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Prophecies and Predictions

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Discussions on the various prophecies and predictions that were made by Billy Meier, Plejarens and the pure spirit forms namely Petale and Arahat Athersata.

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Post Number: 71
Registered: 01-2011
Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2019 - 12:00 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Well, I have gone through some garbage too before I came across Billy. Before I started my research I was confident that there should be more people all over cosmos, not just us. So digging through internet I found reptilian, elohim type material which I got caught in and it really did lead me astray. When I think about it there was no other way but to go through some bs before I found what I was looking for, because there is so much disinfo and only one truth, so It was natural that Billy case would not be the first thing to pop up in search engine. Now I can say it really does not matter what is hidden or withheld from us by plejaren, because the lessons learned by reading and applying the knowledge, like for example independent thinking and more observant mind when approaching unknown things, are way more valuable than possible machinations. All that helped me nagivate in life greatly.
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Post Number: 1030
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2019 - 06:53 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

It would appear that most us (myself included) involved in the higher learning with the Meier material had to experience the untruth and disinformation in order to provide a prospective/instruction for the Truth of the Prophecies and Predictions which coincided with the teaching of Spirit, the teaching of Life, the teaching of truth and therefore the teaching of the truth of the laws and recommendations of the primal power of all existence, Creation.

IMO, Billy had to experience many untruths and various religions in order to recognize the Truth in the Teaching. What Billy has experienced and done, brought us all to the, “Goblet of the Truth” and much more.

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Post Number: 312
Registered: 04-2006
Posted on Thursday, August 01, 2019 - 12:01 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I think the most disturbing issue I experienced was the level of intentional deception when I originally found Jim Deardorf’s website and his Talmud VS Matthew comparison.
Quite honestly I was angry for quite a while about it because as soon as I read some key passages and what was really said I knew right away it was the truth.
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Post Number: 547
Registered: 10-2016
Posted on Friday, August 02, 2019 - 03:58 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Salome Eddie, this is in response to your post #1058 which you posted last week as a response to my post #547.

If the Earth governments really wanted to prove the existence of the deported Bafath to the public people, they could. I get the feeling there were high level contacts between a wide assortment of world governments, the Vatican, you name it (pre 1978).

I addressed my post to the people in charge, because I want them to tell the truth openly as part of the foundation stones to go global with the Meier case slowly. And while they are at it, they can tell the truth about three more things to the public people:

1. Overpopulation is a crime against nature (IE: the laws that govern the universe), and release publicly the adverse effects both present (water stress, food insecurity, freak weather patterns, etc) and future (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami's, erupting geysers, rising sea levels, etc) to modify public opinion to bring about a birth-stoppage and the GBV.

2. reveal to the public people that we each have more than one life to live, and we will all each reincarnate as a human being, so they will have "active concern" about the future status of the planet when they are reborn with a new personality and new consciousness block. This mentioned "active concern" would thus be a part of a future "societal footstone" as the teaching of the law of reincarnation would be an open (publicly taught) fact.

Currently billions of people could care less because they have unknowledge about reincarnation, and they falsely think they will be in either heaven or hell permanently when the planet goes further to pot. (heaven and hell is nothing more than states of the psyche, and the consciousness). World leaders will also reincarnate, and not necessarily at the top of the society again, they should actively be concerned about the future condition of the bottom of the society, what societal "foot-stones" are in place.

3. That all religions of the world are false. Lay the groundwork for a "god-free" future slowly by explaining we were infiltrated, especially during the last 2000 years.

Before you dismiss these ideas, just think about it for a second, if it actually happened for real, the truth was told publicly (..television), how Earth-shattering that would be, it would have to be carefully done, and we in the FIGU community could offer invaluable assistance the truth-telling governments, drafting dictations, etc because we're on the "other side" of putting in our footwork (a relative continuous process = IE: the learning process).

