and more known and associated for communicating with so called evil spirits and putting terrible curses/hexes on others for a monetary price as also causing sickness, misfortune, bad luck and evil occurrences and also instigating financial troubles through the consultation and powers of these evil spirits, so say the teachings of the native populations of North America, as of coarse do my own people on my mother's side still do today and still fear to some extent; and if a medicine man was known to practice these evil deeds, then he was said to practice the so called "bad medicine".

Some other examples of what the medicine men were supposedly able to perform were the ability to turn themselves invisible in times of war as also turn others invisible, prevent arrows or ammunition of firearms from penetrating into the body, transform rocks and stones into powder, stay underwater for lengthy periods of time, influence and change the weather, find the exact location of any missing item of an individual no matter how small and many countless other things which seem impossible to most people but for many of the older generations of native people, these were well known, feared and respected. I understand to a certain limited degree that there is the possibility for a human being to get into a communication with a deceased human being's overall - consciousness block which resides in a finer realm after the death but that this is not recommended for anyone to attempt and does so at their own personal risk and health. This is most likely then what the medicine men were actually able to do and were in fact in communication with the overall - consciousness blocks of deceased human beings in both a positive and also a negative form where the whole notion of contacting "evil" and "good" spirits originates as the overall - consciousness block is no more knowing and wise than it was when it found expression and existence in a human form or that is to say in the consciousness of the human being during the actual material life.

My first question is, is this notion somewhat correct and what can be said further about the medicine men and their communication with the fine matter realms if indeed this was the case? Secondly, what can be said about the supposed abilities and capabilities of these medicine men and did they actually possess consciousness/spiritual based powers and abilities? Lastly, can something be said about the supposed curses/hexes that the medicine men were apparently able to put on certain individuals and also is there any possibility for a life form that is not of the material life to affect a negative influence on a human being in the way of bad luck, misfortune, sickness and so on. I of course, have my own personal thoughts and ideas in the way of answers to these questions but for the sake of the overall education, I am looking for people's unique ideas, thoughts and perspectives on this which of course also the spiritual teaching has something to say.

Thanks everyone!
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Post Number: 944
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Posted on Saturday, September 22, 2018 - 09:57 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello Berto

Regarding your Post#3

I have had in my life certain experiences which I only came to understand when I began to read through the Meier material and especially when I began to grasp through my study of the Goblet Of The Truth which contains many explanations regarding the consciousness and its abilities and powers.

As to your questions, the answers are within the topic heading of this thread; namely, "Consciousness Abilities/Powers".

Certainly, some of the things you mention are possible since the thoughts can trigger the abilities & powers of the consciousness and medicine men/women can act as a catalyst and the persons heals themselves.

Through careful consideration of the law of cause & effect, we can easily deduce that it is the person themselves that bring about their own "hex" and this is usually caused by the thinking, often by gossip, that they have been hexed and so their belief and panic causes a subconscious impact wherein they "hex" themselves and thereby avoid or miss opportunities, or lack confidence, etc and walk into the misfortune all on their own. The same applies to sickness, bad luck and so on.

The Goblet Of The Truth goes into great and clear explanations about the consciousness and its abilities and powers and through retrospect one can verify the information in one's own life and also begin to do great and beautiful things with their consciousness, it's powers and abilities.

As to the medicine men, the consciousness cannot bring about a car of your wishes but it can masterfully show you how to go about the right steps and the planning to obtain all that the heart desires. So perhaps some things of legend are simply the workings of the imagination and/or charlatanry.

I'm sure others here will have more input to share.

In the *Goblet of the Truth* there it says:
Live always in love and in peace, foster freedom and harmony on Earth and never forget the real truth. Foster your life always in goodness of heart and live in the true BEING of the Creation. The *Goblet of the Truth* will wake you, not to the bane - but to the boon. (pg.3)
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Post Number: 883
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 09:51 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

From „I“ to „We”

CR 10:246 The point being: The departure of the “I” consciousness …
We are all on a journey from an “I” to “We” perception of reality.
CR 10:246
Die Reichen im Geiste sind frei von allen Grenzen einer Beschränkung und des materiellen Ichbewusstseins, und darum in ständiger Berührung mit der Schöpfung selbst.

CR 10 252-253:
Um daher irgendetwas wahrhaftig Vorzügliches im Leben zu erlangen, muss der Mensch sich an das Geistige, das Unbegrenzte und Unbegrenzbare halten.
Alles, was begrenzt und begrenzbar ist bringt Irreales und Probleme.

My translation may contain errors:
CR10:246 “Those who are rich in spirit are free of all limits of a[ny] limitation*) and [they are as well free of] the material “I” consciousness, and are, therefore, in in constant touch with Creation itself.”
CR 10:252-253:
„Therefore, in order to gain anything truly excellent in life, the human must hold onto the spiritual, the unlimited and unlimitable.
Everything that is limited and limitable brings [forth/causes => ends in] unreality and problems. “

Present translation as per
CR 10:246 “Those who are rich in spirit are free of all boundaries of any restriction and the material self-awareness, and are, therefore, in constant touch with Creation itself.”
“Ïn order to gain anything truly excellent in life, the human must be loyal to what is creative, the unrestricted and unlimitable.
Everything that is limited and restricted brings irreality and problems. “

*) Figu Dict.: „Grenzen einer Beschränkung“ = „boundaries of a[ny] restriction”
limit = more about how much you are allowed to do something
boundary = more a visible mark designating a physical border (a parcel of land / a country)
E.g. a property has boundaries but human imagination has its limits
limitation = usually “intrinsic” (inherent/belonging naturally) more about how much you ARE ABLE to do something
(a limitation = a limit to one’s capability to achieve something)
restriction = usually imposed by the outside – e.g. by someone’s voluntary or arbitrary decision

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