I'm not banking on this, but I am trying to bring about this change, because I'm not just going to roll over and accept my fate of being rolled over by the negative prophecies that all have everything to do with overpopulation, religion, war, and terrorism (all negative Anti-Logos).

This whole thing, if the negative prophecies come to pass, is the rise and fall of civilizations. Our country the United States doesn't want to lose it's place as world leader (even though it bankrupted our country), by losing its place to countries like the Russian Federation and the people's Republic of China so it could be war between the 3 nations when instead all the 3 countries have to do is form the Trilateral Union, with 300 year-long peace treaties binding.

In reality the pursuit of political might could collapse the United States and the European Union. Will they learn after the collapse? I don't know. All I know is that the public people of each will be penniless and starving.

Corey Müske (Mueske) USA.
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Post Number: 1062
Registered: 08-2010
Posted on Friday, August 02, 2019 - 07:44 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Salome Corey, great post #547

People in government positions who read the forum posts should take careful consideration of the things you have written about.

The things you cover are directly related to and affects them.

Knowledge is power. Action and inaction is the cause of the benefit or the consequence.

I know we have intelligent analysts that read and monitor these posts, they can easily verify the validity and track record of the Meier case.

They need not give FIGU the credit it deserves, but they can certainly word their recommendations in a way that will cause those in command to effectuate the necessary measures.

Otherwise, everything you mention, such as these severe weather patterns, etc. will continue to intensify and break records until a major collapse occurs.

In the *Goblet of the Truth* there it says:
Live always in love and in peace, foster freedom and harmony on Earth and never forget the real truth. Foster your life always in goodness of heart and live in the true BEING of the Creation. The *Goblet of the Truth* will wake you, not to the bane - but to the boon. (pg.3)
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Post Number: 549
Registered: 10-2016
Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2019 - 01:13 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

• This is for the "Naked Gewalt" scenario:

A New United States Theorem:

"Gunmen in Texas and Ohio kill 29, leave dozens wounded" the newspaper reads.

• Now ask yourself, do you want the United States to destroy itself, and be torn asunder by domestic Civil War?

• What is your response to this scenario? A totalitarian military intervention? Martial Law? How can a collapsed government (2020) issue a totalitarian martial law decree for a collapsed country? By brute force? Will this US military intervention on US soil not only fan the fire of Civil War?

• I have a better scenario in mind: form the Trilateral Union by signing public 300 year-long peace accords between the enemies of the Russian Federation, the people's republic of China, and the United States of America.

• Above the United States major metropolises, station US, Russian, and Chinese disc, triangle, and other experimental craft. If anyone steps out of line and starts shooting people, they are banished it is that simple for the rest of their natural life (if we can take them down alive).

• Why the United States for the craft you might ask?

-Other countries are not set to lose their superpower status by 2020, and set to collapse in the near future. Other countries are not slated to have two domestic Civil Wars (alterable prophecy?). Other countries have not bankrupted themself, and other countries do not have as much to lose, that could lead to the rise of international terrorism, and affect other countries when the United States breaks out into domestic Civil War. Other countries do not have such a loose weapons policy that leads to violence and mass shootings (and one day leads to domestic Civil War times two).

• I don't know enough about these secret craft (IE: than they wouldn't be secret) to know if they can ride the magnetic waves of the Earth and be stationary in the air, but if they can, station large amounts of craft above each major US metropolis. Let the pilots switch out after rotating 12 hour shifts. We may have to leave these craft in the air for several decades, until dissension in America dies out.

• Hold public press conferences in the United States. Let John Q Public know that these stationed craft are the new normal, and go public with some of the capabilities of these craft (speed, etc.), and brief the public that there will be a take-down situation coordinated with people on the ground if any violence, mass shootings, etc is detected/reported/began/underway.

• Ban assault weapons, machine guns, etc. A basic pistol and a basic hunting rifle are all that is now legal in the United States. Tell the Republicans and the NRA "tough shit" on this one, it is in our national security to ban these weapons for several decades (a limited ban duration).

• When the United States collapses, guard the United States and Europe (that also may collapse) with the Russian and Chinese armies, along with a small detachment of US army that survived the collapse as the functional Trilateral Army of all three countries that acts as a singularity, but is led by the Trilateral Federal Council based in Switzerland (federal people from all three governments) that answers to the spiritual teaching people.

• Why guard the United States you might ask?

-According to contact 544 there are two scenarios when the US loses it's superpower status and collapses:

1. Naked Gewalt (by this I am assuming Ptaah meant internal [domestic] Naked Gewalt, and this could branch out external as well, including the rise of international terrorism [Koran extremists = because the "snake" fell].

2. a reorganization that is positive.

• My vote is go the Trilateral route (a reorganization) when this time comes, if not before IE: the sooner the better IE: maybe the collapse won't have to be so cataclysmic.

• I am not going to cower in my apartment and wait for domestic Civil war to take me out, I am going to speak my mind and try to make a change. Even though it has it's faults, I love my country (but it needs to change to a new leaf to increase it's future relevancy).

Corey Müske (Mueske) USA.
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Post Number: 549
Registered: 10-2016
Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2019 - 11:27 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Question: Given the situation, do you think it is a good idea to allow nearly unrestricted gun ownership, for example like in the USA? If not, what kind of safety mechanism/laws can be implemented to ensure that only sane and capable persons (civilians) own lethal arms for their justified need?

Answer: No, unrestricted gun ownership is not a good idea. The more weapons are around, the more incidents are occurring. There should be restrictions set to the weapon/gun lobby (Waffenlobby). And of course the thinking of the people regarding living with and among each other should greatly improve, which will not be the case, however, as long as the religion disease is working within the brain of so many people on this globe. It is a requirement that the human beings on Earth turn towards the spiritual teaching, learn it and live accordingly.

Question: When is it acceptable for the following to happen:

1. revolutions
2. civil wars
3. uprisings that are good for the people because of an oppressive government which results in a formulation of a new and better government that tries to work for the people but can spur further conflict and civil wars of opposing parties as portions of the people want the negative “old ways” and “old leaders” back because they are unknowledgeable about what is good for them?

(I realize that all of the above should be dealt with the recommendations of gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit and the multi-national peacekeeping troop, but since this is unfortunately not manifestable at this current time, I was looking for when it is acceptable for the above examples as we see unfolding everyday in the news.)

Answer: “Neither of the three occurrences is acceptable because in each „scenario“ people are killed etc. The only acceptable way is when peaceful persons are elected, i.e. persons who will not misuse their might as soon as they are in office.

The only acceptable way of using weapons is through/by a multi-national peacekeeping troop which takes actions against the war-mongering parties/countries/persons.”

Question: You advocate for a global police force, which in light of all that is happening today, makes complete sense. The scale of such an undertaking may be small at first, but it would have to grow to an enormous size to truly be effective. Considering the variety of human beings on this planet, and depending upon how strictly the imperative of fairness and corrected behavior is enforced, perhaps 1/100th of the global population would need to be engaged in this police force. Earth currently does not have either the financial nor the industrial capability to support this size police force. Although these are not insurmountable challenges, overcoming them would require that many political leaders change their priorities. It seems to me that, as much as such an overarching global police force is genuinely needed on this planet, it could also be very easily turned into yet another venue and means to further the agendas promoted by some of our planet’s most powerful, duplicitous, and corrupt people who themselves already work for a single world government and culture dominated primarily by their favorite ever-threatened group association.

My question is this: are you at all concerned with the preservation of the planet’s unique societies: its unique cultures and peoples? Or in weighing the need for a global police force, will you accept the destruction of what makes us unique?

Answer:“To interfere in a conflict, as e.g. in the case of the IS terrorists/criminals, would require that a 3- up to tenfold multinational peace-enforcing troop (which may never consist of mercenaries) would interfere in the region and checkmate the terrorist scum.

Btw: Since terrestrial population has already reached 8.5 milliard (billion), 85 million fighters (= 1/100th) would be too many.

Regarding your question: The peoples and cultures on our planet (on any planet) must be preserved and not unified. Each „Volk“ and culture should preserve its uniqueness. However, this is increasingly threatened because of migration, refugees etc., enforced through wars, mismanagment, famine, etc., all of which is based on the overpopulation catastrophe and the connected religions etc.


Corey Müske (Mueske) USA.
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Post Number: 1031
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2019 - 11:36 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Cory,

I do understand where you are coming from. However, when you said in your post 549; …

“…Ban assault weapons…”

Regarding legislation and philosophies, I don’t stand on either side of the isle so to speak, I look at everything from a logical Neutral-Positive point of view and always try to make the best decisions possible. The true identity of these shootings, is the mental state of the deranged shooters, not the weapons of choice. Again, the Mains Stream Media is focusing in on a gun that shoots more than 6 rounds which in all respect is disinformation to the real Effect of the Cause.

Taking firearms away from law abiding citizens does not appear to be the answer. The mentally deranged still have access to many other forms of destroying and murdering. The standard argument is; “but the perpetrators can’t kill as many folks without a gun”. Again, the true cause is being overlooked. According to the FBI, more people have been killed with a hammer than with a gun. The hammer has never become the focus; in these cases it’s usually the mental illness that is addressed, other than self-defense. In shootings, it’s almost always about the gun first, then other issues.

For argument sake, let’s say that all guns can magically be made to disappear. This does not solve the problem, the mentally deranged are still among us; the main issue is what is causing this volatile and seemingly unpredictable mental instability? Could it be overpopulation; contaminated atmosphere; contaminated food; contaminated water or some form of abuse? This in my opinion is the real culprit, but it is rarely addressed.

To be clear, the term “Assault Weapon” was not originated by the U.S. military; that is a fairly recent civilian term to demonize weapons that can shoot more than 6 rounds. Technically, any weapon used to assault another person is an assault weapon. Nevertheless, I agree that people do not need machine-guns for home protection or hunting, that’s ludicrous.

According to the DOJ; “Some firearms are specified by name. At the time that the now-defunct Federal Assault Weapons Ban passed in 1994, the U.S. Department of Justice said, "In general, assault weapons are semiautomatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition that were designed and configured for rapid fire and combat use."” To be specific, this is not about machine-guns; the wording of assault weapon was coined by politicians, not the U.S. Military.

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Post Number: 1400
Registered: 07-2009
Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2019 - 01:24 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

New blog regarding the coming civil wars:

Demise and Destruction by Default
How America passed the point of no return and didn’t notice
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Post Number: 698
Registered: 04-2015
Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2019 - 07:02 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Corey, I can understand your serious concern for what is coming soon to your country. I would to if I lived there.

The 5G network is currently being rolled out in the U.S. and is expected to be finished in 2020. A feature of this system/weapon is it is supposed to be able to influence/control the populace. I wonder if this may also play into the coming civil wars and breakup there?
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Post Number: 21
Registered: 06-2019
Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 - 07:03 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

In Switzerland every citizen is allowed to possess firearms. How often do you hear of a mass shooting in Switzerland? Never! So the problem is more with the kind of people living in America than the actual right to possess firearms. Americans are unruly people......their very act of secession from England in 1776 made them people with an anarchistic agenda which endures to the present time. They are collectively “rednecks” and revolutionaries, and inclined to resolve their issues with others violently. Violence is a part of their collective psyche, for it was what shaped their country from it’s inception.
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Post Number: 1032
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 - 08:23 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Regarding the Prophecies and Predictions of coming events that we have limited control over and the 5G network as one example.

Recently two events happened that most did not know about. For instance, my cell phone automatically rebooted itself and initialized into the 5G function. I had to reprogram my phone back to 4G. At some point in time it’s suspected that 4G will not function properly and folks will be forced into using 5G if individuals want to stay connected into the WWW (World Wide Web) network.

The second event:
I use a larger Laptop for an office desk top which stays in on my desk and also use a smaller Tablet type laptop for when on the move, whether at home or elsewhere. Each device has a different security password to gain access. My office Laptop and Tablet recently were automatically updated, pushing 5G as the recommended platform; changed it back to 4G.

The alarming issue; my Tablet’s password was changed to match my office Laptop without any action on my part.

In My Opinion, the access password on electronic devices is to give you a fuzzy feel good and to keep local hackers from messing with your data and equipment. Nonetheless, something is going on behind the scene; the powers to be have access to everything electronic whether connected to the network or not as previously mentioned by Billy and Michael Horn. It would appear that my attempts to control my network access are for the most part futile, if I want to stay connected with FIGU and other email services.

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Post Number: 1032
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 - 11:22 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

As Billy Prophesied; from retrospect: Be mindful of the news coming out of the United States.

“Typical mass shooter is a White Male”, was almost in unison across all news outlets. This kind of disinformation is pushing for discord, race discrimination, some form of conflict and more violence. It’s lies and disinformation like this that fans the flames of civil war.

Folks are understandably upset and concerned over these recent attacks in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. This is where the peace meditation is so helpful.


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Post Number: 1401
Registered: 07-2009
Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 - 06:11 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

You're right, so far no mass shootings in Switzerland. And if there ever are any, look for the hidden hand of the CIA.


"But it is not only the Nazi organisations and the Ku-Klux-Klan as well as other known racist groups which promote the racism in the USA, because, as unbelievable as it sounds, it is effectively also security groups and security organisations, such as the FBI (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation), which is the greatest trainer of terrorists in the USA, and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency = overseas secret service of the United States), which stirs up the paranoia in the population everywhere. This is done by persuading human beings – who are weak in consciousness or are somehow willing – to carry out attacks and acts of terror, after which the ‘perpetrators’ are, as in a stage play, hunted down and imprisoned, presented to the population through the media and then convicted. So it is a fact that since the 11th of September 2001, of the altogether 175 ‘failed’ terror attacks in the USA to the year 2015, only just six assassination attempts did not lead back to the federal authorities. "

See also, new blog:
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Post Number: 699
Registered: 04-2015
Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 - 07:29 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


If I recall correctly the P's said that most mass shootings in the U.S. led back to the secret services. Maybe some sort of mind control?
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Post Number: 550
Registered: 10-2016
Posted on Thursday, August 08, 2019 - 12:09 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Thanks for the support Hugo, and for expressing concern about my country.

Corey Müske (Mueske) USA.
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Post Number: 313
Registered: 04-2006
Posted on Thursday, August 08, 2019 - 05:09 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


I didn't feel the love in your words...

Peace to you from the USA...
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Post Number: 1032
Registered: 04-2013
Posted on Thursday, August 08, 2019 - 11:59 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)


Mass shootings in the U.S. maybe some sort of mind control? I certainly would not take that out of the equation. Something very sinister and unnatural is developing in the background. We all know that overpopulation is an issue along with many other identified Cause and Effects.

As Cory and many others have pointed out, all that read and understand the Teaching must lead by example, neutral-positive thoughts; meditation, re-reading Billy's literature and books etc. It's important not to get cough up in the mass hysteria.

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Post Number: 946
Registered: 12-2011
Posted on Friday, August 09, 2019 - 02:55 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hi Michael

You are right.They say that the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania, Australia was masterminded to get rid of guns.
The young man in custody is like a zombie and behaves like a child and there was more than one shooter. He had no idea about the so called weapons that was used.
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Post Number: 2930
Registered: 12-1999
Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 04:47 pm:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Reading the many posts which members share, it is obvious that a considerable number of members to the FIGU Forums are highly intelligent and well read with regards to many topics. Understandably, there is a need to want to share this knowledge/information with others and to create a dialogue to expound upon these ideas with the intent of coming to a consensus about the reality of a given conclusion and or to pursue a logical progression of ideas leading to a fundamental truth. With that being stated there are a few posts in the queue now which although well written etc.... are not tied into the topic for which they appear. Please remember the following which was stated within the "New Directives" - Posts, which do not clearly belong/match to a discussion topic, are rejected.
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Post Number: 1130
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Thursday, January 02, 2020 - 08:10 am:   Edit Post Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

What we know about “Aging” ...

“All compound things are prone to decay…” ^)
This truth applies as well to the cells of the human body. After a certain amount of times they can no longer divide anymore, i.e. they become senescent *). So, for the terrestrial human, from the age of 50 onwards, more and more senescent cells pile up in his body. The positive: the more senescent cells the body contains - the less it is prone to cancer (cells need to divide to form a tumour). The negative: the more senescent cells the more prone is our body to aging sicknesses like arthritis, heart disease, cataracts, diabetes etc.

-1- To prevent these aging diseases and to restore more youthful features scientists have developed some drugs (scenolytics) which clear out the body’s senescent cells. Tests on mice showed encouraging results: They extended their lifespan by some 35 %. But they found as well that too much of a good thing is not good either: clearing out all senescent cells will allow the cells to divide unchecked and this can easily lead to cancer. Anyway - the Buck Institute in California launched its first human trial in July 2017.

-2- But in 2018 scientists at the University of Buffalo set out to catalogue the genes involved in senescence and found one outlier (CD36) that – when implanted in young cells – stopped them to divide much earlier than they normally would. IOW – they found the gene that made aging much faster.

This is pretty much the state of our "aging" science today.

Billy may have pointed to these developments on his 58th birthday (Feb 3, 1995) in his prophecies and predictions (CR 251) which we discussed one year ago (Jan 1, 2019) **):

-1- “… a third information code will be discovered in the human body which allows mankind to solve the problems of degenerative sicknesses, the sicknesses of aging and the heart.”
This sounds very much like scenolytics.

-2- “A new biological weapon may be invented that causes animals and humans to age within seconds.”
That sounds very much like misusing the properties of CD36 for a weapon.

ERGO ...
It may be beneficial to watch which and how the events in CR 251 unfold ***)


^) passage from the Buddha’s last words
*) senescence = growing “old” (Latin: “senex” = old)
***) Note:
- Not all events in CR 251 are predictions - some are prophecies which may change
- But all events in CR 251 are in chronological order - they are like a timeline of possible unfolding events...
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For the CR 251 event that may correspond to our time see:
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Why it may be wise to keep a close eye on the “predictions and prophecies” Billy gave us:

From CR 723 (in latest Figu ZZ)
The translation may contain errors

It is really a lot of knowledge, which is recorded in my father's annals and which is also stored immeasurably in the library, with which we are now occupying us in detail and which is why I have not come here for so long, because I first had to deal with the introductory part.
Alone THE VERY PRECISE PREDICTIONS FOR THE PAST AND PRESENT TIME, as well as the other predictions, which are VALID UNTIL THE 4TH MILLENIUM, WHICH MY FATHER AND YOU MADE TOGETHER in the 1940s and recorded in writing, as well as everything that was already stored in the library two and a half million years ago, has happened so far.


Es ist wirklich sehr viel Wissen, das in meines Vaters Annalen aufgezeichnet und auch unermesslich in der Bibliothek gelagert ist, womit wir uns nun eingehend beschäftigen und dessetwegen ich auch so lange nicht mehr hergekommen bin, weil ich mich erst einmal etwas mit dem Einführenden auseinandersetzen musste.

Allein die sehr genauen Voraussagen für die vergangene und die heutige Zeit, wie auch die weiteren Voraussagen, die bis ins 4. Jahrtausend gelten, die mein Vater und du in den 1940er Jahren zusammen erstellt und schriftlich festgehalten habt, wie auch alles, was schon vor zweieinhalb Millionen Jahren in der Bibliothek gespeichert wurde, hat sich bisher ereignet.

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